Layered Security Isn’t About Devices

Tom Hollingsworth got to hear an excellent Ignite Talk at Security Field Day from Wolfgang Goerlich, looking at what it really means to have defense in depth on a network. For Wolfgang, this is less about putting more appliances and services on the network. Instead, he suggests looking at it like a tower defense game, where the resources you have are only useful if you deploy them strategically.

Stuck in Traffic – Micro-segmentation

It stinks that J Wolfgang Goerlich gets stuck in traffic so much, but the silver lining is that he creates more great IT videos. In this one, he’s discussing micro-segmentation, which is crucial for organizations that need more and more granular security controls. This effectively segments and firewalling around an individual hosts. At Security Field Day, he got to hear from VMware is approaching this with NSX.

Stuck in Traffic – Doug Engelbart

Even though J Wolfgang Goerlich is stuck in traffic, that doesn’t mean he can’t put together some great security content. In this video, he considers the influence of Doug Engelbart, and how we can use collective intelligence to augment cyber security practices, particularly with automation. At Security Field Day, he saw Cisco take this approach with Cisco Threat Response.

J Wolfgang Goerlich

Wolfgang is a cyber security strategist and an active part of the Michigan security community.