Datera and the Move Towards Software Defined Storage in the Enterprise

When discussing modern applications, infrastructure is often not given much though except to say that it should be easy to provision according to the needs of the application itself. Those who provide the infrastructure to applications developers and end users know this is no trivial task. Ken Nalbone looks at how Datera’s software defined storage platform helps bridge the this gap, which he got a close look at during Storage Field Day earlier this year.

Netrounds Brings Testing to Network Infrastucture

Ken Nalbone give Netrounds’ presentation from Networking Field Day a closer look in this piece. They showed off their testing solutions that make it easier for IT to get visibility into application and network performance, and ultimately enable organizations to meet their SLAs. While the goal in the software-defined data center is to abstract infrastructure, that doesn’t eliminate it as a potential source of issues. That’s why for Ken, testing like Netrounds provides is essential

Tracing Down a Root Cause With LightStep Tracing

Moving from monolithic apps toward microservices has sped development, but brought new complexities. LightStep showed off their LightStep [x]PM platform at Cloud Field Day last year, but this was targeted at large enterprises. With their recently released LightStep Tracing, the company is offering a SaaS solution that provides an easy on ramp into distributed tracing, without a completed setup process.

PathSolutions Helps Put the Data of Your Network to Good Use

In this post, Ken Nalbone looks at the network collection and correlation capabilities of PathSolutions. They were a presenter at Networking Field Day, highlighting their TotalView platform. By combining monitoring from across the data center with proactive alerting, Ken found it an intriguing solution.

Forget Day 0, Tell Me About Days 1-365!

Ken Nalbone wrote up an interesting post considering what he saw from VMware at Tech Field Day earlier this month. The company focused on how they can provide solutions for IT infrastructure beyond the travails of Day 0, into Day 1 and beyond. For Ken, this might not be the most exciting, but it’s probably more critical for organizations.

Microsegmentation: Worth Implementing Over a Host-Based Firewall?

In this post, Ken Nalbone looks into VMware’s NSX microsegmentation implementation as they presented at Security Field Day. He looks at the benefits of that approach vs a more typical host-based firewall. He breaks down the performance, security, and governance advantages of using this hypervisor-based approach for modern enterprises.

Cohesity: Much More than Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

At Cloud Field Day this month, Cohesity was able to broaden their conversation into new use cases than we’ve heard at their previous Field Day presentation. Ken Nalbone was impressed by the cloud functionality of the Cohesity Data Platform, including being able to create archives on multiple cloud providers, with individual and collective bandwidth caps, from a single policy. Overall, Ken found that Cohesity’s solutions have expanded considerably from their original “Hyperconverged Secondary Storage” offering.

Move Your Data into the Cloud NOW with SoftNAS

Ken Nalbone got to hear from SoftNAS at Cloud Field Day this month. He thinks the question of whether the company offers a “cloud native” solution is less interesting than what their solution actually does: Enable customers to move large amounts of data without refactoring their applications for the public cloud. This has the potential to remove one of the biggest barrier of entry to the cloud.

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