Creating 5G Connected Experiences at Cisco Live Tech Field Day Extra With Cisco Meraki

In this article, Martin Duggan gives his thoughts on the Meraki presentation, where they unveiled the new 5G MG51 & MG51E Cellular Gateways. Read the full article on Gestalt IT’s website, and watch the full presentation on Youtube.

Cisco Meraki and Catalyst Integration: One Step Closer to Disaggregation?

It was great to have Jody Lemoine back at the most recent Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live this year! After seeing Cisco present on Meraki and Catalyst Integration, Jody felt compelled to write about Network disaggregation. Check out his thoughts on his website, Whispers in the Wires, and be sure to also check out all the videos from our event at Cisco Live this year!

Delivering Enhanced Network Experience With the Cisco Meraki Cloud Platform

At this past Tech Field Day Exclusive with Cisco, the Cisco Meraki team delivered the Meraki Cloud Platform. Sulagna Saha talks about the speed, availability and reliability of this platform through adoption of a new architecture that is designed to reduce complexity and enhance productivity. Check out her thoughts here!

My Recap From Cisco’s TechField Day Session (Mar 16th-17th, 2022)

Charles Uneze tuned into this past Tech Field Exclusive with Cisco. In this post he talks about all the new technology that Cisco presented on over the two-day event. Check out his thoughts here!

Tech Field Day 24 – Opening Cans of Worms at the Ultra Reliable Smart Edge

WirelessNerd Drew Lentz covers his opinions after watching the recent Tech Field Day event as a delegate in this post. Touching on all four presentations, Lentz explains his takeaways from each one. Read the post for more info!

Meraki Pushes Proactive Troubleshooting at Tech Field Day

Keith Ward of Actual Tech Media shares his thoughts on the technologies coming out of Cisco Meraki, which he witnessed as a delegate during September’s Tech Field Day event. This piece explains their Intelligent RCA product and what it means for today’s IT organizations. Learn more by reading this post, or by watching Meraki’s recorded presentations.

Microsegmentation With Meraki Adaptive Policies

When it comes to networking and user based security policies in a Cisco environment, a lot of people will immediately point to Cisco ISE and its process of creating policies based on a wide range of factors. Now when you think of Meraki, a lot of people still have the mindset that Meraki is built around simple network management and easy of deployment, which it is. They look to other Cisco products for the larger scale, more in depth, and customizable security features. That is a view that a lot of “old-school” engineers still keep. Meraki is now once again pushing boundaries and bridging the gap, bringing their product forward as a true enterprise option. This post by Kevin Blackburn breaks down the details of Meraki Adaptive Policies, which the company is using to make sure they are a viable enterprise option for the more security minded environments. Kevin recently heard from Meraki at the Tech Field Day Cisco Live Virtual Experience, so he has details on all their latest.

Meraki Health – Your Wireless User Watchguard

Troubleshooting is an inevitable part of IT, especially when it comes to wireless networking. As Kevin Blackburn points out in this piece, unfortunately, many organizations lack the staff to have 24/7 help or even large daytime staffs. At Tech Field Day Virtual Cisco Live Experience, he saw Meraki Health as a potential solution for this problem. This provides a health snapshot of all connected devices and shows where users might be experiencing performance issues. This information is stored in the cloud for 30 days, giving an additional way to get historical context to these issues, and help track down root causes to larger issues. Kevin was impressed to see this monitoring didn’t just stop at the wireless component, showing the experience from APs to switches and to backing application servers.

Meraki Is Almost an Enterprise Solution

In the past, Tom Hollingsworth has not thought that Meraki was an appropriate wireless solution for the enterprise. But that perception seems to be shifting after hearing an update from them at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020. They showed off how they are now adding in easier scaling with things like integrating rule groups into their firewall platform, something that’s critical for enterprise scale deployments. They are also testing native IPv6 support, which is a key signal to Tom they are serious about the enterprise. It’s a feature SMB’s generally don’t generally care about, but has been supported on Cisco’s IOS for years. Tom has been following the company for years, and thinks this signals they are almost ready to be a true enterprise-class solution.

Cisco Meraki MV – Making the Case for Intelligent Video Surveillance

Traditional video surveillance systems and IP networks go together like chunky peanut butter on a tuna fish sandwich. Jonathan Davis looks at the decisions Cisco Meraki made when it decided to build security cameras, fully aware of the classic problems. They weren’t content to increment on the existing solutions available on the market and add it to their dashboard. He got the full details at Meraki’s presentation during Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019.

Meraki’s Eye in the Sky

Meraki may be the last name you think of when it comes to security cameras. But the engineering effort put into their line of on-premises security devices is very impressive. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at a couple of their new offerings that they showed at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019 and gives his perspective on how Meraki sees the world.

Meraki in the Middle – Smart Security Cameras

John Herbert got to hear from Cisco Meraki during Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. The company detailed their new second generation MV security cameras, which John sees as a entering into a new market for the company. These fall somewhere in the middle between consumer cloud-managed cameras and high end centrally managed enterprise one. In terms of features and quality, Meraki’s cameras approach the high end, but with the same underlying cloud-managed simplicity with which it has approached wireless, switching and security. For John, the new lineup looks “really neat”.

Tech Field Day Extra @ CLEUR19 Recap

Cisco Live Europe is an event big enough that it’s tough to encapsulate in any one post. That’s why it’s great to have smaller, more focused looks, especially when it comes from Ivan Pepelnjak. He wrote up a posting looking at what he saw from Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. Cisco touched on automating Meraki deployments, new AWS-focus Cisco ACI features, HyperFlex updates, and more. Be sure to read Ivan’s thoughts on what he saw, and watch the presentation video for yourself.

Why We’re Not All Flocking to Mist and Meraki Wireless: The Layer 2 Situation

Lee Badman has nothing against cloud-managed wireless solutions like he saw from Mist Systems and Merakiat Mobility Field Day last month. But he thinks there are some barriers to wider adoption, something he calls the “Layer 2 Situation” in this post. Controller-based wireless may have over stayed it’s welcome, but it does make deployment and changes to large numbers of APs somewhat easier at this point.

Analyzing analytic offerings

Sam Clements reviews some of the recent analytics solutions, including many from Mobility Field Day earlier this year. He looks at solutions from Nyansa, Mist Systems, Meraki, Aruba, and Cisco.

Meraki Is Now In The “F’ACK” Game

Jim Palmer wants his readers to know that Meraki’s FAST-ACK as presented at Mobility Field Day last month isn’t the same as fracking. Instead, this patented technology designed to speed up content from a remote device. He digs into the use of ACK in a traditional Ethernet network, and how Meraki is innovating on this for wireless networks.

Meraki’s LittleTable Isn’t So Little Anymore

Jennifer Huber heard from Cisco’s Meraki team at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. She was impressed with the responsiveness of their Wireless Heath dashboard. This allows her to view the massive LittleTable database and evaluate which client devices are behaving badly.

Meraki at Wireless Field Day

Meraki at Wireless Field Day

New Awesomeness Feature on my list – from Meraki

New Awesomeness Feature on my list – from Meraki