Meraki Switching 17 – Encapsulating ‘Better Together’ by Providing Context

Meraki’s upcoming MS17 features, highlighted at Cisco Live EMEA by Brennan Martin and Alex Burger, are tailored to reduce burdens on IT teams through efficient data aggregation, contextualized insights, and trend visualization. As Zoe Rose discusses, the update is set to streamline operations by introducing dynamic profiles for switchports, enhanced packet capture analysis, and comprehensive device health dashboards, with an API to further customize thresholds and alerts. While a ‘single pane of glass’ for network management remains a complex goal, these changes reflect a product evolution responsive to customer feedback and aimed at alleviating workload, underscoring Cisco’s commitment to user-centric innovation.

Cisco Live TFDx 2024 – Meraki and Catalyst Wireless, Better Together!

Attending Tech Field Day at Cisco Live EMEA 2024 allowed Dan Jones to witness the impressive integration of the 9800 WLC into Meraki for simplified monitoring – a boon for helpdesk engineers. The ease of setup, requiring just Meraki Cloud service activation and a claim code, makes advanced network management accessible without extra costs, leveraging existing DNA licensing. This innovation is particularly advantageous for companies lacking the resources to implement a fully-fledged DNA-C appliance, streamlining operations with the tools they already possess. Read more in this article!

Excitement Abounds at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live EMEA 2024

Tech Field Day is ready to bring more insightful content at Cisco Live EMEA 2024 in Amsterdam, making an early impact with a schedule full of authoritative presentations from Cisco, IP Fabric, and NetBox Labs. The event kicks off with Cisco Enterprise Networking, including Meraki, followed by the Mass Scale Infrastructure team with intriguing new developments. Tune in for the live streams, join engaging security and networking discussions, and for those not in Europe, replays will be available on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel, ensuring no one misses out on this must-attend tech gathering.

Catalyst Gets a Meraki Makeover With the Catalyst 9300-M Switch Series

Cisco’s Catalyst 9300 series switches have been given a “Meraki makeover,” offering the robust performance of Catalyst with the seamless, intuitive user experience of Meraki, right from Day 0. This hybrid approach promises to simplify network management for customers familiar with Catalyst’s reliability but eager for Meraki’s agile management and cloud integration, as demonstrated during Cisco’s recent Networking Field Day event. Catalyst Meraki 9300 series, touted for its adaptability and security features like Adaptive Policy, bridges hardware legacy and modern cloud management, streamlining operations for the most demanding network environments. Read the article at Gestalt IT, or watch the presentation from the Networking Field Day event here on the website.

Cisco/Meraki – #MFD10

In this LinkedIn post, David Oliver discuss Mobility Field Day 10, where Cisco unveiled their latest innovations, notably the integration of wireless controllers with the Meraki dashboard, streamlining network monitoring and management. This update, particularly benefiting Cisco 9800 series controllers, enables easy onboarding and monitoring through Meraki’s cloud interface, leveraging existing DNA licenses without added costs. Cisco’s commitment to cloud solutions and simplification of network administration was clear, as they outlined the seamless process and potential future enhancements in monitoring and configuration capabilities.

Network Field Day 33 – Day 1 – Cisco/Meraki

In this YouTube video, Jordan Villarreal explores the latest from Cisco Meraki regarding their hardware and software offerings. Presented in the context of their recent Networking Field Day 33 presentation, the video offers an in-depth analysis of these technological innovations.

Meraki and Catalyst Living in Harmony

Tim Bertino explores the collaborative evolution of Cisco Meraki and Catalyst in his recent LinkedIn article. The piece emphasizes the augmentation of cross-platform support between the brands without compromising on their individual product offerings – effectively a ‘best of both worlds’ approach. Bertino celebrates the flexibility this provides customers, allowing them to select the hardware platform that meets their needs while managing it through the Meraki Dashboard, and he highlights the unification of the security solution across platforms.

Meraki in the Enterprise ASTERISK

In this article, Sam Clements discusses the evolution of Meraki and its suitability for enterprise deployment. He highlights that over the years, Meraki has addressed various concerns, such as external antennas, firmware update controls, RF profiles, high gain antennas, and operating temperature. He also notes that with the integration of the Catalyst portfolio, Meraki now offers monitoring and insights for Catalyst 9800 WLCs through the dashboard, hinting at a potential future for configuration capabilities. Clements suggests that those who may have previously had reservations about Meraki should reconsider, as the platform continues to evolve and align with enterprise requirements.

New Cisco Meraki MREye for Wi-Fi Performance Monitoring

At Mobility Field Day 9, Cisco introduced MREye, a new feature that provides Wi-Fi performance monitoring to enhance Proactive Wi-Fi Service Assurance, to be released in the second half of 2023. MREye allows connected APs to perform continuous connectivity and experience monitoring with neighbouring APs so that WLAN practitioners can proactively monitor their WLANs 24/7, monitor connectivity or performance issues, and reduce time to resolution. The new solution does not require any overlays as it leverages your existing AP and cloud investment, providing WLAN Practitioners with better perspective to focus on root cause issues.

