The “Not to Be a Jerk, But…” Mist #MDF5 Blog

Lee Badman wrote up his thoughts on Mist Systems, now an integral part of Juniper Networks. In Lee’s words in was a “marathon session”, and it took a hot minute to wrap his head around all the implications. The biggest thing that stood out was that Mist is no longer in a bubble of unique wireless solutions, having its AI methodology integrated into Juniper’s LAN solutions. He also was impressed to see Mist now offering a fully rounded out AP portfolio, something that was sorely lacking in previous sessions. Overall, Lee found it a really interesting presentation. Be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel to get all the details.

#MFD5 Day 1-Quick Recap

John Deegan knows how to enjoy a vacation, a full day of IT goodness at Mobility Field Day. In this post, he looks back at the presenters feature in day one of the event. From the day, he was saw Mist having an early leg up as it further expands its AI-based analytics in enterprise networks, even while introducing tools to make the traditional dashboard obsolete. Celona showed off how their CBRS tech stack has matured since the last time they presented, and John was excited to see endpoint hardware supporting the spectrum needed for it. The day was definitely full of quality presentations, and he was definitely hungry for the rest of the event.

Coffee Hour – Mobility Field Day 5

Rowell Dionicio and François Vergès over at the Clear to Send podcast recently previewed what to expect at Mobility Field Day. They were particularly interested to see VMware as a presenting company and can’t wait to hear what they’ll be discussing. They also look at some of the delegates attending to the event, note the increased importance of wireless security within the voices around the table, and how the virtual event is changing who can be a delegate.

Mist a Refreshing Experience When You Need a Support Case

Haydn Andrews got his hands on a Mist AP43 during Mobility Field Day last summer, and just found time to run it through its wireless paces. In his initial testing, Haydn found the setup process to be incredibly easy. When he did run into some issues and questions while trying to do some advanced configuration, he was even more impressed by the support system at Mist Systems. Instead of having to send all sorts of log and license information over to the support team, they got him answers to his questions within a few minutes. It was a refreshing change of pace for what is considered standard in much of the industry.

Talking Real-World AI Applicability With Mist Systems

Lee Badman has become somewhat inured to the bluster around AI integrations that are often little more than marketing fluff. That’s why he found talking with Mist Systems so refreshing. They approach AI as another tool in the wireless networking belt, rather than a be-all solution. The key is to be able to handle the large amount of data to make it meaningful for networking professions, in order to deliver real world solutions to problems. Be sure to check out the extensive set of video presentations from Mist Systems at Field Day events for more.

NXTWORK 2019: Mist, ML, and the Future of Juniper Networks

Jonathan Davis shares a recap of Networking Field Day Exclusive at Juniper NXTWORK 2019 in Las Vegas. His sum up is pretty simple: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Application Programming Interfaces. Be sure to check out the post for all the details.

AI for the Sake of AI? Or the Start Something Else?

Jake Snyder was at Networking Field Day Exclusive at Juniper NXTWORK 2019, and got to hear the latest from Mist Systems. Jake’s been skeptical about uses of AI and ML in the enterprise, but was impressed with what he saw from Mist. They were able to identifty a missing VLAN relatively, without requiring extensive training of individual models.

All-In on AI With Mist and Juniper

How will AI impact the future of administration of networks? Following his presentation at Mobility Field Day, Tom Hollingsworth sits down with Bob Friday of Mist, A Juniper Company, to discuss how software is going to change the tasks we do in our daily work.

Mist Systems Unveils an Environmental Sensor That Is Also a Wi-Fi 6 AP

At Mobility Field Day this summer Mist Systems, now part of Juniper Networks, showed off their latest AP43 access points, which now support Wi-Fi 6. This AP offers dual 5GHz capability, a 802.3bz NBASE-T port with 802.3bt power capabilities that pairs nicely with Mist’s own BLE sensor. They also contain sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and angle/orientation, adding environmental monitoring to their already extensive capabilities. Jonathan Davis breaks down the full capabilities in this post.

