Running Applications Anywhere Cloud to Edge Without Changing Code With MinIO

We have been witnessing the rise of multi-cloud the past five years or so in IT. Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha discusses April’s Tech Field Day presentation from MinIO. MinIO showcased the MinIO object storage, a cloud-native software-defined solution that is purpose built for multi-cloud storage. Take a look here or at for more from Sulagna!

Big Guns Attract Attention, but Not Always Interest

Jim Czuprynski attended Aprils’ Tech Field Day as a delegate. In his latest post he discusses presentations from VMware’s migrating apps to the clouds, Minio’s SDS in the cloud, and Intel’s Optane group. Check out his thoughts here!

Multi-Cloud Mobility – MinIO

In his latest blog, Alastair Cooke, a Field Day delegate, talks about the presentation from MinIO at this past Tech Field Day. Check out his thoughts here!

Minio at SFD23

MinIO presented on object storage at this past Storage Field Day, where Erik Ableson attended as a delegate. Erik discusses his thoughts and experience with MinIO, check out what he has to say!

Making Object Storage the Primary Storage With MinIO

Looking for a better version of object storage? Sulagna Saha, writing for Gestalt It, talks about the presentation from MinIO at this past Cloud Field Day where they presented a Multi-Cloud Object Storage Solution. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

Tech Upfront: March 18, 2022

Check out Enrico Signoretti’s latest podcast from this past Storage Field Day. He discussed the presentations from MinIO and VAST Data! Take a look here.

Defining Primary Storage

Check out Jonathan Symonds’, MinIO’s CMO, recap of his presentation at this past Storage Field Day!

Storage Field Day 23 – Tag 2: SIOS Technology, VAST Data, MinIO

Looking for recap of the second day at this past Storage Field Day? Wolfgang Stief, a Field Day delegate, discusses what SIOS Technology, VAST Data, and MinIO brought to the table. Check out his thoughts here!

Celebrating MinIO

Minio presented at Storage Field Day back in 2020 and Chin-Fah Heoh, a Field Day delegate, is still going “Gaga” over them! Let’s celebrate the min in Minio with Chin-Fah! Check out his thoughts here.

How MinIO Object Storage Makes Data Available and Secured Across Clouds and K8s

With hybrid clouds quickly becoming the new normal for enterprise IT environments, finding a storage solution that can work effectively across all clouds is also rapidly becoming a target for IT admins. MinIO feels they are expressly suited to fill this need with their cloud-native, containerized object storage solution, which they expressed in detail at the recent Cloud Field Day event. Read this piece for a full coverage of their appearance, or watch the presentations themselves for more info.

CFD11 – Day 1 – Storage Is Still Hard

We kicked off Cloud Field Day on Wednesday of this week! Delegate Adam Post covers Day 1 of the event in this blog, which he titles “Storage is Still Hard.” In it, he takes a closer look at MinIO’s presentation and solution. Adam notes, “They take a focused, software-defined approach and rely on a distributed, containerized architecture to aggregate local units of storage into a centralized pool for shared consumption.” Be sure to check out Adam’s blog for more of his thoughts from Cloud Field Day!

Cloud Field Day 11 – Day 1 Highlights

We were excited to have Lino Telera back at Cloud Field Day! Following the first day of the event, Lino took to his blog to give his thoughts on the presenters he saw so far. Specifically, Lino gives his take on Hazelcast, Morpheus Data, and MinIO. Head over to the Lino Project blog to hear what he has to say!

MinIO Delivers Hybrid Cloud Object Storage to the Enterprise

At Storage Field Day earlier this year we were happy to welcome MinIO as a presenter who showcased their cloud-native, software-defined object storage platform. The staff at took notice and wrote about the presentation including a basic overview of the product and their thoughts on how many commercial solutions are utilizing MinIO to make their products better. Head over to to check out their take and watch the videos from the MinIO presentations at Storage Field Day!

MinIO – Cloud, Edge, Everywhere …

Earlier this year at Storage Field Day, Dan Frith had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see MinIO. In this blog, Dan looks at what MinIO has to offer, as he writes, “It is designed to be used for large-scale data infrastructure, and was built from scratch to be cloud native.” Be sure to check out this blog for more of his thoughts and discover what intrigues him about MinIO.

Presenters React to the Storage Field Day 21 Experience

Storage Field Day was our first event of 2021, and we think it went swimmingly! After the presentations, we spoke to each of the presenting teams to get their thoughts on their Storage Field Day appearances and we compiled some of their answers into a video.
A big thank you to Hammerspace, Intel, NetApp, Pliops, MinIO, Tintri, and Nasuni for making the event such a success! Check out their thoughts on Storage Field Day on the YouTube video or take a look at the many great presentations on our website.

Object Storage Is Heating Up

Enrico Signoretti joined us as a delegate at Storage Field Day last month! He follows the event with his thoughts on object storage and its rise in popularity. Some reasons for this growing popularity include information such as the hybrid cloud, digital transformation, and the affordability of flash. Enrico points to MinIO’s presentation from Storage Field Day about Kubernetes and how it’s leading the way. He also points to another presentation from this event, where Nasuni presents its solution. To see what else Enrico had to say, check out this blog on!

Why MinIO Wins the Private Cloud

It was great to host MinIO at Storage Field Day last month! In the last of their blog posts on the event, MinIO makes their case on why they’re winning the Hybrid Cloud. If you want to learn more about MinIO, check out this great post, download their code and give a whirl, or check out their Storage Field Day presentation on our website!

Storage Field Day Session Four: The Hybrid Cloud and MinIO

On their blog, MinIO writes that they didn’t have quite enough time to share their full hybrid cloud vision at Storage Field Day in January. In a quick review of their fourth session, Jonathan Symonds at MinIO shares their goals on how they can “win the hybrid cloud” and be better than AWS outside of AWS. Be sure to check out the post or, as Jonathan suggests, download the MinIO code and take it for a spin!

The Rise of MinIO Object Storage

Ray Lucchesi saw MinIO present at Storage Field Day in January and thought they had a great session. In a post on his Ray on Storage blog, Ray details the advantages of the open source nature of their products as well as the MinIO Subscription Network “SubNet.” Check out his full post on his blog or watch the MinIO presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Storage Field Day Session Three: Innovation at MinIO

We were excited to host MinIO at Storage Field Day in January! In the third installment on their blog, the MinIO team reviews their Innovation Showcase presentation where they highlight VMware Data Persistence as well as SUBNET. Head over to the MinIO blog to check out their showcase and some really great demos!