Making the Most of Unstructured Data With Komprise

At March’s Cloud Field Day, Komprise showed off how their data management solution is capable of tackling the problem of mass amounts of unstructured data in an organization. This piece covers the major takeaways from their presentation, as well as some of the reasoning behind Komprise’s approach to data management. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch all of the Komprise Cloud Field Day appearance for technical deep dives and demos.

Intelligent Data Management at Cloud Field Day

Komprise joined us last month for Cloud Field Day! Their presentation focused on three sections: Intelligent Data Management in the cloud, Komprise architecture overview/demonstration for hybrid cloud, and Komprise architecture overview/demonstration for multi-cloud. Check out the event page on for all videos from the Komprise presentation!

Presenters React to the Cloud Field Day Experience

Cloud Field Day happened earlier this month and the presenters are happy with the experience of everything involved! To see what makes Tech Field Day events special to companies, what they learned, and their thoughts on the overall experience of Cloud Field Day, check out this video and post on!

Looking Forward to Cloud Field Day 10

We’re excited for the upcoming Cloud Field Day and so is Ken Nalbone, who is joining us as a delegate for the event. In this blog, Ken looks forward to the event and provides his thoughts on the different presenting companies. Be sure to tune in from March 10-12, 2021, to catch the presentations and use #CFD10 on Twitter to join in on the discussion!

Managing Data Migration Challenges

Data migration is a thankless task that needs to be performed periodically during hardware refreshes, and of course, regularly to keep expensive storage systems tidy. Fortunately, for traditional block-based workloads, the introduction of technologies like server virtualization have taken most of the pain out of the process. However, migrating unstructured data still seems to represent a challenge. As a result, we see solutions from companies like Hammerspace and Komprise looking to both ease the process and take advantage of hybrid multi-cloud configurations. In this piece Chris Evans looks at what both companies presented at Storage Field Day to held meet this challenge.

Voices in Data Storage – Episode 35: A Conversation With Krishna Subramanian of Komprise

On a recent episode of Voices in Data Storage, Enrico Signoretti spoke with Komprise’s co-founder and COO Krishna Subramanian. Krishna has a extensive history working in IT, from being VP Marketing for Cloud Platforms at Citrix, to leading cloud computing strategy at Sun, and co-founding Kovair. Enrico was recently a delegate at Storage Field Day, where Komprise made a return as a presenter. Be sure to check out their full video to get up to date on their latest solutions.

Komprise – Non-Disruptive Data Management

Data management has been one of the fastest growing sectors of IT, with new startups popping up and older companies pivoting to address it. Komprise showed off their robust data management solution at Storage Field Day, and Dan Frith wrote up his thoughts about it in this post. He found they offered a way to intelligently access and store your unstructured data, something increasingly important when so much unstructured data is generated on a daily basis, with no signs of slowing down. What really made Komprise stand out to Dan though is their emphasis on making this management transparent to the administrator, something often overlooked in competing solutions. Be sure to check out his post for a feature deep dive, then watch their full presentation.

SFD19: No Komprise on Knowing Thy Data

For Beck Elliott, Komprise stood at as one of her favorite presenters during Storage Field Day. While not her first introduction to the company, she appreciates their storage-agnostic approach and integration into file-based protocols, making it easy to use the solution with your existing storage infrastructure. The architecture for their analytics-driven data management platform is built around three pillars: dynamic data analytics, transparent data movement, and direct data access. There’s a lot to unpack from their presentation, so be sure to check out their full video coverage as well.

Komprise Is a Winner

Chin-Fah Heoh was not exactly oozing with excitement for Komprise’s presentation when he saw them on the Storage Field Day schedule. He’s seen and implemented more than his fair share of “file lifecycle and data management” software solutions, and expected to hear a familiar story. But after the presentation, he think it stood out as the best of the event. Their Observer VM grid-like architecture offered scalability often lacking in their competition, thanks to it being both agentless and “database-less”, meaning it can reach petabyte scale and beyond. Chin-Fah also loved their Transparent Move Technology, which creates a dynamic symlink once a file is moved. This symlink is associated with the Komprise Access Address and persists for the life of the file. He thought they offer a solid competitive offering in the market, and is excited how their analytics play could add additional value as well.

TECHunplugged VideoCast SFD19 Part 1

It’s always great to have TECHunplugged’s Arjan Timmerman as a delegate at an event, and we were thrilled to have him attend Storage Field Day. This was Arjan’s fourteenth time around the table to get caught up on the latest in enterprise storage, and his enthusiasm for the experience is infectious. In this video, he previews what he expected from each of the presenters. The event had a fantastic array of presenting companies, with the latest from Dell EMC, Infrascale, Komprise, MinIO, NetApp, Tiger Technology, WekaIO, and Western Digital. Be sure to check out the preview before diving into our comprehensive video coverage.

