Secondary Data and Komprise with Krishna Subramanian by Data Driven Talk

In this episode of Data Driven Talk, host Enrico Signoretti discusses the challenges of secondary data. His guest, founder and COO of Komprise, Krishna Subramanian, discusses the current state of the secondary storage market, what it is, and how best to address it.

Komprise: Data Management Made Easy

Max Mortillaro considers that while data management and secondary storage are big concerns in modern IT, they are far from a solved problem. At Storage Field Day last month, he heard a presentation from Komprise, which seeks to bring a real world focus to data management. Max outlines how they can help slay the serpent de mer traditionally associated with data management.

Komprise Transforming Data Management with Disruption at SFD17

Jeff Powers shares his thoughts on Komprise’s presentation at Storage Field Day last week. They provide a seamless way for organizations to deal with the flood of unstructured data, by providing policy-based controls to sort cold data quickly, using an architecture that provides a way to quickly move this data across tiers when needed.

I Need Something Like Komprise For My Garage

At Storage Field Day, Dan Frith heard from Komprise, and how they are helping organizations manage the deluge of unstructured data. Using advanced policy-based management, Komprise is able to identify cold data and redirect it before it hit advanced data workflows or data protection schemes best used for hot data. Dan just wishes now he had something similar to deal with his storage problems in his garage at home.

Komprise Systems Overview from #SFD17

At Storage Field Day last week, Aaron Strong and the other delegates got a deep dive from Komprise. In this piece, he gives an overview of what he saw. For Aaron, Komprise’s solution reminded him of Windows Quota “on steroids.” It allows you to get a handle on your unstructured data, and move it safely and economically.

Secondary storage is the new primary

Enrico Signoretti sees IT as a whole suddenly recognizing the importance of secondary storage in their environment. As primary storage, centered around structured data, has largely become commidified, having high capacity but low quality object stores for secondary storage is becoming inadequate. This is especially true given the growth rate of unstructured data, which become even more of a problem as regulatory requirements increase. Enrico things a company like Komprise, which he saw at Storage Field Day last week, is the result of recognizing the importance of secondary storage. Komprise uses both analytics and user generated policy to do stretegic data planning, manage migration, move data to cheaper storage tiers when appropriate, and more.

Tech Stand UP Episode 8 – SFD17 – Initial Thoughts on Komprise Podcast

On the latest Tech Stand UP episode, Luigi Danakos, Aaron Strong, and Joe Houghes discuss what they saw from Komprise at Storage Field Day last week. They discuss how Komprise’s Observer can be a tool to help users and businesses stay in compliance in a post-GDPR world.