Mist Access Assurance – Mist Cloud NAC Configuration

Writing at ArtofRF, Mohammad Ali discusses Juniper’s cloud NAC solution providing Access Assurance usability without assistance or hand-holding. The article guides the reader through configuring the system with Okta Directory, using EAP-TTLS, and provided visuals on how the flow process works. Ali concluded by sharing his successful experience with setting up EAP-TTLS and EAP-TLS SSIDs in about 4 hours, venerating the cloud NAC solution’s integration with the Mist Dashboard, Geo-redundancy, and resiliency.

Navigating Arista CV-CUE

This article by Mohammad Ali provides an in-depth look into Arista Networks’ user interface, with a focus on AGNI, UPSK (WPA3), WIPS, and MFR. Exploring the product after Mobility Field Day, Ali covers the navigation system and the primary features, such as Wi-Fi Device Registration and Packets. With step-by-step explanations and screen shots, the author provides valuable insight into the Arista CV-CUE system, from configuring areas like CV-CUE Hierarchy, Folders and Floors, Moving Access Points to understanding the concept of “Groups”.

Arista AP-W318 – What’s in a Box

Arista recently unveiled their AP-W318 hospitality wall-plate AP, and this article by Mohammad Ali provides insight into the box contents and capabilities of their hardware. With support for 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz Wi-Fi, the AP-W318 offers dependable wireless connectivity. Visit the link for more details and to engage in further discussions about this access point.

Nile Promises True NaaS

Ali was intrigued to learn more about Nile and their Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) offering after seeing them featured at Networking Field Day. Their service includes features like identity-based access, secure hardware encryption, and micro-segmentation. While there are still some aspects he’d like to see, overall, Nile presents a fresh approach to NaaS that could benefit various industries.

MFD9 – Arista Lights Up Their Session With AGNI

At Mobility Field Day 9, Arista presented their Cognitive Campus architecture, including Arista Guardian for Network Identity (AGNI), which offers a cloud NAC solution that provides all the features of a modern architecture while maintaining scalability and security with multi-vendor support. Arista also announced UPSK, which can isolate clients or mark a shared resource, and a WIPS solution that uses different frames to force a target client to disconnect from an unauthorized WPA3 SSID using the multi-function radio integrated into all the Arista access points. Read this article by Mohammad Ali to learn more.

Juniper Unveils Cloud-Native NAC

Mohammad Ali discusses Juniper Networks’ Mist Access Assurance, which was unveiled during Mobility Field Day 9, addressing the complexities associated with NAC solutions by moving it to the cloud, where organizations can simplify the creation and management of authentication policies. The solution also offers prompt identification of issues, allowing helpdesk teams to troubleshoot problems quickly. In addition, the Mist AP24 low-cost access point, which supports tri-band and is small-form-factor, has been added to Juniper Mist’s AP portfolio.

Mobility Field Day 9 – Quick Recap

Mohammad Ali shares his thoughts on Mobility Field Day 9, which featured presentations and discussions from vendors and delegates from different parts of the world. Juniper Networks, Fortinet, Arista, Cisco, Celona, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks made significant announcements around cloud NAC, access assurance, analytics, IoT, Wi-Fi 7, security, and more. The event also included a roundtable discussion on the challenges of moving services to the cloud, providing a platform for delegates to discuss the impact and challenges of the new technology trends.

My First MFD Experience – Part 2

First time delegate, Ali, gives us a great recap on presentations from Arista Networks, Ventev, and Wyebot at the most recent Mobility Field Day. He starts off discussing Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Program, then deep dives into Arista Networks’ switch and ends his post discussing Ventev’s solutions that compliments wireless deployments. Take a look here at Ali’s thoughts for more from Mobility Field Day.

My First MFD Experience – Part 1

Are you interested in what a Tech Field Day event looks like? In his latest post, Ali talks goes into detail, not only on the Mobility Field Day presentations from October, but provides a great breakdown of his experience behind the scenes at Mobility Field Day. He talks about each day in detail, starting at breakfast and ending with dinner. Check out Ali’s thoughts here and let us know if you would like to join in on the fun of Tech Field Day!

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