Meet Field Day Delegate – Raymond Hendrix, Owner of Wi-Fi Wise International

Raymond Hendrix is a new Field Day delegate who serves the RF side of communication, particularly in the wireless domain. He has expanded his IT knowledge through military training, learning about token ring networking and electronic warfare and working with a 16-kilowatt jamming vehicle growing his interest in RF and antennas. His biggest challenge is obtaining clear requirements from customers, requiring effective communication skills in his field. Meet Raymond in this discussion with Tom Hollingsworth.

Mobility Field Day 9 – Quick Recap

Mohammad Ali shares his thoughts on Mobility Field Day 9, which featured presentations and discussions from vendors and delegates from different parts of the world. Juniper Networks, Fortinet, Arista, Cisco, Celona, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks made significant announcements around cloud NAC, access assurance, analytics, IoT, Wi-Fi 7, security, and more. The event also included a roundtable discussion on the challenges of moving services to the cloud, providing a platform for delegates to discuss the impact and challenges of the new technology trends.

New Cisco Meraki MREye for Wi-Fi Performance Monitoring

At Mobility Field Day 9, Cisco introduced MREye, a new feature that provides Wi-Fi performance monitoring to enhance Proactive Wi-Fi Service Assurance, to be released in the second half of 2023. MREye allows connected APs to perform continuous connectivity and experience monitoring with neighbouring APs so that WLAN practitioners can proactively monitor their WLANs 24/7, monitor connectivity or performance issues, and reduce time to resolution. The new solution does not require any overlays as it leverages your existing AP and cloud investment, providing WLAN Practitioners with better perspective to focus on root cause issues.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Kerry Kulp, Founding Partner at Velaspan

This article introduces Kerry Kulp, Founding Partner of Velaspan, who was among the new delegates attending Mobility Field Day 9. Kulp wears many hats at Velaspan, fulfilling roles in business leadership, development, and consulting. In a conversation with Tom Hollingsworth, Kulp shares his journey into the IT industry, his early days in wireless and mobility, and his interests in technology, particularly cybersecurity.

Adopting Private 5G in Industrial Environments With Celona 5G LAN

Celona showcased its 5G LAN at Mobility Field Day, designed to address industry needs for consistent network coverage in outdoor areas and extended spaces. Private 5G LAN provides the bandwidth, low latency, and speed for rapid compute processes that employees on factory floors need. Celona’s private 5G LAN provides industrial-strength connectivity for noisy, rugged outdoor areas as well as indoor spaces, making it the wireless solution of choice for all kinds of use cases. Read about it on Gestalt IT, or watch the demo here at Tech Field Day.

Managing ESG Impacts With Application-Level Solutions on Ruckus IoT Insights

Ruckus Networks demonstrated the benefits of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives in its IoT Insights platform at Mobility Field Day 9. By providing customized application-level analytics that could draw intelligence from enterprise-related IoT data, professionals could fulfill their organization’s ESG goals and support real-world uses cases. Although there are several variables and considerations to be mindful of when applying ESG initiatives, utilizing IoT devices could deliver numerous benefits like improved energy management and carbon footprint regulation. This Gestalt IT article provides more insight into Ruckus, ESG, and Mobility Field Day!

MFD9 Day2 Recap

This Wireless Pubcast podcast episode focused on day 2 of Mobility Field Day 9, featuring presentations from Cisco, NetAlly, and Ruckus. Cisco showcased positive developments in their integration of engineering teams, consolidation of wireless product oversight, and new AP capabilities. NetAlly introduced the CyberScope, expanding their network testing tools with Nmap functionality. Ruckus discussed their IoT platform, enhancements to Adaptive Intelligent Radio Management, and briefly touched on Wi-Fi 7 features. They also introduced a rebranded firewall. Listen in as Chris Reed and Raymond Hendrix dive deep into Mobility Field Day 9 day 2 on the Wireless Pubcast podcast!

MFD9 Day3 Recap

The Wireless Pubcast podcast covered day 3 of Mobility Field Day 9, featuring Arista and Celona. Arista showcased their comprehensive Wi-Fi solution, CloudVision AGNI, emphasizing its polished interface, rule-based analysis capabilities, and compatibility with other vendors’ networks. Celona presented their Celona Private 5G solution, highlighting its flexibility for future transitions and real-world deployments. They discussed the importance of regulatory compliance, offered free online classes for certification, and mentioned plans for exploring neutral host arrangements. Listen in as Chris Reed and Raymond Hendrix dive deep into Mobility Field Day 9 day 3 on the Wireless Pubcast podcast!

MFD9 Day1 Recap

In the Wireless Pubcast podcast episode covering Day 1 of Mobility Field Day 9, Juniper Networks announced the integration of ChatGPT into their conversational interface platform, Marvis, along with the incorporation of Dynamic Application Intelligence (DAI) for better application analysis and troubleshooting, especially for Zoom. Fortinet showcased their AIOps product for network monitoring and introduced a SASE solution for zero trust access. The roundtable discussion focused on cloud services, specifically the suitability of placing radius in the cloud, with arguments against cloud-based radius emphasizing proximity to clients for minimizing latency. Listen in as Chris Reed and Raymond Hendrix dive deep into Mobility Field Day 9 day 1 on the Wireless Pubcast podcast!

Making Mobility Magic at Mobility Field Day 9

Mobility Field Day 9 is May 17-19 in Silicon Valley, bringing together the top technology minds and experts in wireless and mobility to share their innovations and contributions to the field. With presentations from Arista, Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks, attendees can expect updates on advancements in AI networking, SASE, and cybersecurity, among others. The presentations will be streamed live on our online platforms and feature roundtable discussions from our Field Day delegates. Watch this video for more information!