Riverbed and the Search for Total Awareness

From his personal blog at eigenmagic.com, this piece by Justin Warren describes his experiences as a delegate during April’s Tech Field Day event, specifically the presentation by Riverbed. Their WAN acceleration product made them famous, but as they detailed during the event, Riverbed is expanding into the network visibility space. Read Warren’s blog to see what he thinks about Riverbed’s announcement and watch their presentations for all of the new announcements coming out of Riverbed.

Disclosure: Tech Field Day 23

Justin Warren gives a breakdown of his time as a delegate at April’s Tech Field Day event in this post. In the same tune as his past disclosure pieces, Warren discusses his approach to the event, as well as some of the swag he received from the sponsors. Read on for more information, and tune into all of the Tech Field Day presentations from this event to see Warren in action.

Micron and the Coming of CXL

Curator of the Eigen Magic blog and perennial Tech Field Day delegate, Justin Warren, discusses his time as a delegate at Micron’s recent Tech Field Day presentation. With Micron’s announcements of the discontinuation of 3D XPoint persistent memory and their Compute Express Link (CXL) product, Warren certainly has a lot to talk about in this piece. Read on to learn what all he took away from the presentation, and be sure to watch the event yourself for more information.

Illumio Adds Microsegmentation of Microworkloads

Delegate Justin Warren saw Illumio present at Tech Field Day 22 in December and says that, since seeing them first in 2016, they have consistently improved their product with every passing year. Writing on his blog, Justin says that Illumio makes it easier to make what you already have secure. Instead of forcing users to adopt completely new systems, Illumio will work on the platform they already utilize and also helps users to adopt more secure practices. Check out Justin’s take on Illumio’s Tech Field Day presentations on his website!

MemVerge Is Amazing

Justin Warren was a delegate at Tech Field Day in December and had the opportunity to see MemVerge’s presentation. Justin follows the event with an analysis of MemVerge’s capabilities. He points out that MemVerge not only makes it possible to use Intel’s Optane persistent memory with existing applications without rewriting them, but it also operates on memory for computers that don’t have Optane. For more of Justin’s thoughts, visit his blog!

Making Bandwidth Work With Riverbed

There’s no question that the work from home environment has made things more complicated in terms of ensuring the reliability of everyone’s connection. As a delegate at Tech Field Day in December, Justin Warren got to see Riverbed present on a variety of topics including how they can help with some of the issues that arise out of the work from home environment. Writing on his blog, Justin talks about these challenges around bandwidth inequality and how Riverbed is working to fix them. If you haven’t yet, check out Justin’s take as well as the Riverbed presentations on how they can help work through these problems.

Runecast Analyser and the Importance of Maintenance

“Successful systems spend most of their time being run.” Justin Warren says that this glaringly simple observation is key to understanding how to best leverage our networks. Justin came to this realization while watching Runecast present at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020 earlier this year. He writes that the Runecast Analyzer can help achieve this foundational idea and keep systems up and running!

Pure Storage Highlights Challenge of Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprises

Justin Warren thinks that in tech, you need to “preserve optionality” – that is, keep your options open! Justin writes that the Pure Storage FlashArray helps you do exactly that. As a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020, Justin had the chance to see Pure Storage present and noticed how their FlashArray allows you to move your data around and be flexible in and around your clusters. Be sure to check out Justin’s post and the Pure Storage presentations on our website!

Infrascale Helps SMBs Fight Off the Scourge of Ransomware

In the latest post on his blog, Justin Warren writes that Cloud Field Day 8 presenter Infrascale has an effective tool to help your network be prepared for a possible ransomware attack. As a delegate, Justin got to see Infrascale present on their ransomware protection and cloud backup options and knew that this protection is something that plenty of administrators need. Check out Infrascale’s presentation on Ransomware Protection and their Cloud Backup on the Tech Field Day Website!

Morpheus Spends Well With Others

Delegate Justin Warren is a huge fan of a feature highlighted by Morpheus Data at their Cloud Field Day 8 appearance: the budgeting feature. While others might find it boring, Justin explains in his latest blog post that their budgeting feature helps users see what things will actually cost, not just what they might cost. When it comes to technology, administrators need to plan carefully to ensure they can come in on time and not too far over budget, and Morpheus Data is helping them do that. Justin thinks they’ve come a long way since he first saw them at Cloud Field Day 3, and thinks that you should check them out! Check out Justin’s post and the presentations from Morpheus Data on our website.

Periodic Disclosure, August 2020

Justin Warren is a veteran delegate of Tech Field Day and we were excited to bring him back for our latest Cloud Field Day! Although the pandemic has interrupted many things, he is still working to give us a peek into his life with his latest disclosure post. We always look forward hearing from Justin, and hope to have him back at another Tech Field Day event soon!

