CTS 338: FortiWiFi at MFD11

The Clear To Send podcast, in episode 338, gives an in-depth analysis of Fortinet’s FortiWiFi presentation at Mobility Field Day 11. The hosts discuss FortiWiFi’s latest developments in wireless technology, focusing on how their solutions offer robust security and high performance for enterprise networks. For networking professionals and enthusiasts, this episode provides valuable insights into FortiWiFi’s innovative approach to secure, scalable, and manageable Wi-Fi solutions. Listen in for more from Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges!

EINO, Private 5G and Wifi AI Design and Surveys at MFD11

Mark Houtz provides insight into the eino, private 5G, and AI-driven Wi-Fi design and surveys discussed at Mobility Field Day 11. His article underscores the advancements in wireless technology that are streamlining network design and enhancing connectivity through intelligent automation. Houtz’s post highlights the innovative solutions that are shaping the future of enterprise networking by delivering efficiency and precision.

Fortinet Wifi 7 Security at the Edge at MFD11

Mark Houtz shares insights from Mobility Field Day 11, where Fortinet unveiled their approach to integrating Wi-Fi 7 security at the network edge. He discusses how Fortinet’s solutions are poised to tackle the security challenges accompanying the next generation of Wi-Fi technology. Houtz’s article emphasizes the importance of robust security protocols as essential components in realizing the full potential of Wi-Fi 7’s advanced capabilities.

Juniper Mist Levels Up Marvis AI at MFD11

Mark Houtz spotlights Juniper Mist’s advancements in AI with their Marvis platform, as presented at Mobility Field Day 11. He highlights how Juniper Mist is elevating network intelligence, ease of use, and troubleshooting capabilities through enhanced AI-driven solutions. The article suggests that with these improvements, Marvis AI is set to lead in the transformative journey towards more automated and user-centric networking experiences.

Juniper Networks Rolls Out Important Updates for Marvis

Sulagna Saha covers the recent enhancements Juniper Networks has implemented for Marvis, their AI-driven virtual network assistant, designed to simplify network management. These updates are key to bolstering Marvis’s capability to offer more accurate, context-aware insights and automated problem resolution. Her coverage highlights Juniper’s commitment to advancing AI in networking, providing administrators with powerful tools to improve networks’ efficiency and reliability. Read more in this Mobility Field Day article from Gestalt IT.

CTS 335: Live Demo of MLO at MFD11

This video from Mobility Field Day 11 features a discussion with Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges discussing Arista’s demonstration of Managed LAN Optimisation (MLO), showcasing its efficiency in network management. They got an in-depth look at MLO’s capabilities to streamline and optimize network performance through real-time adjustments and monitoring. This demonstration highlighted the practical applications and benefits of MLO for IT professionals tasked with maintaining robust and reliable network infrastructures.

GPS-Enabled Automatic Access Point Placement

Jennifer Huber discusses an innovative development in the networking space with the introduction of GPS-enabled automatic placement for access points. This new technology simplifies the deployment process, ensuring optimal positioning and performance for wireless networks. Her blog post delves into the benefits and potential implications of this advancement, which promises to enhance accuracy and efficiency in network design and implementation. Read more in this article, inspired by Cisco’s presentation at Mobility Field Day 11.

Elevating User Experience With Cisco Digital Experience Assurance

Sulagna Saha explores how Cisco Digital Experience Assurance is poised to elevate user experience by proactively monitoring network performance and application delivery in this Mobility Field Day article. This solution leverages advanced analytics and insights to ensure optimal digital experiences across various environments. The article highlights Cisco’s focus on enhancing the end-user experience, ensuring that IT teams can swiftly address and preempt potential issues.

Tapping Into Wi-Fi 7’s Extreme Performance With the Fortinet FortiAP 441K

Sulagna Saha takes a deep dive into Fortinet’s FortiAP 441K and its alignment with the groundbreaking Wi-Fi 7 technology in this Mobility Field Day coverage article at Gestalt IT. The article examines how the FortiAP 441K is designed to handle extreme performance demands, catering to environments with high-density connectivity requirements. It showcases Fortinet’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of Wi-Fi capabilities, positioning the FortiAP 441K as a prime solution for businesses anticipating the next wave of wireless innovation.

Cisco’s Update on Digital Experience & Assurance-Where Is It Heading ?

Cisco’s focus on Digital Experience and Assurance was a key topic at the recent Mobility Field Day event, where they outlined the direction and advancements in this crucial area. The update revealed Cisco’s efforts to enhance network reliability and user experiences through innovative technologies and solutions. This pivotal discussion suggests a strategic trajectory toward increasingly sophisticated tools for monitoring and managing network performance and end-user satisfaction. Read more in this article by Dev Nellamakada!

