Deep Learning Training With Intel Habana Gaudi

In this post, Liselotte Foverskov, a Field Day delegate, gives her insight on the presentation from Habana, an Intel company, at this past AI Field Day. Check out her thoughts on Habana’s developmental focus of disruptive solutions that are shaping the future of AI and Deep Learning.

Feeding AI Hungry Applications Efficiently at Scale

If you’re curious to know more about how DDN achieves AI at scale, take a look at Liselotte’s thoughts here! She attended this past AI Field Day where DDN presented their AI at scale solution that included a customer example from Cerebras. Check out what Liselotte had to say!

Druva – Uber for Data Protection

Druva returned as a presenter with their most recent appearance at Tech Field Day last month. Liselotte Foverskov was a delegate at the event and got a full deep dive of their latest and greatest. This post looks at some of the benefits of the company SaaS data protection solution and how it can be useful to organizations today.

Automation Anywhere: What Did the Bot Eat for Lunch?

Liselotte Foverskov heard from Automation Anywhere while a delegate at Tech Field Day last month. They are a competitor in the fast growing Robotic Process Automation market. They think that their platform will enable anyone to create helpful bots to automate routine tasks, allowing for employees to focus on more creative efforts. In light of a recent visit to the computer history museum, it was a thoughtful presentation.

Tech Field Day 19 – I’m on My Way!

Liselotte Foverskov is returning to Tech Field Day with our event next week. This time around, she’s looking to join in the conversation around the table a little bit more, we can’t wait! In this post, she gives a little preview of what she’s expecting from each of the presenters. We can’t wait to hear her thoughts after the event.

Aviatrix Systems – Simplicity for Cloud Networking

Liselotte Foverskov was excited to hear from Aviatrix at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. They are an early leader in the emerging cloud router market, which Liselotte thinks is vital for organization trying to implement a multi-cloud infrastructure while keeping complexity manageable. Their cloud routers also do more than just simplify connectivity. They also include integrations for visibility and analytics tools like Splunk, SumoLogic, Syslog, ELK and Datadog.

Cloud Field Day 4 – Thoughts from a first time delegate

Liselotte Foverskov highlights some of her favorite moments from her first Cloud Field Day earlier this month. She enjoyed visiting Docker and the SETI Institute, meeting other women in tech, and hearing from some very interesting presenting sponsors. Liselotte also encourages everyone to take the opportunity and apply to be a part of Field Day at some point.

Liselotte Foverskov

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