Cisco Presents… at Mobility Field Day 10

Keith R. Parsons attended Mobility Field Day 10, where Cisco focused on solutions that enhance user experience and operational efficiency. They delved into advancements in Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technologies, illustrating how their implementation can lead to significant performance improvements. Cisco’s comprehensive approach positions them as a key player in the evolving landscape of wireless mobility, ready to meet the needs of modern networks.

A Paradigm Shift in Wireless LAN-based Location Tracking

Keith Parsons attended this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere where Aruba presented on a new solution! This new paradigm shift means Aruba’s AP-6xx series Wi-Fi 6E access points will have the ability to know where they are in the world, even indoors. Keith is very familiar with paradigm shifts is wireless LAN-based location tracking, check out his thoughts from Aruba here!


At Networking Field Day in February, Keith Parsons joined us as a delegate and had the opportunity to see Juniper Networks’ presentation. Keith was especially intrigued with its presentations related to Wireless LANs, including Juniper Mist. To see what all Keith had to say, check out this blog!

Wi-Fi Monitoring With NetBeez

Keith Parsons had the opportunity to join us as a delegate at Networking Field Day last month and saw NetBeez’s presentation. In this blog, Keith mentions that NetBeez has been presenting at Field Day events since 2015 and he has watched all of its presentations. He claims, “I’ve been impressed with their simple, yet powerful technology – taking low cost hardware, coupled with software built to solve actual network problems to bring a solution to IT departments who want to manage and monitor their wired and wireless networks.” For more of Keith’s thoughts on NetBeez’s presentations from the recent Networking Field Day, visit!

Mist Announces New Wi-Fi 6 Access Points at Mobility Field Day 5

At Mobility Field Day, Mist Systems made a return presentation. The company is now part of Juniper Networks, and had a number of new additions to their AI-enabled access point portfolio. All of these APs support Wi-Fi 6 and come with the rich feature set included with 802.11ax. One of the things that really helps these APs stand out is a custom-built BLE antenna array, which is designed to give angle of arrival information for Bluetooth signals, letting Mist obtain more accurate location information.

The Aruba User Experience Insight Journey

Keith Parsons recently wrote a piece for Aruba’s blog looking at Aruba Networks User Experience Insight sensors. Keith first heard about these at Mobility Field Day all the way back in 2017, originally a part of Cape Networks. These have now become Aruba UXI F-Series sensor, which can be used not only to assure the experience for wireless users, but also wired devices. Aruba has added key features for enterprise usage, including proxies, custom certificates, and DNS support.

097: GreyBeards Talk Open Source S3 Object Store With AB Periasamy, CEO MinIO

Keith Townsend and Ray Lucchesi published an interview with MinIO CEO Anand Babu Periasamy. Ray got to hear from him and the rest of the MinIO team recently at Storage Field Day. MinIO offers a fully open source AWS S3 compatible object store that you can run anywhere, something particularly timely as more organizations turn to them. This allows customers to turn away from costly cloud object stores, and deploy in their own data centers for better economics at scale. They discuss how the company is developing features to match Amazon S3, and dig into the tech in the interview.

188 | the New netAlly Product Portfolio With Dan Klimke

In this episode of the Wireless LAN Professionals podcast, Keith Parsons talks with NetAlly’s Dan Klimke. They discuss the company’s launch and product portfolio, which was on display at their Mobility Field Day presentation earlier this year.

187 | Client Traffic Analysis With Ryan Woodings

In this episode of the Wireless LAN Pros podcast, Keith Parsons interviews the Chief Geek at Metageek, Ryan Woodings, about client traffic analysis. Keith recently got to hear from Metageek at Mobility Field Day over the summer.

Meet the #ATM19 Influencers: Keith Parsons

Keith Parsons is definitely no stranger to the wireless community, so it’s not surprising to see him profiled by Aruba for their Meet the Influencers interview series. He talks about the best tech he’s ever bought, what he thinks the big thing in wireless will be in 2019, and career highlights. Be sure to catch Keith as a delegate on our live stream for Mobility Field Day Exclusive at Aruba Atmosphere 2019.

Mobility Field Day 3 – A Delegate

It’s always great to hear about people’s first Field Day event experience. In this post, Jim Palmer talks about some of the behind the scenes of being a delegate at Mobility Field Day. It was a packed event and Jim was impressed by his fellow delegates around the table.

To Vegas And Back with Keith R Parsons

Keith Parson and the WiFi of Everything crew were recently in Vegas for Aruba Atmosphere. In this panel, they discuss what they saw at the show, and the experience of Mobility Field Day Extra.

Catching up with Cape Networks since Mobility Field Day 2

After hearing from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day this summer, Keith Parsons got an update from David Wilson on their latest developments. Cape Networks has recently launched updates to help with overall functionality, including the ability to lock the sensor to a specific band for specific channel testing, adding aliases to SSIDs to help make them easier to track, and adding authentication timing.

Voyance – Visibility into the User Experience

Keith Parsons wrote up some impression of Nyansa’s Voyance networking monitoring solution, after speaking with their Director of Product and Technical Marketing, GT Hill. GT presented for Nyansa at Networking Field Day last year. Keith reviews how Voyance helps track network changes, its recommendation engine, and visibility into user experience.

How Blogging, Podcasting, and Social Media Can Change Your Wireless LAN Career

On the latest episode of the Wireless LAN Professionals podcast, Keith Parsons spoke with Rowell Dionicio about how social networking and content creation can effect a career in enterprise mobility. It’s an interesting discussion (with a full transcription no less) from two Mobility Field Day delegates.

Cisco CMX presentation at #WFD8

Cisco CMX presentation at #WFD8

Ruckus Wireless’ Dave Wright speaks on LTE-U, LAA and LWA

Ruckus Wireless’ Dave Wright speaks on LTE-U, LAA and LWA

Cambium Networks Point to Multipoint Network Gear

Cambium Networks Point to Multipoint Network Gear

Ruckus and the MU-MIMO demo at #WFD8

Ruckus and the MU-MIMO demo at #WFD8

Cradlepoint and Wireless Tech Field Day 8

Cradlepoint and Wireless Tech Field Day 8