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In this episode of the Tech Breakfast podcast, Aaron Buley, one of the hosts, announces that the podcast made its first appearance at a Field Day event, Storage Field Day in January. Keiran Shelden, the Australian Senior Field Correspondent for the podcast, was a delegate at Storage Field Day in January and announced his role with the podcast. Russ Cantwell, another host on the podcast, comments on Field Day events, as he believes these events are gaining more exposure with the current state of virtual events and increased digital access. Listen to the rest of the conversation on the Tech Breakfast Podcast!

Storage Field Day 21 – Streaming to You Live

We’re excited to welcome back delegate Keiran Shelden for another Storage Field Day! Writing for his blog, Keiran shares that he is ready to have a blast being together (virtually) with his fellow delegates and learning about the latest in storage and technology. Be sure to tune in to see Keiran in action at the upcoming Storage Field Day!

Let’s Zoom to SFD20

Keiran Shelden was really excited to head (virtually) to Storage Field Day. This event brings together prominent companies from across storage, from innovative startups to the titans of the space. At the event, Keiran got to hear from seven different companies, you can catch all their presentations on our YouTube channel. We can’t wait to hear what Keiran thought of each of them.

Western Digital Presents at SFD19

Keiran Shelden remembers a time that’s probably familiar to many in IT. When he was building his first computer in the early aughts, 80GB seemed like more capacity than he could ever use. Like the rest of us, Keiran quickly found a use for the space. Analysts now say that by 2023, the world will use 103 Zettabytes of storage. As the creator of a lot of storage used in the world, Western Digital is a key provider of storage, resulting in a lot of interest from Keiran and the other delegates at Storage Field Day. They showed off their roadmap of how they plan to meet the ever increasing density and reliability needs of the enterprise and hyperscalers. Be sure to check out the full post, then dig into our video coverage of the presentation.

First Steps to Tackling My Anxiety

For 2020, Keiran Shelden set a goal to help overcome his anxiety about public speaking. It’s a laudable goal, and attending events like Storage Field Day provides a lot of opportunity to get your feet wet while being surrounded by a supportive community. Keiran has found that accepting some of the speaking opportunities around the event, like being a guest on the On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast, were positive experiences as well. Whether through the spoken or written word, Keiran’s voice is always valuable at Field Day events.

California, Rescue Me… Storage Field Day 19

In this post, Keiran Shelden looks forward to heading out to Storage Field Day. It’s our first event of 2020 and Keiran’s third, it’s always good to have a seasoned veteran delegate returning. The event promises to be packed with quality content. Even with experience under his belt, drinking from the storage fire hose can be an intense experience. Luckily, we provide full videos that you can watch at your leisure soon after the event. We can’t wait to hear what Keiran thinks of the event and to see his breakdowns of the presenters!

Vlog4 TFD

Keiran Shelden is back is balmy Australia and put together a vlog post reviewing what he saw from Tech Field Day earlier this month. He runs through a review of the event in general, and emphasizes the value in being able to have in-depth, direct, technical discussions with the presenting companies. This isn’t just a benefit to the delegates, but has meaningful value for the companies as well.

Tech Field Day 18 Here we come!

It’s always great to have Keiran Shelden along as a delegate. He just came down to Austin for Tech Field Day last week, and got to drink from the IT firehose with the other delegates. Aside from the educational benefit, Keiran enjoys getting to have conversations about the tech with the other delegates and people at the companies themselves. For him, it’s important to provide a positive dialog, to help build better relationships and better solutions.

Nasuni – Global Object File Storage on Steroids

Keiran Shelden covers one of his favorite presentations at Storage Field Day 16 from Nasuni, who provide a cloud and on-premises Global Object File Storage system running on their patented UniFS file system. Keiran highly recommends checking out Nasuni for organizations with multiple offices looking into a way to centralize files.

An Introduction to SNIA

Keiran Shelden introduces SNIA after their Storage Field Day 16 presentation, explaining what exactly they do. Keiran was impressed by SNIA’s work to promote and educate about storage and recommends their educational resources.

Zerto – Not Just Short Term DR Retention Anymore

Keiran Shelden recaps Zerto’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation, discussing their ZVR disaster recovery product that uses block based replication allowing it to be hardware agnostic. Keiran sees the advances discussed by Zerto as a great way to extend their product set to be able to meet the compliance demands that many companies face and knows the new features will be great for Zerto customers.

Storage Field Day 16 – I’m going on an Adventure!

Keiran Shelden is going to be flying from Australia to join us at Storage Field Day in Boston next week. He’s looking forward to meeting the other delegate and digging deep into the company presentations. We’re looking forward to hear what Keiran takes away from the event!

Keiran Shelden

Keiran is a System Engineer who loves to working with the full stack from compute to storage and all things between.