It’s an Edge-Y NUC World

Mark Houtz had the opportunity to attend the first Edge Field Day where he heard from Scale Computing, Avassa Systems, Mako Networks, Opengear, and more. One topic that stood out was the use of Intel NUCs in edge deployments. While Intel has decided to exit the PC business, other vendors like Simply NUC are stepping in to continue the NUC legacy. Read more about Mark’s experiences at Edge Field Day and thoughts about the demise of the NUC.

CBRS, Accessing Layer 2 Behind a CPE

Mark Houtz attended October’s Mobility Field Day as a delegate and is now reflecting on Arista’s presentation. Before their presentation, Mark had questions on their VXLAN, a standard base for tunneling their Aps and Switches for Segmentation and was pleasantly surprised with that they had to show for during the presentation. Check out his thoughts here!

CBRS Inno-Ventev-Ation at MFD8

After watching Ventev present at Mobility Field Day Mark Houtz provides some insight on Ventev’s applications for CBRS and their quest for remote tower sites. Be sure to check out all of the presentations from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Why Wyebot? Why Do We Need Them?

Mark Houtz joined us in Silicon Valley for yet another Mobility Field Day this past October and enjoyed the presentation from Wyebot. Wyebot presented on their sensor that is completely passive for monitoring your Wifi network. Mark says, “I see a huge benefit to using an overlay sensor network for measuring a Wifi network.” Check out more from Mark and visit the Tech Field Day website from all videos from Wyebot at Mobility Field Day.

5G NSA Discovery With LTE PCAPs

Check out what one of our newest delegates, Mark Houtz, has to say after being apart of the latest Mobility Field Day event in October. You can find all the videos from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Mark Houtz

Senior Network Engineer with a passion for Private LTE/5G and Wifi networks for Education and Business

CBRS and Starlink, Private LTE in the Wild

Mark Houtz tuned into Mobility Field Day and saw his friends at Celona presenting on deploying a CBRS network. Houtz dives deep into the world of CBRS and Starlink, their symbiotic relationship, and their potential to change the game for on-the-go internet connectivity. Houtz jumped at the opportunity to test out Private LTE in the CBRS Bands with Starlink. If you’re looking to cover larger areas, and Starlink is your only option, Houtz recommends Starlink and CBRS together to expand network connection. For people with little to no access to internet, and who are unable to afford fiber networks, a CBRS Fixed Wireless setup could be an appropriate solution. Check out the rest of his thoughts on