Cloud Field Day 6: LucidLink

Lino Telera is no stranger to Cloud Field Day, so it was great to have him at our latest event. In this post, he reviews and tests what he heard from LucidLink at the event. They showed off their solution for high performance object storage across teams, and Lino’s initial testing backed that up.

LucidLink’s Clearly Different Approach to Object Storage

We have seen a few products crop up over the years that attempt enable use of object storage in nontraditional ways. These solutions usually use a VM or appliance that acts as a gateway or cache. While this type of approach is useful for certain use cases, it is not necessarily optimal for all. It is particularly ill-suited for the mobile and geographically dispersed workforces previously mentioned. Recently at Cloud Field Day 6, we heard about a new approach to leveraging object storage in the enterprise from LucidLink.

LucidLink Filespaces: It’s Object Storage but Not as You Know It

Object storage is known for being cheap and durable, but not really made to act as a file system. That’s why Ather Beg found LucidLinks’ presentation at Cloud Field Day so interesting. They showed off LucidLink Filespaces, a cloud-based file system that is built exclusively for object-based storage. He’s intrigued how the company separated metadata from the data itself and factored in the availability of reliable high-speed connectivity to bridge this gap and create this solution that provides global file systems access with the durability and cost-effectiveness of object storage.

Silicon Valley Goes Multi-Cloud

Kati Lehmuskoski joined us as a delegate at Cloud Field Day and saw two general focuses from the presenting companies: multi-cloud operations and data security. In this post, she breaks down what impressed her from each presentation, from solving data challenges with Hammerspace and LucidLink, to the DevOps automation solutions from Morpheus Data, and’s impressive CEO.

Lucid Link CFD6 – Hot Take

Another mobile file system? Keith Townsend thought he was going to see a familiar song and dance from Lucid Link at Cloud Field Day. But he was pleasently surprised to see a truly different solution, with block storage served on top of S3 object storage, with a global file system distributed among clients. They had a very interesting demo, so be sure to check out their full event video coverage.

Lucidlink | What’s the New Economy of Cloud Data Access?

In this post, Lucidlink previews their Cloud Field Day presentation, talking about how they offer a cloud native approach to remote data access, rather than simply moving on-premises solutions into the cloud. Be sure to check out their presentation video for the full deep dive.

Cloud Field Day (#CFD6): A Heads-Up – Ather Beg’s Useful Thoughts

If you’re about to dive into the presentations and live stream for Cloud Field Day cold, you might want to stop and check out this post from Ather Beg. He gives a quick, concise, but comprehensive look at each of the presenting companies. He’s looking at what they do, what should be interesting about their presentation, and what they’ve shown off at Field Day in the past.

Cloud Field Day 6 Prep – Lucidlink and ExtraHop

Drinking from the IT fire hose at an event like Cloud Field Day can be overwhelming at first glance. It’s a lot of information to take in, even when viewing remotely. Luckily many of the delegates do their homework and post previews of what to expect. In this post, Ned Bellavance wrote up some background and what he expects to see from Lucidlink and ExtraHop. Be sure to check it out before watching their presentations.

LucidLink Is Proud to Be Presenting at Cloud Tech Field Day 6

LucidLink is presenting at Cloud Field Day, and in this piece previews what to expect at the event. They’ll have CEO Peter Thompson and CTO George Dochev at the presentation, so the delegates will get to hear directly from the top what the company is offering. They’ll be talking about their Filespaces architecture, which offers high-performance cloud-native file service. This post has some additional resources, so be sure to read up before getting into their presentation.

Preparing for CloudFieldDay6: Morpheus, LucidLink, HashiCorp

Lino Telera is getting ready to be a delegate at Cloud Field Day next month. In this post, he takes a look at what to expect from Morpheus, LucidLink, and HashiCorp. Be sure to catch the live stream, September 25-27, to get the technical deep dive from all of them!