Unleashing the Power of CXL: A New Era of Server Architecture

The latest Tech Doodle by Barry Coombs is a deep dive into the world of server architecture and how the CXL technology is unleashing its power. Barry discusses the benefits of the CXL technology and how it can lead to significantly improved performance in data processing. This article provides a wealth of information for IT professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve on the latest technological innovations.

Tech Field Day Doodle: MemVerge, Astera Labs, Xconn, and CXL

Astera Labs, MemVerge, and Xconn are making CXL happen! Check out the highlights from Tech Field Day in Barry Coombs’ Tech Doodle, or watch the presentations on the Tech Field Day YouTube Channel.

CXL Enabled Memory Innovation With Memverge

Allyson Klein, the host of TechArena, talks to Charles Fan (founder and CEO of MemVerge) about his company’s innovative strategy to overcome the memory constraints in data centers. They also discuss how the adoption of the CXL standard can drive innovation in infrastructure. Listen to the full podcast on Allyson’s website.

Tech Field Day Doodle: MemVerge and CXL

The Doodle Guy is back with his doodle on Day one of Tech Field Day in March. Barry Coombs doodles about MemVerge’s latest Tech Field Day presentation and Siamek Tavallaei’s presentation on CXL. Check it out on his Twitter!

CXL: Composable Infrastructure’s Missing Link

“CXL probably isn’t for every configuration, especially anything other than top, high-end compute systems. But it’s no hoax. It ain’t the Piltdown Man.” Andy Banta gives an entertaining explanation of CXL, the history, the current, and his thoughts on where it’s going. Read his full thoughts on his website.

Implementing CXL With MemVerge

Sulagna Saha talks about CXL solutions, MemoryViewer and Memory Machine from the house of MemVerge. Read her article at Gestalt IT, or watch the demo of the solutions from the recent Tech Field Day event on the Tech Field Day Youtube channel.

Looking Forward to Tech Field Day 27

Get a sneak peek on what’s happening at the latest Tech Field Day, March 8-9! We will have presentations from Kentik, MemVerge, and Men&Mice, as well as a special presentation on the CXL Consortium. Check out Stephen Foskett’s video on what to expect on Gestalt IT’s website.

Tech Field Day 26- Recap- Part 1

In his latest post, Girard Kavelines gives us a great recap on Day 1 of October’s Tech Field Day. All delegates visited the OCP Summit where Micron, and other companies like MemVerge and Broadcom, delivered their CXL forum presentations. Girard says “Micron never fails to deliver” because they play a huge role in bringing Summit to life! Check out more thoughts from Girard here on CXL.

The Promise and Limitations of Cloud Mobility

At this past Cloud Field Day, MemVerge CEO and co-founder, Dr. Charles Fan, introduced the company’s AppCapsule, which can manage cache-coherency and address perceived “Big Memory Cloud Fault Tolerance” issues. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha gives her thoughts on Big Memory Cloud and the built in SpotOn, which identifies Spot terminations, and mitigates ramifications with insight to how this can affect migrations. Check out Sulagna’s thought’s here!

State of the Cloud

Check out the latest State of the Cloud interview featuring Gestalt It’s Stephen Foskett and Field Day delegate Matt Leib. They discuss the observations made at Cloud Field Day in November 2021 while talking about containerization and container orchestration as the next-generation platform for enterprise application.

GaiaX, the Cost of Data Breach, Lieferengpässe

In early November, MemVerge unveiled their Big Memory Cloud at Cloud Field Day! Kerstin Stief, a field day delegate, explains the heart of the system, the Memory Machine Cloud Edition, which can create an in-memory snapshot of a single application. Check out Kerstin’s thoughts on MemVerge here!

MemVerge Big Memory Cloud

Nico Stein attended November’s Cloud Field Day as a delegate in San Jose, California for the first hybrid Field Day event since the pandemic began. He took special interest into the Memory Machine Cloud Edition that MemVerge presented! Nico first learned about MemVerge and their Memory Machine at a past Tech Field Day event and was excited to see what more they had for him. Check out his thoughts here!

MemVerge Launches Big Memory Cloud

MemVerge has some very big ideas around taking the “software defined” concept to memory, allowing advanced optimizations and flexibility of instance memory usage. Jim Jones attended November’s Cloud Field Day as a delegate and took special interest into what MemVerge had to offer with their Big Memory Cloud announcement. Check out why Jim is looking forward to see what this can bring to providers in the future!

MemVerge at Cloud Field Day 12

There is a big chance that MemVerge will make a huge impact in the next five years with their new AppCapsule technology solution. Ned Bellavance, a delegate from November’s Cloud Field Day, has his mind buzzing from MemVerge’s presentation. Check out the developing product on Ned’s recent podcast on spotify!

Cloud Field Day Returns November 3-5, 2021

It’s that time of year again. Cloud Field Day returns to Silicon Valley from November 3 through November 5, 2021.

Enabling Efficient Big Memory for AI and Other Operations With MemVerge

This blog covers the presentation by MemVerge at May’s AI Field Day event. Their Big Memory Workbench cuts down on the extensive I/O toll that built-out physical big memory systems inherently require. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch MemVerge’s appearance for deeper technical break downs.

MemVerge Introduces Big Memory at Tech Field Day

Last December, MemVerge introduced the concept of Big Memory at Tech Field Day. This term covers data sets that operate in-memory but require more capacity than conventional infrastructure can provide. MemVerge developed Memory Machine, which aims to solve the issue with Big Memory and looks to significantly expand available memory by combining software with Intel Optane storage. To learn more about MemVerge’s Memory Machine platform, check out the videos from Tech Field Day on our website!

MemVerge Is Amazing

Justin Warren was a delegate at Tech Field Day in December and had the opportunity to see MemVerge’s presentation. Justin follows the event with an analysis of MemVerge’s capabilities. He points out that MemVerge not only makes it possible to use Intel’s Optane persistent memory with existing applications without rewriting them, but it also operates on memory for computers that don’t have Optane. For more of Justin’s thoughts, visit his blog!

Architecting AI Infrastructure

As a delegate at the first ever AI Field Day earlier this year, Gina Rosenthal helped to pioneer Tech Field Day into a new topic area! On 24×7 IT Connection, she writes about several the presenters she saw including BrainChip, Red Hat, Intel, MemVerge, and VAST Data. Gina notes that with the pool of professionals building AI infrastructures growing, there is an increased need for education around architecting those infrastructures. Our thanks to Gina for being on the delegate panel at AI Field Day, we hope you check out her deep dive!

MemVerge Presents at #TFD22

Writing for his blog, Tech Field Day delegate Matt Leib details his interactions with MemVerge including the most recent field day event and a great podcast recording. Matt writes that he’s excited about the direction that MemVerge is trailblazing and that they are successfully leveraging the recent developments with Intel’s PMEM storage system to find a unique place in the market. Like Matt, we’re excited about the Memory Machine and where MemVerge will take it! For more information, be sure to check out the MemVerge presentations from Tech Field Day on our website!