Storage Field Day 20 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

Dan Frith is a frequent delegate at our Storage Field Day events and never fails to come out of those events with a plethora of thoughts on the presentations he saw. We always appreciate Dan’s hard work in recapping and digging down into so many of the presentations offered at our events. Dan’s latest post highlights the several blog posts he wrote for the latest Storage Field Day, as well as posts from some of his fellow delegates. Many thanks to Dan for giving us his perspective!

Storage Field Day 19 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

It’s always a pleasure to have Dan Frith as a delegate at a Storage Field Day event. Making the trip over from Australia isn’t easy, but lending his keen intellect and unique perspective to the proceedings is always appreciated. In this post, Dan shares links to other posts from the event from his fellow delegates. It’s this sense of greater community that makes Field Day events stand out.