Easy, Verified M&A With Forward Networks

Forward Networks can ease the process of integrating networks after a merger or acquisition, regardless of the platforms or deployments. The company builds a digital twin of an environment and collects information to model the network and provide comparison capabilities between points in time, ensuring better observability and pinpointing changes in the environment. Forward Networks supports data collection from all major cloud providers and most network security device manufacturers, which ensures path observability from end to end in multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud-only, and on-premises-only deployments, while its Network Query Engine allows for positive or negative verification of intent. In this article, sponsored by Forward Networks, Remington Loose provides a look at this unique aspect of their solution.

DellEMC SmartFabric Director

With Dell EMC’s SmartFabric Director, Remington Loose sees the company tightening its focus on VMware and NSX-T fabrics. Based on what he saw at Networking Field Day, the new tool seems to meet all the major needs for a fabric. While relatively versatile, he thinks it makes the most sense putting NSX-T on top.

Aruba’s SD-Branch Part #1: Solution Components

Remington Loose got to hear from Aruba as a delegate at Networking Field Day. They went into details about the latest for their SD-Branch offering, something that Remington wasn’t too familiar with it. From their basic summation that SD-Branch= SD-WAN + SD-LAN, Remington digs into the technical details about what makes it stand out.

Remington Loose

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