NGINX Sprint 2.0 Key Takeaways

This post shares the opinions of NGINX Sprint 2.0 delegate, Kati Lehmuskoski. In summary, it contains all of her final takes on the information shared there. Read the piece for more information.

Key Takeaways From the AI Field Day

Kati Lehmuskoski was a delegate at our very first AI Field Day where she heard from companies such as BrainChip, Aruba, and MemVerge! She covered some key takeaways from the event, such as finding suitable talent is hard, AI should only be used if it is needed, and the power of platforms. Thanks for joining us, Kati!

The State of DevOps

Kati Lehmuskoski was one of the delegates at Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 in September. NGINX packed the three day event with dynamic keynotes, intriguing demos, and a Hackathon that captured our imaginations. One of the keynote presentations that caught Kati’s attention was one focused on DevOps and given by Gene Kim. Kati writes about his take on DevOps and the the struggle between quantity, quality, and speed in development. Check out Gene Kim’s keynote as well as all of the other great content from Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 on our website!

Silicon Valley Goes Multi-Cloud

Kati Lehmuskoski joined us as a delegate at Cloud Field Day and saw two general focuses from the presenting companies: multi-cloud operations and data security. In this post, she breaks down what impressed her from each presentation, from solving data challenges with Hammerspace and LucidLink, to the DevOps automation solutions from Morpheus Data, and’s impressive CEO.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Kati Lehmuskoski

Kati Lehmuskoski is heading to Cloud Field Day. Before you see her around the table with the delegates, be sure to read this interview with Gestalt IT to get a little more background. We can’t wait to hear what she thinks of the event.

Kati Lehmuskoski

DevOps Solution Owner at Metsä