CFD19 – Get Dollars Back in Your Pocket With EKS Optimisation

With many Kubernetes clusters running at utilization levels of 30% or less, Platform9 emerges as a cost-saving champion, offering strategies to improve efficiency and reduce wastage in EKS clusters. Platform9’s mission to democratize cloud computing was highlighted at Cloud Field Day 19, where Matt Allford learned about their new Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) offering, a tool designed to optimize compute utilization and potentially halve cloud costs. EMP offers seamless integration with EKS, promising minimal disruption, while Platform9’s business model aligns their profits with customer savings, creating a shared incentive to reduce cloud spend effectively.

CFD19 – Accelerating Data Analytics With NeuroBlade

Kicking off Cloud Field Day 19, NeuroBlade made a strong impression on Matt Allford, touting their ambition to become “the NVIDIA of Data Analytics” since their inception in 2018. With hefty funding and a growing team, NeuroBlade’s SQL Processing Unit (SPU) addresses the scaling challenges posed by the exponential growth of data, promising a hardware solution tightly integrated within analytics ecosystems like Spark and Presto. The session not only showcased NeuroBlade’s potential to enhance performance in data-rich environments, but also sparked a lively discussion on the broader implications for both on-premise and cloud-based data analytics infrastructures.

A True Private Cloud With SoftIron

While the cloud has its advantages, the notion of on-premises infrastructure regaining its appeal cannot be ignored, as SoftIron emphasizes at Cloud Field Day 19 with their HyperCloud solution. SoftIron’s product promises a true private cloud experience with a focus on simplification and fully integrated hardware and software, designed and manufactured in-house, catering especially to heavily regulated sectors. If you’re evaluating a transition to or revitalization of your on-premises environment, HyperCloud might just offer that seamless, tear-free operability and management you’ve been seeking, melding the advantages of both on-prem and public cloud paradigms. Read more in this article by Field Day delegate Matt Allford.

CFD19 – Going From Ground to Cloud and Back With Dell

Cloud Field Day 19’s second day commenced at Dell’s Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara, unveiling the multi-cloud orchestration capabilities of Dell’s APEX platform, particularly highlighting APEX Console and Navigator for managing multicloud storage. Dell’s APEX Block Storage offers novel choices for extreme performance and hybrid cloud mobility, either through marketplace procurement or direct purchase options. Important insights emerged around the simplicity of deploying APEX solutions and APEX Cloud Platform’s potential to streamline on-prem “private cloud” operations, demonstrating Dell’s commitment to simplifying cloud-to-ground integration for administrators. Learn more in this article by Field Day delegate Matt Allford.

Elevating Cloud SOC by Leveraging Fortinet’s Automation and Intelligence

Fortinet’s presentation at Cloud Field Day highlighted its commitment to evolving Security Operations Centers (SOCs) through automation and intelligence, exemplified by their flagship FortiSOAR solution. Designed to predict and prevent attacks proactively, FortiSOAR simplifies playbook creation with a no-code, drag-and-drop interface and integrates seamlessly with over 500 tools. The solution’s capacity to scale security operations by automating decision-making and incident response positions FortiSOAR as a transformative force for SOCs to become more agile and efficient in the face of complex cyber threats.

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – Runecast

Matt Allford heard from Runecast at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018. This provided Matt with more detail about their proactive VMware management solution, and the specific updates with Runecast 2.0, including a new UI, updated virtual appliance, and historical data reports.

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – Jetstream Software

Matt Allford attended some of our Tech Field Day presentation from VMworld US 2018, including a launch presentation from JetStream Software. The company uses VMware IO filter APIs to get workload on the platform without using snapshots. The company offers JetStream Accelerate, JetStream Migrate and JetStream Data protection. Matt was really intrigued by the Migrate solution, and hopes to get a deeper dive from the company soon.

VMworld 2018 Is Around The Corner

Matt Allford will be joining the other delegates out in the desert for Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018. Matt is a new delegate, but not new to Tech Field Day. When a change in employment caused Matt to become more familiar with VMware and the community around the company, he discovered our library of video content and began diving in. It’s great to have Matt along, keep an eye out for coverage from the event!

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