Storage Field Day 15:

In this post, Lino Telera looks at’s presentation from Storage Field Day in March. They presented on their Matrix file system, which is designed for a scale-out and based on commodity hardware.

Storage Field Day 15: Cohesity the solution for secondary data

Lino Telera was at Storage Field Day earlier this year, and got a look at Cohesity’s secondary storage solution. He looks at how their hybrid filesystem, SpanFS, is designed to provide visibility via a global file index of backed up virtual machines.

Storage Field Day 15: Dropbox the high availability in a “pocket”

At Storage Field Day, Lino Telera got to hear from Dropbox. They presented about their Magic Pocket architecture, which allowed them to transition from depending on AWS, saved them $75 million over two years, and increased performance. Lino gives a great overview of the architecture here. Perhaps most surprising to him was the work Dropbox put into optimizing their networking across their entire platform.

Back to Silicon Valley for Storage Field Day 15

Storage Field Day kicks off 2018 in Silicon Valley next week. Lino Telera will be in attendance and a delegate. He’s looking forward to hearing from first time presenters like Huawei and IBM. Make sure to follow along with all the delegates on our live stream, as well as joining the conversation on Twitter with #SFD15.

Cloud Field Day 2 – A lesson learned

Last summer, Lino Telera attended his first Cloud Field Day. While the presenting companies showed off a vast array of products, platforms and solutions, for Lino the overall theme came down to being more dynamic with data across the cloud. He gives his impressions of all the presenters, from HPE’s Nimble Cloud Volumes to Nirmata’s SaaS solution to close the gap between developers and sysadmin.

Highlights from HPEDiscover 2017 Madrid

Lino Telera was at HPE Discover 2017 and share some of his thoughts. He saw their latest solutions around IoT, edge computing, and storage (from their recent Nimble Storage acquisition).

Cloud Field Day2: Hacking the Cloud with HPE Nimble Cloud Volumes

Lino Telera got a look at what HPE is doing post-acquisition with Nimble Storage at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. From this, Lino looks at HPE Nimble Cloud Volumes, which provides the ability to “share” storage resources across cloud providers. He saw this as an important piece for any organization looking to embrace a hybrid cloud deployment.

Cloud Field Day2: The S3 storage under control with Scality

Scality presented at Cloud Field Day this summer. Lino Telera reviews what he saw at their presentation, looking at their software-defined storage solution that provides a scale-out filesystem that can access and move data across multi-cloud deployments.

Cloud Field Day2: Integrating with ServiceNow

Lino Telera gives an in-depth overview of what ServiceNow presented at Cloud Field Day last month. The company offers dedicated PaaS for enterprise customers, focused on providing integration of disparate legacy systems. He really appreciates that the company gives organizations the ability to sandbox POCs without pushing sales in their Developer Program. Lino even played around with it using a basic Jakarta instance.

Cloud Field Day 2 – “Going Forward” with Rubrik

Lino Telera says, “the ability to protect data across cloud systems and instant recovery SQL server represent the coolest parts” of Rubrik’s Cloud Field Day presentation. Lino goes on to discuss Rubrik’s history and purpose as well as elaborate on those topics. He also calls Rubrik a “protection platform for all seasons,” both in normalcy and in disaster. Lino is excited by what Rubrik is doing, but sees many improvements that could be made in the future.

Cloud Field Day 2– DevOps agility with Nirmata

Lino Telera discusses Nirmata’s Cloud Field Day presentation as well as his own tests of their product. Lino, as others have, calls Nirmata an “orchestrator of orchestrators” and mentions that Nirmata’s integration with Kubernetes is great for devops. He sees Nirmata’s product as easy to use with excellent support and is interested in where they will go in the future.

Cloud Field Day 2: Preparing to rock!

Preparing for Cloud Field Day, Lino Telera outlines what he’s looking forward to at the event. He focuses on HPE Nimble Storage’s multicloud storage, ServiceNow’s approach to providing tools for compliance during task execution without impacts, and Gigamon’s network monitoring tactics.

Half 2017 in community with VMTN, VMworld 2017 and TechFieldDay

Lino Telera joined us as a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2016. He’s been keeping up to date with our past events, and wrote up some thoughts on the past two Tech Field Day events. Lino also gives a preview of VMworld 2017. He’ll be in attendance, and see the show moving to embrace greater industry trends of Big Data and IoT.

2016 between container, hyper-convergence, cloud and bigdata

Did you bite a poison apple and fall into a deep sleep for most of 2016? Then Lino Telera has the catchup post for you. He has a comprehensive look at what transpired in tech last year. He starts by touching on the consumer space, with a move to portability and lower power requirements. He then moves on to cover the major moves from VMware, the implications of cloud native applications, the state of SAN in the enterprise, containerization, and the Internet of Things. If you were in a mystical sleep for the year, you might want to check on some of the other news, but Lino has you covered for enterprise tech!

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2016 Europe – Nimble Storage

After attending Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld Europe in October, Lino Telera gives an overview of Nimble Storage’s presentation. Nimble Storage’s application specific approach to storage creates profiles for each application, which define the application policy for the hypervisor or OS. All this matches with Lino’s view: Application is the king!

Il Tech Field Day

Il Tech Field Day

TFDx Extra VMworld 2016 Europe – Network Monitoring With PRTG

TFDx Extra VMworld 2016 Europe – Network Monitoring With PRTG

VMworld 2016 TFDx… Surprises are not ending!

VMworld 2016 TFDx… Surprises are not ending!

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