Tiers, Tiers, and More Storage Tiers

Enrico Signoretti is no stranger to Storage Field Day events. This gives him some helpful long term context to identify larger industry trends he sees playing out among otherwise unrelated presentations. At the most recent Storage Field Day, the importance of tiering across the storage industry came across loud and clear. From Tiger Technology demoing their simple, seamless and smart filter driver for Windows servers, to Komprise analyzing an organizations entire data domain to optimize data placement, to WekaIO using object storage in the back-end of their file system to store unused blocks, Enrico saw many examples of tiering being used to provide performance, capacity, and scalability at a reasonable price.

Storage Field Day 19 RoundUp

Storage Field Day is our first event of 2020, and we’ve got a packed roster of companies to present. It’s exciting to have a mix of familiar faces like NetApp and Dell EMC presenting with companies new to the event like Tiger Technology and Minio. Enrico Signoretti will be around the delegate table, asking questions and creating dialogue to help make Storage Field the unique event that it is. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, there is the always provocative “secret company” presenting at the event. Be sure to mark your calendar and unravel the mystery with us on the live stream.

Storage Field Day 19 – Vendor Previews

Chris Evans is no stranger to storage. His voice and experience is always welcome around the delegate table, and in this post, he brings both in previewing the presenting companies. He’s looking forward to the second day and hearing about Dell EMC doing deep dives into Isilon, DevOps and PowerOne. There are also a number of new presenters that Chris doesn’t have much background with. These include the DRaaS company Infrascale, the open-source enterprise-class object storage platform from MinIO, and Tiger Technologies. Tiger is competing in the crowded software-defined storage market, so Chris is interested to see how they will differentiate themselves. Western Digital will also be an interesting presentation, as the company has shifted it’s enterprise storage vision. Overall, it sounds like there’s not much Chris isn’t looking forward to at the event.

Storage Field Day 19: Getting Back to My Roots

Gina Rosenthal has extensive history in the storage industry, and we’re thrilled to now have her in the delegate ranks. In this post, she highlights what she’s looking forward to at the event. This includes a debut presentations from Tiger Technology, Infrascale, and Minio, as well as Gina’s second presentation from NetApp. There are many other presenters on tap, so be sure to mark your calendar for the event. We’ll have videos posted soon after the event, so even if you don’t catch the live stream, you can still watch all the storage goodness.

Komprise Continues to Gain Momentum

After hearing from Komprise at Storage Field Day late last year, Dan Frith got to have a deeper conversation with their president and COO Krishna Subramanian. This was based on a new round of funding for the company. For Dan, he still finds their unstructured data management solution to be an under appreciated but vital need for most organizations. Adding features like NAS to NAS migration and deeper analytics only sweetens the deal.

Enable your Data: Komprise

At Storage Field Day late last year, Arjan Timmerman got to see Komprise show off their data management solution. For Arjan, it was important to position this as an important difference between data management and what has become the secondary storage market. What Arjan saw was a very thoughtful software solution that enables organizations to transform their data without disrupting existing hardware or operations.

EP11 – Data Management with Komprise: Transformation without Disruption – with Krishna Subramanian

This episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast digs into one of the presenters from Storage Field Day last year, Komprise. Hosts Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro both attended the event. They’re speaking with Komprise President and COO Krishna Subramanian about how the company helps organizations get the best value out of their file-based storage investments.

Secondary Data and Komprise with Krishna Subramanian by Data Driven Talk

In this episode of Data Driven Talk, host Enrico Signoretti discusses the challenges of secondary data. His guest, founder and COO of Komprise, Krishna Subramanian, discusses the current state of the secondary storage market, what it is, and how best to address it.

Komprise: Data Management Made Easy

Max Mortillaro considers that while data management and secondary storage are big concerns in modern IT, they are far from a solved problem. At Storage Field Day last month, he heard a presentation from Komprise, which seeks to bring a real world focus to data management. Max outlines how they can help slay the serpent de mer traditionally associated with data management.

Komprise Transforming Data Management with Disruption at SFD17

Jeff Powers shares his thoughts on Komprise’s presentation at Storage Field Day last week. They provide a seamless way for organizations to deal with the flood of unstructured data, by providing policy-based controls to sort cold data quickly, using an architecture that provides a way to quickly move this data across tiers when needed.