CyberSense: A Game-Changer in Data Integrity and Security

In his latest article, Lars Trøen discusses CyberSense, a breakthrough solution by Index Engines that’s transforming the way organizations safeguard data integrity and security. Trøen highlights CyberSense’s ability to detect and diagnose corruption caused by cyberattacks, ensuring data recovery efforts are both timely and trustworthy. Emphasizing the need for such advanced forensic tools, his piece positions CyberSense as a game-changer in an era where data resilience has become paramount. Read more in this LinkedIn Pulse article inspired by their Security Field Day presentation.

Enhancing Data Center Security With Zerto’s Cyber Resilience Vault

Zerto is elevating data center security with its pioneering Cyber Resilience Vault, as outlined in Lars Trøen’s LinkedIn article. This safeguarding solution is designed to mitigate the risk of data loss and downtime through robust disaster recovery and continuous data protection capabilities. Emphasizing the importance of cyber resilience in today’s landscape, the vault stands as a testament to Zerto’s commitment to developing cutting-edge security measures for protecting critical infrastructures against emerging threats.

Enhancing Data Protection: The Power of Real-Time Intruder Deception and Detection

In this LinkedIn article by Lars Trøen, the innovative approach to data protection showcased by Commvault at Security Field Day 9 is discussed. The article highlights the incorporation of Metallic Threatwise, a honeypot and deception service, into Commvault’s data protection software system. This integration enables real-time detection of intruders and provides tailored recommendations for deploying honeypots within the network, enhancing organizations’ ability to stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats.

Evolving API Landscape and Ensuring Secure Transitions With the Help of Noname Security

In this LinkedIn post, Lars Trøen reflects on his experience as a remote delegate at Security Field Day. He highlights the importance of API security in the rapidly evolving landscape of application programming interfaces (APIs). Trøen discusses the challenges faced in adapting to changing API standards and emphasizes the significance of making informed decisions and prioritizing web application security. Trøen also highlights the services offered by Noname Security, such as monitoring API calls and providing API testing, to facilitate smooth and secure API transitions.

Lars Trøen

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