Kentik: Bringing Observability to the Modern Network

How can today’s IT departments keep up with their massively expanding networks? Kentik offers a solution by way of network observability through their product portfolio, which they presented during September’s Networking Field Day event. Read this post for further insights into their presentation.

Kentik – Get Observability and Monitoring Under Control

After attending Kentik’s Networking Field Day presentation as a delegate, Ed Horley detailed his opinions on the matter in his HowFunky blog. Specifically, he calls out their network visibility product and how it affects IT organizations. Read the piece for more!

Ep 63 – NFD26 – the Art of Network Engineering

Looking for a fun and interactive discussion about what happened at last month’s Networking Field Day? Check out the latest podcast from delegates; A.J. Murray and Tim Bertino and guests Dan and Andy, as they converse about the presentations from Arista Networks, PathSolutions, Juniper Networks, Kentik, ZPE Systems and lastly, NetBeez. Tune into their channel for more!

NFD26: Kentik Adds Nifty Capabilities

On LinkedIn, Dr. Pete Welcher shares what he learned while attending Networking Field Day as a delegate. This post in particular covers the presentations by Kentik. Read the full post to learn more.

All the Networking You Crave at Networking Field Day 26!

We’re getting closer to the end of 2021 but we couldn’t let it go without another great edition of Networking Field Day! You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the discussion that occurred in September! Tom Hollingsworth provides a brief outline of who presented at Networking Field Day and what they offered. Be sure to check out the live recordings!

TechHouse570- Networking Field Day- Day 2 Recap

Girard Kavelines attended his first Field Day event earlier this month as a delegate! He highlights some key points provided from NetBeez, PathSolutions and Kentik. We always love having new delegates come to Field Day events, be sure to check out what Girard thought about Networking Field Day on his blog!

Streaming Telemetry With Avi Freedman on Software Gone Wild

Ivan Pepelnjak was a delegate at Networking Field Day in September 2017 and was impressed with the presentations from Kentik’s CEO and Co-founder, Avi Freedman. Ivan, his colleagues, and Avi Freedman discussed streaming telemetry on the podcast, Software Gone Wild. Check out this episode to hear what they had to say!

Cloud and Network Automation at Networking Field Day 22

Rowell Dionicio has been a delegate at a number of Field Day events, previously coming to Mobility Field Day and our newest event, Security Field Day. But this time around will be his first time at Networking Field Day, and we’re excited to hear what he thinks of the experience. Rowell has really enjoyed not just the technical content offered by Field Day, but the ability to directly connect with the presenters and fellow delegates. These are the kind of connections that help make Field Day a unique industry experience. Check out the post for his preview of the presenters at the event.

Kentik and the Negative Roadmap

Tom Hollingsworth is the organizer of Networking Field Day, but he’s always a delegate at heart. In this post, he digs into what Kentik presented at the event last month. He was impressed with what Kentik had planned on their roadmap. But even more impressive was the company explicitly stating what they were not going to be getting into. This helps alleviate some of the concerns of feature creep that seem to happen with any solution over time. For Tom, this open perspective into their thought process can only spell good things going forward for Kentik.

The Flux Reactor

Al Rasheed wrote up his thoughts on Kentik’s presentation from Networking Field Day late last year. The company offers full resolution of network traffic, with the goal of providing network administrators enriched data that’s easy to understand. They’ve found use cases with network performance, congestion, security, DDOS detection and forensics. Al was particularly impressed by some of the tools Kentik provides for service providers, which enriches data from multiple sources via API and pairs it with routing table data live.

Kentik Adds Value, Gets Cloudy

Kentik is no stranger to Networking Field Day, and recently did a presentation at our event last month. Pete Welcher was a delegate at the event and shares his thoughts on what he saw from them in this post. They showed off their cloud-based big data approach to analyzing flow data from internal sources and the cloud. Kentik is now able to ingest AWS and GCP flow records, with support for Azure coming in 2019. Pete was impressed by the amount of data this agentless approach can obtain.

The Recap: Kentik at Networking Field Day 19

Michelle Kincaid with Kentik wrote up a blog post detailing the companies recent presentation at Networking Field Day. The company is no stranger to the event, and it’s always great to hear their latest and greatest. The presentation updated the delegates on how Kentik is expanding the capabilities of their network monitoring by adding features for cloud infrastructure, service providers, and automation.

Anticipating Network Field Day 19 (NFD19)

The inimitable Pete Welcher returns as a Networking Field Day delegate next month. In this post, he previews the presenting companies. The roster is stacked for the event, including networking stalwarts like Cisco and Riverbed, emerging startups like Barefoot Network, Apstra, and Illumio, and those that Pete wants to see more from like Silver Peak, Kentik, and Bluecat Networks. You can catch all their presentation on our live stream during the event.

BiB007: Kentik Network Peering & Capacity Planning

On a recent episode of the Briefings in Brief podcast, Ethan Banks looks back at what he saw from Kentik at Networking Field Day last month. This includes a discussion of their full resolution network analytics, with a specific application for peering and service providers.

Kentik Finds Truth in the Traffic

Pete Welcher did his homework before seeing Kentik’s presentation at Networking Field Day last month. He watched their prior presentations and was familiar with the company’s offerings. After all that, the company managed to impress Pete with their latest appearance. Read the full post for his detailed impression, but overall, Pete liked that Kentik allows for quick usability with built-in queries and reports, with actual anomaly detection, rapid reporting, and data collection across appliance silos.

NFD16 First Impressions

Networking Field Day just wrapped up earlier this month, but Ivan Pepelnjak already has his initial impressions in order. He nominated Avi Freedman from Kentik as winner of the “Nerd Factor” category for the event, with a close runner up from Apstra. The formal verification for networks from Veriflow also merited an initial mention. We’re looking forward to reading more from Ivan on each.

Looking Forward to Networking Field Day 16

Networking Field Day is coming up next week, and we’re happy to have Pete Welcher returning as a delegate. He’s getting to revisit a company he saw at a previous event, Apstra and their intent-driven networking solution. Overall, Pete is looking forward to the presentations and talking to his fellow delegates.

PQ Show 106: Whitebox, SD-WAN & More – An NFD14 Wrapup

It’s a Networking Field Day delegate super show on the latest episode of the PQ Show podcast! Greg Ferro, Drew Conry-Murray, Eyvonne Sharp, and Kevin Myers all give their impressions from Networking Field Day from January. SD-WAN, Whitebox networking, analytics, and orchestration are all on the table. Give it a listen and check out our video coverage for more details.

Getting Full Resolution with Kentik Detect

At Networking Field Day last week, Kentik introduced their network monitoring solution, Kentik Detect. Rich Stroffolino came away impressed with it. The company is dedicated to make sure you always are able to get a full resolution view of what is going on with the network, instead of replying on inaccurate samples or composites. This dedication led them to develop a completely new engine, backed by a new database design, to make sure all streaming information is logged at incredibly efficient speeds.

Drill Baby, Drill! (into NetFlow with Kentik)

After being introduced to Kentik at Networking Field Day in August, Dustin Beare got some hands-on time with the tool. Now that he’s had a chance to use Data Explorer, what does he think? Overall, Dustin came away impressed, citing Data Explorer’s simplicity in viewing traffic flowing into a network. Kentik made it easy to pull specific queries out of NetFlow data.