Why Mist Isn’t a WiFi Company

When Mist Systems CTO Bob Friday told the Mobility Field Day delegates that Mist isn’t about the Wi-Fi, it’s about the data, it put everything into perspective for Jennifer Minella. This frames their decision to create their own APs, why they’re so aggressive with AI, and the creation of their virtual network assistant, Marvis.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jennifer (“JJ”) Minella

Mobility Field Day has a lot of new faces around the delegate table, including Jennifer Minella. We got to know her a little better in this interview before the event. Be sure to check it out and look for JJ on the event live stream!

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Jennifer Minella

Jennifer Minella is one of the new faces around the delegate table for Mobility Field Day. Aruba decided to interview her to get a little background before they present to her this week. Be sure to check it out for some of her IT background.

Jennifer Minella

Jennifer Minella is VP of Engineering and Security with Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. In her engineering role, Minella leads strategic research and consulting for government agencies, educational institutions and Fortune 100 and 500 corporations. In addition to her normal business roles, Minella is a published author, editorial contributor, and trusted adviser for information security topics […]