Copy Data Management has a new player

Matt Leib got to get an inside look at Dell EMC’s new IDPA and DPS offerings. This opportunity gave deep insight into the Data Protection Appliance market, making it all that more interesting. Matt found his Tech Field Day delegate experience to be vital in cutting through company FUD. Even after all that, he still found what Dell EMC is doing to be impressive.

RuneCast presents @ #TFDx VMworld 2018

It’s always a pleasure to have Matt Leib at an event, and we most recently had him attend a Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld presentation from Runecast. He got a deep dive on Runecast analyzer, which is easy to install and connect into vCenter, providing analysis of authorized sources, while still keeping within compliance guidelines.

Cloud Proximate Data Storage

Matt Leib talks about what he calls Cloud Proximate Data Storage, where major storage vendors leverage locationally close datacenters to mitigate the cost of moving data. Matt goes on to discuss the solutions presented at Storage Field Day 16 as well as PureAccelerate such as Infinidat’s Neutrix, products from PureStorage, and HPE’s Cloud Volumes/CloudBank.

Infinidat, and #SFD16 – Data Is the New Currency

Matt Leib covers the technology behind Infinidat discussed at their Storage Field Day 16 presentation. He also covers another proximate data architecture from Infinidat called Neutrix, which he hopes could mitigate a lot of the problems inherent in storing data on major cloud providers.

NetApp Addresses key Analytics to the #SFD16 audience

Matt Leib recalls NetApp’s presentation about OnCommand Insight from Storage Field Day 16. Matt sees OCI as a very interesting approach toward the monitoring and troubleshooting of NetApp environments. He also praises OCI’s full integration with ServiceNow, on the CMDB, as well as chargeback, orchestration, and ticketing made possible by a fully programmable Restful API.

Nasuni presents at #SFD16

Nasuni presented at Storage Field Day last week. Matt Leib thinks the company hasn’t strayed too far from their roots as a “Big File Server,” and that’s a good thing. Offering a largely scalable, file-based services for the enterprise, with scalability based on namespace is more relevant than ever. Matt looks at their Universal File System, and how it enables many of the features he saw during the presentation.

SNIA and Dr. J. Metz talk NVMeOF at #SFD16

Matt Leib reflects on SNIA’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation, highlighting J Metz’s presentation and explanation of NVMeOF. He focuses in on how NVMeOF is made to optimize the stack and remove some of the barriers inherent to the SCSI protocol.

#SFD13 and X-IO

At Storage Field Day, Matt Leib got reacquainted with X-IO. He was a fan of the company since they were a pioneer in the early days of all-flash arrays. At the event, Matt saw details of their Axellio edge computing platform. The post reviews why the platform isn’t so much designed for Big Data, but rather “Big Fast Data”.

Pure Storage Accelerate/Storage Field Day 13 – PreFlight

Matt Leib has made sure his seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright positions, and he’s ready to take off for a full week of events next week. He’ll be at a Tech Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate 2017, then heading for a full slate of presentations at Storage Field Day. Make sure to check back for live streaming and full video after the events!

Open19 Brings a new build paradigm to HyperScale Buildouts

At Storage Field Day, Excelero gave some of their presentation time to Open19, an project from LinkedIn to standardize and speed data center deployment. Using a Lego like approach to speed plugin time, their technical specifications allow for delivery of a rack of components in as little as two hours, down from an estimated eight. While this approach might not fit data centers with a lot of legacy equipment, Matt seems to like it for new build outs. Make sure to check out Matt’s piece and their video from the event for more specifics.

Excelero achieves amazing stats at #SFD12

Matt Leib got to see Excelero’s debut at Storage Field Day last month. It’s a presentation that’s gotten a lot of the delegates excited, and Matt is certainly no exception. Their storage solution allows you to access disks in a storage array via their own RDDA, essentially NVME over Fabric. This makes the overhead for disk access negligible. Using commodity networking, this essentially allows the NVMe drives to effortlessly scale. The company demoed getting millions of Iops with minimal latency on hardware costing less than $15,000. Matt summed the presentation up by calling it “[a]stounding technology”.

Nimble’s InfoSight – An #SFD12 Follow-up

Matt Leib reviews what he saw from Nimble Storage at last month’s Storage Field Day. He goes into what he really liked about their InfoSight solution. This allows collect information across environments and send it to a secure collective database. This allows you to quickly cross reference anomalies across environments to better diagnose problems. Overall, Matt came away really impressed.

Netapp – an #SFD12 Update

When a company with NetApp’s extensive history and portfolio presents at Storage Field Day, sometimes you don’t know what to expect. Matt Leib certainly found a lot to like from their presentation earlier this month. He got a glimpse into how the company is proceeding in light of the SolidFire acquisition, and remained impressed by their approach. The company has managed to integrate the company without quashing its consistent innovation, always a challenge for a large company like NetApp. Matt saw this innovative spirit actually flowing back into some of NetApp’s new and updated solutions.

A new approach to seeing your Virtual Environment health

A new approach to seeing your Virtual Environment health

Reflections on Tech Field Day

Reflections on Tech Field Day

Copy Data Protection

Copy Data Protection

Databases vSphere and vSAN

Databases, vSphere and vSAN

NetApp’s approach to Data as Fabric

NetApp’s approach to Data as Fabric

Intel, Storage, Bitrot, and Cosmic Rays

Intel, Storage, Bitrot, and Cosmic Rays

Plexistor – More hope on the horizon for Large In-Memory databases

Plexistor – More hope on the horizon for Large In-Memory databases