Getting Out From Under the Policy Boulder with Juniper’s Contrail Policy Framework

Rich Stroffolino looks at Juniper Networks Contrail and how it can be used to scale policy management across hybrid networks. He first saw this at their Networking Field Day presentation earlier this year.

Considering The Future Of Juniper’s Contrail And OpenContrail/Tungsten

Greg Farro runs down the implecations of OpenContrail moving from a more Juniper Networks controlled open source project to the Linux Foundation. To accompany this change, OpenContrail is being rebranded to Tungsten Fabric. Greg compares this to what he saw of Juniper’s main Contrail platform, which continues to add features specifically for the enterprise market to make it viable in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.

OpenContrail & dNOS Join The Linux Foundation, Get New Names

Drew Conry-Murray highlights the addition of two projects to the Linux Foundation, OpenContrail and dNOS. Drew got to hear about developments on OpenContrail at Networking Field Day from Juniper Networks, which is an open source derivation of their proprietary Contrail software. Drew isn’t sure if either project will become a major disruptor in the enterprise networking space, but he thinks the increasing move to open sourcing these projects will lead to “breaking the stranglehold of legacy vendors on how networks are built and operated.”

Secure Multicloud Networking with Contrail

At Networking Field Day, Chris Grundemann got hear the latest updates from Juniper Networks’ Contrail team. The team demonstrated their growing product line, which will feature Contrail Networking, Contrail Security, Contrail Cloud, and Contrail Multicloud by the middle of 2018. For Chris, this development is a reflection of the prevalence of leaf-spine architectures, and the virtualized networks often needed to overlay them.

Orchestration From the Top Versus Automation From the Bottom

Extreme Networks and Juniper Networks made an impression with Tom Hollingsworth after Networking Field Day in January. For him, the Extreme Networks showed why they lead the way in their bottom-up approach to automation. He then breaks down how Juniper distinguishes themselves with their top-down orchestration tooling.

Juniper Woos The Enterprise With New Products

In this post, Drew Conry-Murray details the new offerings from Juniper Networks around multicloud networking. This comes from Drew’s most recent experience as a delegate at Networking Field Day last month.

The Winds of Change From January

Tom Hollingsworth had a whirlwind last two weeks of January, leading both Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley and Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe from Barcelona. In this post, he begins to organize his thoughts on the two events, including the state of Cisco turning away from hardware, the death of the CLI in 2018, as well as the continuing importance of containers and automation.

BiB 027: Juniper Networks At NFD17 – A Platform Emerges

In this episode of Briefings in Brief, Drew Conry-Murray and Greg Ferro discuss the presentation from Juniper Networks at last month’s Networking Field Day. The company demoed their analytics platform AppFormix, clarified the divergence of Contrail from OpenContrail, and discussed the adoption of the P4 language across a variety of hardware.

Intentional Infrastructure

For Matt Oswalt, network automation is more than simply about making the lives of network engineers a little easier. It’s a nice side benefit to be sure, but for Matt, the goal for automation must be to make the network more responsive to the applications that use it. You can hear more of Matt from his presentation with Juniper Networks from last month’s Networking Field Day.

Off the Cuff – NFD17 Wrap Up

In the most recent “Off the Cuff” episode of Network Collective, the crew discussed what they saw at Networking Field Day last week. What happens when six delegates sit on a podcast together? Magic!

Networking Field Day 17: Hawt or Naught

WIth Networking Field Day in the rearview mirror, Chris Grundemann looks back at some of the trends from the presenters. He breaks down what’s in and out, and includes a lot of animated GIFs as a bonus!

New Role, Same Goal

Former Tech Field Day delegate Matt Oswalt surprised some folks by presenting for Juniper Networks at Networking Field Day. In this blog post, he writes about taking a new role with Juniper in a marketing capacity, shifting from focusing exclusively on code into a marketing role. In this, he’ll still be writing technical blog posts, contributing to open source, and researching new topics, but will now have more opportunities to share this with the community. We wish Matt the best of luck in the new role, and look forward to hearing from him more often!

Networking Field Day 17 (NFD17) Redux

John Herbert shares his parting thoughts from Networking Field Day last week. He touches on the two dominant themes he saw from the presenters, ever increasing automation and an emphasis on telemetry. He shares his favorite presentations as well. Make sure to watch the recorded video of the presentations to see for yourself.

Are network vendors ignoring serverless security?

The move of servers to the cloud has integrated more complexity to network security, as the assumptions of static rules based networking break down. Keith Townsend saw a presentation how network companies are addressing this from Juniper Networks. But this caused him to question if not enough attention is being paid to the emerging serverless market like AWS Lambda.

BiB 24: Juniper OpenContrail At NFD17 – One Fabric To Bind Them

Greg Ferro and Drew Conry-Murray posted a Briefings in Brief episode on Juniper Networks’ presentation from Networking Field Day last week. They focus on their announcements regarding Contrail. Juniper reviewed the difficulties of fully open sourcing OpenContrail, how Contrail and OpenContrail will diverge going forward, and where they see the commercial product going from here. Once you listen to the episode, be sure to watch the full video of their presentation.

Network Field Day 17: Mark Your Calendars!

Drew Conry-Murray and Greg Ferro from Packet Pushers will be at Networking Field Day next week. They’ll get to drink from the firehouse of presenting companies over the three day event. Remember to follow along on our live stream and tweet out questions with #NFD17.

Its time for Network Field Day 17

Greg Ferro is no stranger to Networking Field Day. We’re happy to have him along for our first event of the year. He’ll beheading out to Silicon Valley to hear presentations from the latest and greatest in networking. In this piece, Greg breaks down where each of the presenting companies are positioned at the start of 2018 and what he hopes to hear from them. Make sure to watch along with Greg on our live stream!

PQ Show 106: Whitebox, SD-WAN & More – An NFD14 Wrapup

It’s a Networking Field Day delegate super show on the latest episode of the PQ Show podcast! Greg Ferro, Drew Conry-Murray, Eyvonne Sharp, and Kevin Myers all give their impressions from Networking Field Day from January. SD-WAN, Whitebox networking, analytics, and orchestration are all on the table. Give it a listen and check out our video coverage for more details.

The Quest for the Self-Driving Network with Juniper Networks

Rich Stroffolino takes a look at what Juniper Networks presented at Networking Field Day last week. What really interested him was the company’s philosophical approach they laid out during the event. Instead of trying to simply implement a ton of features for network automation, Juniper takes a much more systematic approach. They laid out their ultimate goal, to create a fully self-driving network. In the presentation, they outline what it will take to get there, and how their current solution fits into that roadmap.

A network geek pilgrimage

Kevin Myers is attending Networking Field Day this year. He’s excited to drink from the deluge of knowledge about to be poured his way. In this post, he talks about some of the topics he’s interested in getting more details about. One of them is SD-WAN. Kevin wants more under the hood details about specific mechanics. He’s also in seeing it an non-traditional applications, like Wireless ISP. We’ll be excited to see what Kevin’s takeaways are after the event. Stay tuned!