Swimlane Security Operations Automation

Justin Warren attended this past Security Field Day as a delegate where Swimlane presented on a cloud-scale, low-code security automation tool. This tool is a combination dashboard that is aimed at security teams doing the daily work of responding to security threats. Check out Justin’s thoughts on Swimlane’s presentation as well as some ideas he has to further automate testing!

5G Security With Betacom

Wanting to learn more on industrial implementations of 5G and how security works with them? Justin Warren attended October’s Security Field Day, as a delegate, and discusses Betacom’s presentation on those two topics. Take a look at his thoughts here!


Justin Warren attended October’s Security Field Day as a delegate. Justin couldn’t help but focus in on the buzz words and acronyms that were flying around during the presentations. In his post, he gives he thoughts on SASE, and the avalanche of acronyms in the tech world today. Read on for more here!

Are We the DNS Baddies?

During one of the EfficientIT sponsored roundtable discussions at Security Field Day 6, the panelists discussed DNS security, and how useful watching what people do with DNS can be.

Disclosure: #SFD22 Edition

Take a look into what Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, received Komprise and FujiFilm for participating in August’s Storage Field Day! From towels, to pens, to bookbags, and more, we love to see our delegates being so spoiled by these swag boxes from the different presenting companies! Check out what else Justin received!

Komprise Is Klever

The way Komprise handles the movement of data is quite nifty. Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, discusses the new auto-tiering solution that Komprise presented at last month’s Networking Field Day. Check out Justin’s post to see how this new Komprise solution can index metadata from primary file data!

Pliops Accelerates Storage in the Cloud

This piece details Justin Warren’s experiences as a delegate during Pliops’ Cloud Field Day appearance. In it, he describes their Extreme Data Processor storage solution, which offloads compute resources from CPUs to increase efficiency. Read the piece to learn more.

Intel’s New Aggression

The ever-witty Justin Warren provides his opinions on Intel’s recent Cloud Field Day appearance, which he attended as a delegate. In this post, Warren details how he believes Intel’s aggressive approach to competitive positioning stands compared to their previous approaches. Read on for all of the breakdown, and watch Intel’s presentations for even more information.

Hazelcast Announces Integrated Real-Time Applications Platform

This article from Forbes by long-time Tech Field Day delegate Justin Warren details the recent announcement by Hazelcast regarding their integrated real-time applications platform. Named the Hazelcast Platform, the tool integrates Hazelcast’s Jet distributed processing system with their core in-memory data grid technology and includes ANSI SQL support along with a disk-based persistence capability. Read the piece for the full picture of the announcement, including a statement from Hazelcast’s CEO.

The Many Facets of NGINX

Beyond being the most popular web server on the market today, NGINX has a wide range of products in their portfolio. In this piece, Justin Warren details that portfolio, which he learned more about from his time as a delegate during NGINX’s Cloud Field Day presentations. Read on to gauge the entirety of their product line, and watch their presentations for even more information.

Morpheus Data as Enterprise Glue Layer

The venerable Justin Warren breaks down the Cloud Field Day presentations he attended as a delegate, honing in specifically on Morpheus Data in this post. He applauds Morpheus for their technology, which he feels acts as a glue holding multi-cloud approaches together. Read on to learn more about what Morpheus means for enterprise IT, and watch their presentations for other technical deep dives.

Disclosure: CFD11

Justin Warren delivers another one of his disclosures in this post, honing in on his time as a delegate for June’s Cloud Field Day event. In it, he breaks down the swag he received from each presenting company as well as accompanying minutia. Be sure to watch all of the Cloud Field Day presentations to see Warren in action.

HPE Acquires Zerto for $374 Million

This article by perennial Field Day delegate, Justin Warren, is from Forbes, detailing the recent acquisition of Zerto by HPE. Having just recently presented their offering at June’s Cloud Field Day event, the acquisition marks a bold future for Zerto and HPE. Read the whole article for details.

BlueCat Is DNS for People Who Hate DNS, Which Should Be You

Delegate Justin Warren saw BlueCat present at Tech Field Day in April and writes on his blog that he was impressed with their product functionality and ease of use. Specifically, Justin points to a whiteboard session and a demo from BlueCat’s Tech Field Day appearance while writing on his website. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to head over to eigenmagic.com to check out Justin’s thoughts on BlueCat!

Vcinity Calms the Turbulent Waters of WAN

Classic Tech Field Day delegate Justin Warren looks over the recent presentation by Vcinity at April’s Tech Field Day event in this post from his personal blog. In it, he claims that “the most technically intriguing” presentation of the event challenged him to really think about how Vicinity is reimagining the ways IT practitioners tackle WAN connections. Learn about the questions and challenges that spurred his intrigue by reading the post or watching Vcinity’s presentation.

Cisco Wants Nexus Dashboard to Be Yet Another Single Pane of Glass

Justin Warren describes his time as a delegate during Cisco’s Tech Field Day presentation in December, and how their Nexus Dashboard seeks to consolidate operations tools in this piece on his personal blog. Specifically, he questions the audience of the dashboard, challenging Cisco to find a concrete answer to the question of who benefits from Nexus? Read on at his blog, and be sure to watch Cisco’s Tech Field Day presentation to follow along.

Xilinx and the Adaptive, Composable Datacentre

Justin Warren had the opportunity to join us as a delegate at April’s Tech Field Day and see Xilinx’s presentation. In this post by Justin, he notes that “Xilinx makes programmable hardware, most famously Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), that combine the speed of hardware with the flexibility of software.” He also mentions that Xilinx views FPGAs as now being at a similar level to other kinds of compute, such as CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs. For more of Justin’s thoughts, be sure to check out this post on eigenmagic.com!

Riverbed and the Search for Total Awareness

From his personal blog at eigenmagic.com, this piece by Justin Warren describes his experiences as a delegate during April’s Tech Field Day event, specifically the presentation by Riverbed. Their WAN acceleration product made them famous, but as they detailed during the event, Riverbed is expanding into the network visibility space. Read Warren’s blog to see what he thinks about Riverbed’s announcement and watch their presentations for all of the new announcements coming out of Riverbed.

Disclosure: Tech Field Day 23

Justin Warren gives a breakdown of his time as a delegate at April’s Tech Field Day event in this post. In the same tune as his past disclosure pieces, Warren discusses his approach to the event, as well as some of the swag he received from the sponsors. Read on for more information, and tune into all of the Tech Field Day presentations from this event to see Warren in action.

Micron and the Coming of CXL

Curator of the Eigen Magic blog and perennial Tech Field Day delegate, Justin Warren, discusses his time as a delegate at Micron’s recent Tech Field Day presentation. With Micron’s announcements of the discontinuation of 3D XPoint persistent memory and their Compute Express Link (CXL) product, Warren certainly has a lot to talk about in this piece. Read on to learn what all he took away from the presentation, and be sure to watch the event yourself for more information.