Juniper Gets “Misty” @ Networking Field Day 24

Jason Gintert had the opportunity to join us as a delegate at Networking Field Day in February and see Juniper Networks’ presentation. In this blog, Jason takes a look at the different topics and technology that the company presented, including its Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, its new EX4400 Campus Switch, and the acquisition and integration of both 128 Technologies and Apstra. To see what Jason had to say, check out his blog on!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jason Gintert

Jason Gintert is a new delegate joining us at Networking Field Day next week! He is the co-founder of WAN Dynamics, a professional networking services company focused on WAN & cloud. He took a few minutes to tell us a little about himself in this Meet the Field Day Delegate post! Welcome to the Tech Field Day community, Jason!

Jason Gintert

Jason learned how to program in BASIC on a Commodore VIC20 when he was 7 years old and has been enthralled with making technology do cool things since. Entering the technology field via the late 1990s ISP boom in dial-up tech support, Jason learned and evolved from there and spent most of his time in […]