The Contention Window: S1E13 : MFD4 Hodgepodge & Wrapup

Scott Lester and Jake Synder were both at Mobility Field Day over the summer. The event provided a wealth of information on the latest in wireless and mobility. Be sure to check out both of them on this episode of The Contention Window, where discuss what they saw at the event.

Cloud vs Fog at #TFD19

Jim Palmer was a delegate at Tech Field Day over the summer. It’s often said that going to a Field Day event is like drinking from the IT firehose. It’s taken Jim a while to process everything that he heard at the event, which means the presenters did a good job showing off their latest and greatest. In this post, he looks at some of the things VMware reviewed at the event. For a wireless guy, VMware was a little intimidating. But as this post shows, Jim clearly got a lot out of their presentation.

Why Mist Isn’t a WiFi Company

When Mist Systems CTO Bob Friday told the Mobility Field Day delegates that Mist isn’t about the Wi-Fi, it’s about the data, it put everything into perspective for Jennifer Minella. This frames their decision to create their own APs, why they’re so aggressive with AI, and the creation of their virtual network assistant, Marvis.

CTS 183: Mist @ Mobility Field Day 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast focuses on Francois Verges’ experience seeing Mist Systems present at Mobility Field Day. At the event, they showed off their AP supporting Wi-Fi 6, demonstrated the latest updates to the Mist AI, how they’re pushing microservices to the edge, and more.

Mobility Field Day 2019

At Mobility Field Day, Mist System showed how their are bringing the latest cutting edge technology to the world of wireless. This includes building an AI-driven customer experience, their virtual network assistant Marvis, their approach to Wi-Fi 6, and how they handle indoor location services. There was a lot of technology on display, so be sure to check out all the videos from the presentation.

CTS 182: Mobility Field Day 4 – An Overview

Francois Verges was one of several new faces that attended Mobility Field Day earlier this week. He recently spoke to Rowell Dionicio on an episode of the Clear to Send podcast. Francois recapped the Mobility Field Day Experience and what he thought of the presentations. Be sure to listen as a preview before diving into the full presentation video.

Code, Heal Thyself: Mist Systems Brings Something Badly Needed to WLAN Market

Lee Badman is no stranger to Mobility Field Day, and at the latest event, he got to hear the latest from Mist Systems. He found their focus on reliability a refreshing change of pace in the world of wireless. They showed how they are use AI not just to help with wireless networks, but also to clean up their code base.

Intelligence in the Mist

How can cloud and artificial intelligence combine to make your wireless network more resilient to faults? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at how Mist Systems, now a Juniper Networks, is using brand new ideas to solve age-old reliability issues. They presented at Cloud Field Day recently, so Tom got a deep dive at the event. We’re looking forward to seeing them at Mobility Field Day later this year as well!

Why We’re Not All Flocking to Mist and Meraki Wireless: The Layer 2 Situation

Lee Badman has nothing against cloud-managed wireless solutions like he saw from Mist Systems and Merakiat Mobility Field Day last month. But he thinks there are some barriers to wider adoption, something he calls the “Layer 2 Situation” in this post. Controller-based wireless may have over stayed it’s welcome, but it does make deployment and changes to large numbers of APs somewhat easier at this point.

Analyzing analytic offerings

Sam Clements reviews some of the recent analytics solutions, including many from Mobility Field Day earlier this year. He looks at solutions from Nyansa, Mist Systems, Meraki, Aruba, and Cisco.

“Thirteen hundred APs, no open support tickets” – achieving quality in wireless networks

Amy Arnold takes a look at what Mist Systems presented at Mobility Field Day last month. Utilizing a cloud-based micro-services architecture along with a smattering of AI, Amy looks at how Mist can provide customer focused reliability, visibility, and proactive troubleshooting for wireless networks.