Diamanti and State Management in Kubernetes

Justin Warren has been keeping a close eye on Diamanti since 2016 and had the chance to watch them present at Cloud Field day earlier this year. Justin was impressed with Diamanti and their software that makes Kubernetes more accessible and easier to manage. Check out Diamanti’s presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website and be sure to check out Justin’s blog as well!

Veeam’s SaaS Pricing Estimator

Justin Warren writes about a unique aspect of Veeam’s latest Cloud Field day presentations. Justin, a delegate at the last Cloud Field Day, writes that the Veeam SaaS Pricing Estimator is helpful and convenient tool designed with the user in mind. By empowering their users with more information, Veeam is allowing them to be better prepared for the future. Check out the Veeam Cloud Field Day presentations on our website!

Juniper’s Active Network Defence Concept

Juniper Networks went into detail about their Advanced Threat Protection at Security Field Day. For Justin Warren, it took a little bit to start digging into what Juniper was showing, eventually understanding their machine-learning based threat detection approach. Justin sees this as potentially effective, but having to overcome a lot of negative preconceptions, dependent on making sure the system is smart enough at detection to be a tool rather than an annoyance to avoid. A lot of the success of Juniper’s Advanced Threat Protection will depend on organizations laying the groundwork to work well with it, something that Justin doesn’t think is commonly the case. That being said, he thinks the approach and overall goal are sound, and that perhaps organizations need lofty goals to reach for to ultimately get better.

Private and Secure Overlay Networking With Tempered AirWall

At Security Field Day, Justin Warren and the other virtual delegates got to hear from Tempered, who did an overview on their AirWall solution. This sets up a secure networking infrastructure that runs over the top of your existing IP-based network using the Host Identity Protocol. Justin is rather bullish on it, thinking that the future of enterprise networking will likely take a similar approach. Rather than throwing out the concepts of Ethernet and IP addresses that have defined networking for decades, but have recently become overstretched, Tempered’s AirWall takes an incremental approach to innovate on top of that. This allows you to use the infrastructure you already have, letting you add a secure network overlay with a low barrier to entry.

VMware Adds Distributed IPS/IDS to NSX

In this piece, Justin Warren looks at how VMware is adding security features to its networking efforts, something they recently highlighted at Security Field Day. Part of this involves adding intrusion detection/prevention to NSX. For Justin, support for groups and tags has been a vital inclusion. Groups allow admins to group objects together and set common rules against that group. Meanwhile tags let you add arbitrary attributes that follow an information scheme. Combined these two features can provide a way for admins to compliment their packet policies for security. Justin still thinks VMware needs to further operationalize these features to make them truly comprehensive for network security, but clearly the effort is being put into their platforms.

PathSolutions Security Operations Manager Helps Humans Find Security Gremlins

At Security Field Day, Path Solutions did a deep dive into an extension to their TotalView product called Security Operations Manager. This is aimed at helping mid-market IT folks gain better situational awareness of what’s happening in their network. The idea is to help admins quickly orient themselves to what’s happening in the often messy and under-resourced world of mid-market IT, where IT generalists are the rule and security specialists often aren’t available. Justin Warren was a delegate at the event, and while he found that the UX for the solution could use an update, the focus and plain language focus of Security Operations Manager made it an interesting solution for its intended customers.

SolarWinds Joins the Cloud APM Game

Justin Warren sees the market for cloud monitoring tools as both crowded and operating on unstable ground. He got to see how SolarWinds plans to differentiate itself in this field at Cloud Field Day, with their Application Performance Monitoring suite. This consists of AppOptics, Loggly, and Pingdom, three products that SolarWinds brought in through acquisitions over the years. Justin sees this as a a cloud-based version of SolarWinds’ existing Orion platform. Justin would like to see the APM suite have deeper integration with Orion, but he wonders if these are being kept as separate to not bog down APM with legacy solutions that may not be relevant to organizations in the future. Be sure to check out his article and dig into the full presentation video for all the details.

Pensando Expands What SmartNIC Offloads Can Do

For Justin Warren, he found Pensando’s presentation at Cloud Field Day to be impressive on a technical level. They’ve developed an ARM-based chip that is programmable using the P4 network programming language. This is used in a SmartNIC called a Distributed Services Card that you install in your server to offload various network functions from the general-purpose CPU. This has the potential to offer huge performance benefits on network functions, but Justin sees this as limited to larger cloud providers and the infrastructure that supports it. Justin has questions about the actual size of the market for this solution, and how much it will cost, but was definitely impressed by the technology and team behind Persando.

DR to VMware Cloud on AWS With Site Recovery Manager

In this piece, Justin Warren considers how VMware has really embraced cloud in a big way. After some attempts at building their own cloud, VMware can concentrate on what it does well, which is providing a familiar management environment for enterprises to manage complexity at scale. This approach shows in what Justin saw at Cloud Field Day with VMware Site Recovery, which uses vSphere replication on VMware on AWS to move VMs from one cluster to another.