Creating 5G Connected Experiences at Cisco Live Tech Field Day Extra With Cisco Meraki

In this article, Martin Duggan gives his thoughts on the Meraki presentation, where they unveiled the new 5G MG51 & MG51E Cellular Gateways. Read the full article on Gestalt IT’s website, and watch the full presentation on Youtube.

Cisco Meraki and Catalyst Integration: One Step Closer to Disaggregation?

It was great to have Jody Lemoine back at the most recent Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live this year! After seeing Cisco present on Meraki and Catalyst Integration, Jody felt compelled to write about Network disaggregation. Check out his thoughts on his website, Whispers in the Wires, and be sure to also check out all the videos from our event at Cisco Live this year!

Delivering Enhanced Network Experience With the Cisco Meraki Cloud Platform

At this past Tech Field Day Exclusive with Cisco, the Cisco Meraki team delivered the Meraki Cloud Platform. Sulagna Saha talks about the speed, availability and reliability of this platform through adoption of a new architecture that is designed to reduce complexity and enhance productivity. Check out her thoughts here!

My Recap From Cisco’s TechField Day Session (Mar 16th-17th, 2022)

Charles Uneze tuned into this past Tech Field Exclusive with Cisco. In this post he talks about all the new technology that Cisco presented on over the two-day event. Check out his thoughts here!

Tech Field Day 24 – Opening Cans of Worms at the Ultra Reliable Smart Edge

WirelessNerd Drew Lentz covers his opinions after watching the recent Tech Field Day event as a delegate in this post. Touching on all four presentations, Lentz explains his takeaways from each one. Read the post for more info!

Meraki Pushes Proactive Troubleshooting at Tech Field Day

Keith Ward of Actual Tech Media shares his thoughts on the technologies coming out of Cisco Meraki, which he witnessed as a delegate during September’s Tech Field Day event. This piece explains their Intelligent RCA product and what it means for today’s IT organizations. Learn more by reading this post, or by watching Meraki’s recorded presentations.

Microsegmentation With Meraki Adaptive Policies

When it comes to networking and user based security policies in a Cisco environment, a lot of people will immediately point to Cisco ISE and its process of creating policies based on a wide range of factors. Now when you think of Meraki, a lot of people still have the mindset that Meraki is built around simple network management and easy of deployment, which it is. They look to other Cisco products for the larger scale, more in depth, and customizable security features. That is a view that a lot of “old-school” engineers still keep. Meraki is now once again pushing boundaries and bridging the gap, bringing their product forward as a true enterprise option. This post by Kevin Blackburn breaks down the details of Meraki Adaptive Policies, which the company is using to make sure they are a viable enterprise option for the more security minded environments. Kevin recently heard from Meraki at the Tech Field Day Cisco Live Virtual Experience, so he has details on all their latest.

Meraki Health – Your Wireless User Watchguard

Troubleshooting is an inevitable part of IT, especially when it comes to wireless networking. As Kevin Blackburn points out in this piece, unfortunately, many organizations lack the staff to have 24/7 help or even large daytime staffs. At Tech Field Day Virtual Cisco Live Experience, he saw Meraki Health as a potential solution for this problem. This provides a health snapshot of all connected devices and shows where users might be experiencing performance issues. This information is stored in the cloud for 30 days, giving an additional way to get historical context to these issues, and help track down root causes to larger issues. Kevin was impressed to see this monitoring didn’t just stop at the wireless component, showing the experience from APs to switches and to backing application servers.

Meraki Is Almost an Enterprise Solution

In the past, Tom Hollingsworth has not thought that Meraki was an appropriate wireless solution for the enterprise. But that perception seems to be shifting after hearing an update from them at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020. They showed off how they are now adding in easier scaling with things like integrating rule groups into their firewall platform, something that’s critical for enterprise scale deployments. They are also testing native IPv6 support, which is a key signal to Tom they are serious about the enterprise. It’s a feature SMB’s generally don’t generally care about, but has been supported on Cisco’s IOS for years. Tom has been following the company for years, and thinks this signals they are almost ready to be a true enterprise-class solution.

Cisco Meraki MV – Making the Case for Intelligent Video Surveillance

Traditional video surveillance systems and IP networks go together like chunky peanut butter on a tuna fish sandwich. Jonathan Davis looks at the decisions Cisco Meraki made when it decided to build security cameras, fully aware of the classic problems. They weren’t content to increment on the existing solutions available on the market and add it to their dashboard. He got the full details at Meraki’s presentation during Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019.