Wyebot – Wireless Intelligence Platform

Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) took the spotlight at Mobility Field Day with its proactive approach to eliminating Wi-Fi issues. Through their platform’s efficient analysis and optimization capabilities, site-specific Wi-Fi challenges such as network performance and client connectivity are addressed without delay. This integration of WIP into the Meraki Market and Ecosystem exemplifies Wyebot’s stride towards streamlining WLAN management and enhancing remote network visibility for practitioners.

Next-Level Client Wi-Fi Visibility With Cisco’s Three-Way Partnership

Cisco is elevating enterprise Wi-Fi monitoring and optimization through a data-centric approach, as discussed by Minse Kim at Mobility Field Day. Their strategic partnerships with leading device vendors, prominently including Samsung, Intel, and Apple, allow unprecedented access to extended device data, fostering better Wi-Fi experiences for the end user. By harnessing rich analytics from millions of devices in the Meraki Cloud, this collaboration is redefining troubleshooting and operational efficiency in Wi-Fi networks. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch Cisco’s presentation from the Mobility Field Day event here at the website.

Third Party Visibility Into Your Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Mike Bolitho has been evaluating Wyebot since their presentation at Mobility Field Day 10. He found that their sensor technology is a powerful toolset for network diagnostics and optimization. The sensor’s form factor, diverse radio options, and insightful testing features such as the video conferencing emulation test offer deep visibility into network function, crucial for resolving issues efficiently. The added value of Wyebot’s independent third-party perspective on network performance, especially through functions like the rolling PCAP and the new client application, underscores the importance of objective network monitoring in complex wireless environments.

Why Do We Use Networking Monitoring Devices?

Network performance monitoring has evolved from simple device status checks to a sophisticated analysis of end-user experience, as Darrell DeRosia explains the transformative impact of tools like Wyebot on network management. The ease of setup and insightful data visualization of Wyebot sensors offer network architects the ability to proactively fine-tune the network, addressing issues like varied DNS response times before users even notice. Wyebot’s Link Doctor feature exemplifies this proactive approach, enabling engineers to maintain network health discreetly and ensure that the “sound of silence” in communications channels signifies a well-functioning, user-centric network environment.

Boosting Battery Life With Ventev’s Integrated UPS Power System

Sulagna Saha reviews Ventev’s Integrated UPS Power System with lithium batteries. Unreliable power supply often makes it hard to install IoT devices in outdoor places. Ventev’s lithium battery technology is designed to provide twice the backup time of ordinary lead-acid based systems during outages, while keeping the internal components protected from harsh weather conditions. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch Ventev’s presentations from the recent Mobility Field Day event here on the Tech Field Day website.

Ventev Presents at MFD10

At Mobility Field Day 10, Ventev showcased their latest innovations, including the VenGo Mobile Wireless Case for flexible connectivity on the go, suitable for job sites and emergency scenarios. They also highlighted their upgraded UPS power system featuring a new lithium battery that provides double the power and a retrofit kit for existing customers. Additionally, Ventev introduced versatile mounting solutions like the VenFlex swivel mount for optimal access point positioning, and revealed the new, compact Atto Patch Antenna, designed for both performance and aesthetics in wireless network designs. This article by Troy Martin goes over the highlights.

Getting Wi-Fi Networks Enterprise-Ready With Wyebot

Sulagna Saha reviews the Wyebot platform for Wi-Fi assurance. Intermittent Wi-Fi issues are deeply disruptive to the business. Wyebot provides a monitoring platform that helps identify issues happening in the Wi-Fi environment in real time, and troubleshoot them remotely. Read about its capabilities at Gestalt IT, or watch the presentation here on Tech Field Day website.

Cisco Presents… at Mobility Field Day 10

Keith R. Parsons attended Mobility Field Day 10, where Cisco focused on solutions that enhance user experience and operational efficiency. They delved into advancements in Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technologies, illustrating how their implementation can lead to significant performance improvements. Cisco’s comprehensive approach positions them as a key player in the evolving landscape of wireless mobility, ready to meet the needs of modern networks.

Asking the Right Question About the Wireless Future

Tom Hollingsworth comments on Nick Swiatecki’s hesitations about the transition to Wi-Fi 7 during Cisco’s Mobility Field Day presentation. Tom highlights why the technology may not be ready for widespread adoption. His presentation underscored the gap between infrastructure readiness and client device compatibility with new wireless standards, likening premature deployments to utilizing cables incompatible with client Ethernet connections. His insights reinforce that while hardware progresses, significant performance gains are achieved through iterative improvements and harmonization of technology, rather than rushing to adopt the latest version number.

