Networking Service Awareness

Writing on the NetCraftsmen blog, Peter Welcher discusses the challenges that professionals face in staying updated with the latest features and technologies from Network as a Service (NaaS) and Cloud vendors. The post contends that vendors should be more proactive in communicating their capabilities and new features, instead of relying on customers to research these advancements. Welcher emphasizes the importance of structured knowledge acquisition and suggests use-case focused marketing could be beneficial for potential customers.

Is Your Network Failing or Your Application Failing? A Perspective About Kentik!

In this blog post about Kentik’s presentation at Networking Field Day, Faisal Khan discusses the concept of network observability and how Kentik’s platform tackles the challenges of network troubleshooting and visibility. With the increasing complexity of networks and the cloudification of applications, enterprises need comprehensive visibility across diverse sources. Kentik’s approach involves collecting and analyzing data from various network and application sources to provide meaningful insights and pinpoint issues quickly, ensuring reliable networks and a great digital experience.

Observability at Full Fidelity With Kentik Network Observability Platform

Kentik’s Observability Platform helps improve edge-to-edge visibility in complex, hybrid networks. The platform aggregates data from various sources, normalizes it, and transforms it into meaningful analytics to provide fast and flexible query responses. Built with multilayered telemetry, it helps teams monitor and troubleshoot the network and detect problems proactively through meaningful information derived from deep observability. In this article, Sulagna Saha highlights the platform’s capability for data enrichment, full-fidelity data collection, and its ability to integrate with multiple data sources and visualization tools, making it an effective solution for businesses looking to improve network visibility in the modern network landscape.

Networking Field Day Returns This April!

Tom Hollingsworth, writing for Gestalt IT, announces the return of Networking Field Day this month with a lineup of stellar presenters, including BackBox, Itential, HashiCorp, and Kentik. Tom notes that with the rise of remote work, this Networking Field Day event will focus on technologies that can support distributed teams. From software-defined networking to open-source networking, attendees will get a chance to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

Enterprise Network Observability With Kentik

Barry Coombs created a Tech Doodle focused on enterprise network observability with Kentik and also shares his thoughts in this article. He discusses the benefits of observability and how it can improve network and application performance. With insights into how Kentik is solving challenges from the era of big data, this article is a must-read for IT professionals looking to leverage the latest technologies in network performance management.

Tech Field Day Doodle: Kentik

“Kentik is a SaaS based platform and will supply the answers to your network questions.” Check out Barry Coombs’ latest Tech Doodle covering Kentik’s presentation at Tech Field Day, an impressive toolset for enterprise network engineers and beyond.

Synthetic Network Monitoring With Kentik

Summary – Network observability aims to be a holistic measurement of the performance indicators. Kentik takes it a step further by making it proactive with synthetic testing. In this article, Sulagna Saha takes a closer look at Kentik Synthetics, a newly added capability in the Kentik Network Observability Platform that measures and improves digital experience. Read the article on Gestalt IT’s website or check out the demos on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel.

Looking Forward to Tech Field Day 27

Get a sneak peek on what’s happening at the latest Tech Field Day, March 8-9! We will have presentations from Kentik, MemVerge, and Men&Mice, as well as a special presentation on the CXL Consortium. Check out Stephen Foskett’s video on what to expect on Gestalt IT’s website.

Proving It’s Not the Network: Catchpoint and Kentik

In his most recent post, Eric Stewart, Field Day delegate, discusses Kentik’s and Catchpoint’s presentations at September’s Networking Field Day. These companies have a similar end to end focus for their solutions, providing data regarding web page loading and why delays are occurring. Eric talks about his thoughts on either solution and gives some brief feedback on questions he would have for the future. Check out his thoughts!

NFD29: Kentik and Network Troubleshooting

Check out Pete Welcher’s thoughts on Kentik and their presentation at the latest Networking Field Day event. You can read his post and watch all of the presentations from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Observing the Cloud Network for Hidden Costs With Kentik

Sulagna Saha writes, on the Gestalt IT website, about Kentik’s presentation from the most recent Cloud Field Day. She goes into detail on her thoughts on their Kentik Network Observability Cloud Platform that will help companies dial down their cloud infrastructure. Take a look here for more from Sulagna!

Kentik Addresses Network Observability in the Cloud

Gina Rosenthal gives her thoughts on Kentik and how they’re addressing network observability in the cloud after watching their presentation at Cloud Field Day. Check out what she has to say and make sure to check out all the videos from Cloud Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Cloud Field Day 15 – Day One

Field Day delegate, Nathan Bennett, is joined by delegate, Eric Wright to discuss the first day of September’s Cloud Field Day. In this video, they both go into detail on presentations from Prosimo, Google Cloud, and Kentik. If you want to learn more, watch the video here, or visit Nathan’s YouTube channel.

Attaining a Strong Observability Posture With Kentik

Sulagna Saha, writing for Gestalt IT, talks about Kentik’s presentation at the most recent Networking Field Day. She goes into detail on Kentik’s observability capabilities that scopes the environment for anomalies and deviations to minimize unplanned downtime. She wraps up with her thoughts on Kentik’s presentation and how they will make sure that your network doesn’t suffer the domino effect. Take a look at Sulagna’s post on the Gestalt IT website!

Cloud Field Day 15 Returns to Silicon Valley!

Cloud Field has returned to Silicon Valley! There was a wide variety of companies who presented on multiple different topics. Excited to hear about more? All the videos from each presentation have been uploaded to the Tech Field Day website and available on YouTube, check them out!

Back to Silicon Valley for NetApp, CloudFieldDay 15 and More!

Lino is back for September’s Cloud Field Day! There was a great line up at this past Cloud Field Day including presentations from Prosimo, Kentik, Google Cloud, Commvault, and RackN along with a special Cloud Field Exclusive with NetApp. Check out Lino Telera’s post here on what he is looking forward to the most!

Network Field Day 29 – Day 2: Kentik

Check out Jordan Villarreal’s recap of Kentik’s presentation at the latest Networking Field Day event! You can check out his thoughts on his YouTube page, System MTU One, and be sure to check out all of the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Network Field Day 29 – Day 0

Check out Jordan Villarreal’s pre-event rundown of what he was looking forward to hearing about at the latest Networking Field Day event! You can check out his thoughts on his YouTube page, System MTU One, and be sure to check out all of the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Even More to Explore With Networking Field Day 29!

Check out Tom Hollingsworth details of the most recent Networking Field Day presentation line-up! You can find all the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website.

Kentik Is Amazing

Peter Welcher attended the most recent Networking Field Day Service Provider where Kentik presented their highly innovative network centric database tool. In his latest blog, Pete talks about each innovation that has caught his interest, and goes into detail on the technical presenters and their topics discussed. Pete is a huge fan of Kentik’s analysis/reporting tools and urges you to check out their latest innovations!