Meeting the Challenges of Managing Microservices-based Applications

LightStep’s [x]PM was a highlight of their Cloud Field Day presentation from earlier this year. Keith Ward was a delegate at the event, and was impressed by how LightStep could monitor complex microservices while maintaining full visibility in real time without overhead. LightStep [x]PM might not be a great fit for smaller organizations without complex applications, but many modern apps would benefit from this type of performance monitoring.

Aviatrix Simplifies Public Cloud Networking

In this piece, Keith Ward looks at how Aviatrix’s software-defined cloud routing is helping to make public cloud networking manageable and simple. After hearing from them at Cloud Field Day this month, Keith thinks their approach should find a ready home in enterprises with cloud-scale routing needs.

How SoftNAS Is Like the U.S. Marines

If you were designing a business from scratch, adopting a cloud native strategy might be obvious. But what about everyone else left on the cloud adoption spectrum? Keith Ward covers SoftNAS’s presentation from Cloud Field Day as an ideal solution for those companies. In his mind, they approach a “leave no man behind” approach to going to the cloud.

Keith Ward

Keith Ward is a veteran technology journalist. He’s been covering the IT space for 17 years, and was the founding editor of “Virtualization & Cloud Review” magazine. He’s also served as editor-in-chief for “Redmond magazine” and “TechNet magazine,” and worked in IT in the early Cretaceous Period.