Cisco/Meraki – #MFD10

In this LinkedIn post, David Oliver discuss Mobility Field Day 10, where Cisco unveiled their latest innovations, notably the integration of wireless controllers with the Meraki dashboard, streamlining network monitoring and management. This update, particularly benefiting Cisco 9800 series controllers, enables easy onboarding and monitoring through Meraki’s cloud interface, leveraging existing DNA licenses without added costs. Cisco’s commitment to cloud solutions and simplification of network administration was clear, as they outlined the seamless process and potential future enhancements in monitoring and configuration capabilities.

Ventev Introduces VenGo, the Network in a Box, at Mobility Field Day 10

Ventev showcased their capacity to enhance WLAN environments with their flexible and dependable antenna solutions at Mobility Field Day 10, addressing challenges encountered with traditional built-in dipoles. Lee Badman discusses their latest offering, VenGo, an innovative “network-in-a-box” solution aimed at delivering reliable Wi-Fi in temporary, unconventional spaces. During the event, the company also highlighted their advances in Wi-Fi 6E antennas and a new lithium battery strategy for UPS systems, further solidifying their impact on the wireless industry.

Cisco Presents at Mobility Field Day 10

Mike Bolitho discusses the Cisco presentation at Mobility Field Day 10, where they highlighted their new cloud-enabled hybrid option for wireless solutions, offering the best of both on-premises and cloud management to large organizations like hospitals. This approach allows for centralized monitoring and troubleshooting while retaining on-prem control, providing a single pane of glass for support teams through the Meraki Dashboard. This integration creates significant value for enterprises with existing DNA licenses, as it enables seamless visibility and management of both Cisco Catalyst and Meraki deployments without additional licensing costs.

Wyebot Presents at MFD10

Troy Martin provides a detailed overview of Wyebot’s performance during its recent Mobility Field Day presentation in this LinkedIn post. Martin highlights Wyebot’s improvements and new features, emphasizing the platform’s aim to become the standard for out-of-band WLAN environment monitoring. He commends its sensor capability, simple pricing model, and vendor-agnostic approach and suggests that its feature of capturing all of its own packet flows for analysis presents an impressive solution to emerging WiFi challenges.

Cisco/Meraki Newly Unified Wireless Folks Talk at Mobility Field Day 10

Lee Badman dives into Cisco Networking’s recent discussion of wireless strategy developments at the Tech Field Day Mobility Field Day in San Jose in a new LinkedIn article. Taking note of the unification of Cisco and Meraki products, he shares his concerns as a long-term customer about preserving Meraki’s operationally reliable and bug-free aspect. He appeals to Cisco to leave any customer-facing issues behind as they advance, hoping for success in their transformation process.

Cisco Presents at MFD10

In this LinkedIn article, Troy Martin recounts Cisco’s presentation at the recent Mobility Field Day event. The tech giant showcased its commitment to delivering simplified outcomes for a diverse customer base with its three-pronged solution model: on-prem, cloud-enabled, and cloud-first. Cisco also highlighted the importance of enabling features such as 11r on networks for improved performance, and introduced two new APs, the CW9163E and CW9166D1, affirming its innovative strides in the tech field.

Wyebot Shows Evolution at Mobility Field Day 10

Lee Badman shares his insights on Wyebot’s improved software following Anil Gupta’s presentation at Mobility Field Day 10. Badman praises the platform for less false-alarms, robust packet-capture capabilities, and an intuitive user interface. The session explored Wyebot’s latest features, including enhancing voice-oriented testing, making the software a beneficial tool for monitoring the health and performance of any Wi-Fi environment.

Cisco/Meraki Newly Unified Wireless Folks Talk at Mobility Field Day 10

In this LinkedIn article, Lee Badman discusses a recent conversation with the Cisco Meraki team about their newly unified wireless offerings. Emphasizing the nuanced changes and additions such as advanced features and dual 5 GHz functionality, Badman offers the updated Cisco Meraki’s solutions as a strong competitor in the wireless networking market. He appreciates the team’s focus on not just delivering features, but also simplifying complex workflows in the evolving field of wireless networking.

Wrapping Up a Year of Wireless With Mobility Field Day 10

Mobility Field Day 10, set to take place on November 15-16, 2023, promises a varied lineup of presentations from Cisco, Wyebot, Nile, and Ventev, offering cutting-edge solutions in wireless and mobility technology. This two-day event will feature a mixture of hardware reveals, technology updates, and discussions about the future of wireless tech. Viewers can tune into the live presentations streamed on the Tech Field Day website and join the conversation on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page.