204a Sesión De Tesos en Wi-Fi: MFD11 eino.ai Wireless Networks Design

In the 204th “Tesos en Wi-Fi” session, the spotlight was on eino.ai’s innovative approach to wireless network design, as showcased at Mobility Field Day 11. The session delved into how eino.ai leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize the process of planning and optimizing wireless networks. This focus on AI-driven design techniques underscores a significant shift towards automation and smarter analytics in the industry’s approach to network deployment and maintenance.

Celona Secures Private 5G UEs With Palo Alto at MFD11

Mark Houtz covers a significant development in secure enterprise networking with Celona’s announcement at Mobility Field Day 11 about integrating with Palo Alto for private 5G User Equipment (UE) security. Celona’s move to ensure stringent security protocols addresses the growing demand for secure 5G deployments in enterprise environments. His article points out the importance of this partnership, which aims to provide businesses with a protected 5G ecosystem, combining Celona’s networking expertise with Palo Alto’s robust security measures.

One-Button Upgrade to 5G With Celona AP 20

Sulagna Saha covers the Celona presentation from Mobility Field Day 11 in this Gestalt IT article. Celona’s AP 20 promises a simplified one-button upgrade path to 5G for organizations. The Celona AP 20’s design enables enterprises to easily integrate 5G capabilities into their existing environments, ensuring minimal disruption while enhancing connectivity. The article on Gestalt IT marks this innovation as a noteworthy step for Celona in making advanced 5G networking more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Arista Networks Refreshes CloudVision AGNI With New Feature Set

Arista Networks has introduced a new suite of features for CloudVision AGNI, enhancing the platform’s network visibility and analytics capabilities, as detailed by Sulagna Saha on Gestalt IT following Mobility Field Day 11. This update signifies a leap forward in simplifying network operations with advanced telemetry and automation designed to meet modern networking demands. The refreshed CloudVision AGNI demonstrates Arista’s ongoing commitment to providing sophisticated tools for managing today’s cloud-driven network environments.

Fortinet Fleet

In this LinkedIn Pulse article, Kevin Franzen casts a spotlight on Fortinet Fleet. As seen at Mobility Field Day 11, this is an intriguing new launch that promises to enhance network management and security protocols. Fortinet Fleet offers a streamlined platform for deploying, managing, and securing devices across various endpoints, a critical need for today’s increasingly distributed and mobile workforce. Franzen highlights how this solution is poised to simplify the complexity of enterprise network operations, ensuring robust security without sacrificing efficiency.

CTS 334: Juniper Networks Announces New Features at MFD11

Juniper Networks made headlines with the announcement of new features at Mobility Field Day 11, as discussed by Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges on this episode of the Clear To Send (CTS) podcast. The episode covers Juniper’s unveiling of enhancements that aim to further streamline user experiences and network management through innovation. Listeners can expect an in-depth exploration of these features and their implications for the future of wireless networking.

Juniper Mist Working With Hamina for Real Time Heat Maps!

Kevin Franzen reports on the collaboration between Juniper Mist and Hamina. As discussed at Mobility Field Day, they leverage advanced technology to produce real-time heat maps. These innovative maps are designed to enable more responsive and efficient environmental monitoring. This strategic partnership reflects a growing focus on integrating IoT capabilities into networking solutions to deliver actionable insights that enhance operational decision-making.

Introducing Cisco’s Next-Generation CW9800 Wireless Controllers

Cisco unveiled its next-generation CW9800 wireless controllers at Mobility Field Day 11, as highlighted in this article by Dave Benham. These controllers are engineered to support the latest Wi-Fi standards and offer scalability for enterprise networks, ensuring high performance and robust security. The introduction of the CW9800 series represents Cisco’s commitment to continuous innovation in wireless network management, catering to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Juniper Choreographs AI-Native Networking Breakthroughs

Juniper Networks is steering the industry toward AI-native networking solutions, as discussed in a thorough this analyst note by Ron Westfall of The Futurum Group. At Mobility Field Day 11, the company showcased its vision for intelligent networking, integrating AI to enhance performance, simplify operations, and improve user experiences. These breakthroughs signal Juniper’s commitment to spearheading the AI-driven future of networking, cementing its role as an innovator in the space.

Automated Network Resource Planning and Optimization With Eino

Eino is revolutionizing network resource planning and optimization with its automated solution, offering a fresh perspective on efficient network design and deployment. As highlighted by Sulagna Saha on Gestalt IT following Mobility Field Day, eino’s innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms provide actionable insights for network engineers, reducing complexity and time-consumption in network planning processes. This automated approach not only streamlines workflows but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of network infrastructures in diverse environments.