TFDx With AMD: More Than Just a Bag of Chips! (Part2)

AMD presented their VMware Architecture Migration Tool (VAMT), a VM migration and disaster recovery toolkit developed in partnership with VMware. The open-source tool, initially designed to automate the replatforming of VMs to AMD EPYC, also supports any migration between x86-to-x86 architecture, making it valuable for disaster recovery and general data resilience strategy. The tool’s key features include the automation of powering up and down of VMs, their movement to new locations, and clean-up after migration, thereby streamlining migration tasks and ensuring efficient applications functioning. In this article, Matt Tyrer shares his impression of VAMT following their Tech Field Day presentation at VMware Explore 2023.

TFDx With AMD: More Than Just a Bag of Chips!

Matt Tyrer attended the Tech Field Day Extra presentations at VMware Explore, and discusses AMD’s latest developments in AI and sustainability. The company is focusing on finding a balance between meeting the heavy compute demands of AI and other emerging technologies while maintaining sustainability and efficiency. With their latest generation of EPYC processors, AMD is striving to deliver high-level performance while reducing the resource consumption required to support it.

Matt Tyrer

A veteran of the datacenter, Matt’s areas of expertise are data protection, cyber resilience, cloud, and all things data.