One of the Coolest Features of the netAlly EtherScope nXG Is Being Able to Charge It via PoE

Tim Dennehy heard from NetAlly at Mobility Field Day. In this post, he looks at their latest tool, the EtherScope nXG. He runs down all of the feature of this network troubleshooting tool, including that it can be powered over PoE.

NetAlly’s AirCheck G2 Gets a Facelift With Version 4.0 Firmware

Tim Dennehy got a look at the latest firmware for the esteemed AirCheck G2 at Mobility Field Day. This came during NetAlly’s presentation, the company to come out of Netscout spinning off their tooling business. He walks through the installation process and some of the new features, including 802.11ax visibility, a utilization graph for 802.11 and non-802.11 traffic, and uploading of iPerf test results.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Timothy Dennehy

Tim Dennehy is a first time delegate for Mobility Field Day, so we decided to get to know him a little better. In this interview, we found out how high school typing class got him into programming, and from there into the Navy and IT. He has a lot of great perspective over his career, and we can’t wait to hear that insight during the Mobility Field Day presentations.

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Tim Dennehy

Tim Dennehy is heading out to Mobility Field Day this week, his first event around the delegate table. In this interview with Aruba, he discusses why he loves wireless, how to encourage people to get into STEM, and how he ended up being selected as a Field Day delegate.

Tim Dennehy

CWNE #94 & CCNP-W, RCDD/WD/NTS — WLAN Architect, Engineer and Designer with over 15 years of Wi-Fi experience in Healthcare and Education, and 20+ years in networking, and 40+ years riding various bicycles