Why Wyebot?

Mae Lessard attended Mobility Field Day this past October and is now asking you, why to Wyebot? Wyebot presented on their Wyebot sensor solution that is used as a client device for certain tests, but not as an AP. She goes into detail on how this sensor works and will now go on about its bells and whistles. Check out Mae’s thoughts here!

MFD Series: Cisco’s Modular Approach for WLCs

Manon Lessard heard extensively from Cisco at Mobility Field Day. She focused on their IoT and wireless offerings in this post. At the event, they detailed their Catalyst 9800 series of controllers, all running on IOS XE. Because this code base is modular, different system components can be updated, allowing admins more control and stability, which hopefully means they update more often.

Dreams, Hopes and Expectations on the Way to MFD4

Manon Lessard is at Mobility Field Day this week, her first time participating in the event as a delegate. In this post, she runs down how she got introduced to the Field Day events and community. It started by listening to the Packet Pushers podcast, and proceeded down a rabbit hole of blogs and other IT content. She runs down the presenters and technology she’s looking forward to seeing at the event. We can’t wait to hear her thoughts after she drinks from the Mobility Field Day fire hose!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Manon (“Mae”) Lessard

Mae Lessard is coming to Mobility Field Day next week, so we decided to get to know her a little better. In this Meet the Delegates interview, we asked her how she got into IT, what she does in her free time, where she sees the industry heading, and more.

Manon Lessard

CWNE #275 and CCNP R&S, I am a network admin who’s all about Wi-Fi first and foremost.