Building AI Data Platforms With WEKA

Matyáš Prokop in his latest LinkedIn article highlights the importance of high-performance storage in the AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) context, addressing the challenge of storage inadequacies that often hamper optimal operational performance. He spotlights the WEKA solution, an innovative approach that utilizes NVMe storage in various cloud environments to greatly improve I/O operations. Prokop underlines the cost-effectiveness, improved scalability, flexibility, and overall performance enhancement this solution offers, emphasizing the need for companies to reassess their storage solutions as AI/ML operations grow more complex.

Building AI Data Platforms With WEKA

Matyáš Prokop examines the development of AI data platforms in this LinkedIn article, documenting WEKA’s advancements. Focusing on aiding data scientists, WEKA builds user-friendly platforms, allowing data scientists to focus on data science work rather than infrastructure management. Prokop emphasizes WEKA’s ability to streamline the data handling process, reducing the need for complex IT infrastructure architecture or manual data management.

Cloud Tech Field Day – Day 0

Matyáš Prokop shares his pre-event exploration of Silicon Valley and meeting with other companies ahead of Cloud Tech Field Day. He met with Spectro Cloud’s CTO, Saad Malik, and CEO, Tenry Fu, about funding challenges startups face and the innovative products they’re working on, including their work with Kubernetes on the edge, as well as Charlie Giancarlo from Pure Storage. The day concluded with a gathering led by Stephen Foskett, featuring Tech Field Day delegates, providing an exciting anticipation for the upcoming event.

Matyáš Prokop

Technology Director at Natilik focusing on Multi-Cloud and DevOps. Open-Source, Automation and Hot Sauce advocate.