Lightbits Labs at Cloud Field Day 14 – Storage on Steroids!

Nico Stein attended the most recent Cloud Field Day and took a particular fascination with Lightbits Labs. In this article, he discusses Lightbits open-sourced technology that makes customer usage easier. Take a look here at Nico’s thoughts on this fast running approach!

NVMe Over TCP-Based Disaggregated Cloud Storage With Lightbits Labs

In her post on Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha writes about Lightbits Labs’ presentation at June’s Cloud Field Day where they showcased the Lightbits Cloud Data Platform. This disaggregated storage infrastructure with performance at par is an easy to consume storage solution. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here, or on the Gestalt IT website!

Cloud Field Day 14 – Event Details and Summary

Chris Hayner attended the most recent Cloud Field Day as a delegate! He now gives us a summary of each presentation along with the wide range of use cases that were displayed. Check out here what Chris thought of at this past Cloud Field Day and why multi-cloud is inevitable.

Some Thoughts Following Cloud Field Day 14

In Craig Rodgers latest blog post, he talks about presentations from this past Cloud Field Day, specifically from; Alkira, NetApp, Lightbits Labs, and WEKA. Craig attended Cloud Field Day as a delegate and gives some insight into his previous predications and if they were met by these presenters. He was interested in learning more about hybrid cloud infrastructures, check out which vendor offered something Craig has never seen before!

An Introduction to Cloud Field Day 14

Craig Rodgers will be attending June’s Cloud Field Day as a delegate. In this post, he gives a quick insight to who is presenting at Cloud Field Day and what he is looking forward to the most. Check out his thoughts here!

Preparing for CloudFieldDay 14

Lino Telera, a Field Day delegate, will be attending this June’s Cloud Field Day. In this post he gives an overview of each company that will be presenting and which he is looking forward to seeing the most. Take a look at what he has to say!

Intel and Lightbits Labs Make Storage Optimization Easy

During August’s Storage Field Day presentations, Intel detailed how they have integrated with Lightbits Labs to optimize enterprise IT storage. This post describes the events of the presentation and what the combined technology approach is capable of. Read the piece and watch the Intel + Lightbits presentation for more information.