Commvault Buys Hedvig for $225 Million to Take on Secondary Startups

In this post, Justin Warren gives another look at Commvault’s recent acquisition of Hedvig. Both companies are familiar to the Tech Field Day audience, having presented at past events. Justin thinks the acquisition provides a great exit for Hedvig on the business front. Whether it will pay off for Commvault will depend on how well it integrates Hedvig’s exciting software-defined storage platform.

Disclosure: VMworld 2019

Justin Warren went to VMworld US 2019 this year, and he’s a familiar face at the event. It was great to have him as a delegate for our Tech Field Day Extra presentations as well. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to get all of the video content from the event.

NetApp Active IQ Adds Machine Learning to Autosupport

Talking about Machine Learning at a Field Day event and there probably will be some calls of buzzword BINGO. But when a use of the technology actually stands out and impresses the delegates, it’s worth paying attention. That’s what Justin Warren is talking about in this piece about NetApp’s presentation. He breaks down what NetApp is doing with Active IQ. This essentially takes the 400 terabytes of telemetry data collected by the company, and applies sophisticated analysis to better help storage administrators. It might not offer the grandiose claims of other ML and AI technology, but for Justin, being a little humble means NetApp’s approach probably works a lot better.

Datera Shows the Value of Data in Use

Justin Warren saw something unique from Datera’s presentation at Tech Field Day last month. For him, it was particularly useful because it focused on the cost of change. Datera’s storage solution focused on lowering that cost of change, allowing for greater experimentation and innovation by organizations.

Monitoring Customer Data With Machine Learning

Justin Warren wrote up this piece looking at how IT companies are using machine learning to better monitor customer data. He specifically cites HPE’s InfoSight and NetApp’s Active IQ interesting examples, the latter of which he saw at Tech Field Day last month. He notes that collecting and processing information across customers allows Active IQ to notice systemic issues earlier.

Disclosure: Tech Field Day 18

We were fortunate to have Justin Warren along as a delegate at Tech Field Day earlier this month. He got to hear from a great selection of prominent IT companies and newer startups, getting technical deep dives and engaging in thoughtful dialogue. Be sure to check out all the video from the event to stay up to date with the latest in enterprise IT.

TFD18 Prep: VMware

Justin Warren is getting ready to head out to Tech Field Day in Austin later this week. Of course, he’s doing his homework before the presentations. In this piece, he’s looking at what to expect from VMware. They’ll be presenting on vSAN and particularly focusing on vSphere Health. As an Ops guy at heart with a long history with automation, there’s a lot to like with vSphere Health, even if its ideas aren’t exactly new. He’s interested to see how it handles being an advisory tool for automation versus something that remediates without constant interaction.

TFD18 Prep: Datera

Justin Warren did a full profile on Datera ahead of the company’s recent presentation at Tech Field Day in Austin. The company recently had a lot of corporate shakeup, bringing in a lot of new faces in the c-suite. This hasn’t stopped the company from impressive customer and revenue growth though. The company seems to have found a sweet spot as a software-defined storage as-a-service provider, serving customers with low-latency storage while offering stateful data portability not found on typical cloud offerings. We’re looking forward to see if Justin was just as impressed after their presentation.

TFD18 Prep: NetApp

Justin Warren wrote up a look at NetApp prior to their presentation at Tech Field Day in Austin last week. He outlines the moves NetApp has made to be relevant in the cloud, and why perhaps we’re still waiting to see revenues catch up to their technological change. That’s the context he had in mind ahead of their presentation at Tech Field Day. Be sure to watch their entire presentation on our full event video to judge for yourself.

TFD18 Prep: Solarwinds

Justin Warren must have been a good student, because he’s always sure to do his homework for Tech Field Day. Before heading down to Austin last week, Justin wrote up a preview of what he expected to see from Solarwinds. The last time he heard a presentation from them was in early 2016, so a lot has changed since then. The company has grown dramatically, positioning themselves to be an all-in-one IT management company. We’re looking forward to seeing if their presentation convinced Justin in his posts going forward.

ClearSky Data Raises $20 Million To Fuel Expansion

Justin Warren first got to hear from ClearSky Data at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2015. Since then the company has continued to grow, and Justin now breaks down the closing of a successful $20 million funding round, as well as a partnership with Equinix. Justin thinks the partnership and funds should help to expand the company’s Storage-as-a-Service west of Chicago in the near future.

NetApp Finds Its Cloud Feet

After hearing from NetApp at Cloud Field Day, Justin Warren feels the company has turned a corner in their cloud messaging and story. The presentation was done by Eiki Hrafnsson, who was brought into the company as part of their Greenqloud acquisition. He showed how ONTAP in the cloud and Cloud volumes have the API support needed, and provide real benefits in the public cloud.

Droplet Computing Makes The Browser The Computer

Justin Warren takes a look at Droplet Computing’s use of WebAssembly to run legacy apps in a browser. It evokes the concept originally behind Java: write once, run anywhere. By decoupling applications from the hardware and OS traditionally needed to run them, organizations can continue to run business critical custom-built applications. While Justin admits there are security concerns with running older applications, having them running in an actively patched browser seems like a better trade-off than an unpatched obsolete OS.

Disclosure: Cloud Field Day 3

It’s always great to have Justin Warren as a delegate for a Field Day event. From his recent appearance at Cloud Field Day earlier this month, Justin discloses what was provided along the way. If you want to see the content that he saw at the event, make sure to watch our full video coverage!

CFD3 Prep Post: Veritas

Justin Warren wrote up a preview of what to expect from Veritas at Cloud Field Day this week. Follow along with Justin on our live stream, and join the conversation on Twitter using #CFD3.

CFD3 Prep Post: Riverbed

Justin Warren continues his preview posts for the upcoming presenters at Cloud Field Day, turning now toward Riverbed. He reviews how the company has grown from one focused on WAN optimization solutions, to SD-WAN and acquiring Xirrus. He’s looking forward to hearing their cloud story, including how they can extend their unified network fabric as an extension of their SD-WAN implementation.

CFD3 Prep Post: Oracle

Justin Warren is excited to be coming to Cloud Field Day. In this preview, he provides some background on Oracle, a seemingly surprising entrant at a cloud focused event. Justin outlines the recently changes in Oracle’s strategy, as well as key acquisitions, that have made the company one to watch in the cloud market.

CFD3 Prep Post: NetApp

Justin Warren continues his preview of the presenters for Cloud Field Day happening next week. In this post he focuses on NetApp. This post focuses on a fiscal analysis of the current state of the company. After a rough fiscal 2016, and flat revenue in 2017, Justin thinks 2018 looks much better for revenue growth thanks to better cost management and increased sales. Justin is interested to hear more on how the company will deliver on its Data Fabric vision at Cloud Field Day.

CFD3 Prep Post: Rubrik

Justin Warren is no stranger to Rubrik, having covered them across a variety of outlets. He’ll get an update from the company next week at Cloud Field Day. Justin already thinks they have a solid product, backed by impressive marketing. In this piece, he overviews how the company shifted from its backup appliance roots to embrace more software offerings running in the cloud.

CFD3 Prep Post: Morpheus Data

Justin Warren has a very important question for Morpheus Data, what is a “unified multi-cloud orchestration tool”? He’ll get a chance to ask during their Cloud Field Day presentation next month. In his preview post, he looks at how the company purports to be an orchestrator of other familiar automation tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. Morpheus Data says this will save organizations time and money, a claim Justin has heard many times before. He’s looking forward to a deep dive for some details.