Multi-Cloud Management With Morpheus Data

Chris Williams attended Cloud Field Day earlier this year, his first event with the Field Day family. At the event he got to hear from Morpheus Data. He was particularly impressed that the company has a set of tools for Devs, Ops, and business use cases, which are specifically designed to be implemented without disrupting existing provisioning/integration/pipeline solutions. He looks at some use cases in this piece.

Silicon Valley Goes Multi-Cloud

Kati Lehmuskoski joined us as a delegate at Cloud Field Day and saw two general focuses from the presenting companies: multi-cloud operations and data security. In this post, she breaks down what impressed her from each presentation, from solving data challenges with Hammerspace and LucidLink, to the DevOps automation solutions from Morpheus Data, and’s impressive CEO.

Cloud Field Day 6–Morpheus Data

We were fortunate to have Joey D’Antoni attend Cloud Field Day as a delegate. In this post, he breaks down what he saw from Morpheus Data at the event. They provide a set of tools that integrate with CI/CD solutions to offer a service catalog, provisioning system, along with configuration management. In there own estimation, they allow big companies to act like startups.

Morpheus Data CFD6 – Hot Take

Morpheus data presented a massive amount of capability in a single package during Cloud Field Day. In this video, Keith Townsend discusses what impressed him and where technology alone isn’t a solution for infrastructure as code.

Cloud Field Day (#CFD6): A Heads-Up – Ather Beg’s Useful Thoughts

If you’re about to dive into the presentations and live stream for Cloud Field Day cold, you might want to stop and check out this post from Ather Beg. He gives a quick, concise, but comprehensive look at each of the presenting companies. He’s looking at what they do, what should be interesting about their presentation, and what they’ve shown off at Field Day in the past.

Cloud Field Day 6 Prep – Morpheus Data and HashiCorp

Ned Bellavance will be joining us at Cloud Field Day later this month. To get ready, he’s looking at all of the announced presenters. In this post, he’s digging into Morpheus Data and HashiCorp. He looks at his own history with the two companies, what solutions they currently offer, and what he hopes to see from them at the event.

Preparing for CloudFieldDay6: Morpheus, LucidLink, HashiCorp

Lino Telera is getting ready to be a delegate at Cloud Field Day next month. In this post, he takes a look at what to expect from Morpheus, LucidLink, and HashiCorp. Be sure to catch the live stream, September 25-27, to get the technical deep dive from all of them!

Morpheus Data 4.0 Extends Capabilities to Simplify Enterprise Cloud

Morpheus Data is one of the most complete CMPs available. With their 4.0 release including new features such as Kubernetes management and enhanced Ansible integration, Morpheus Data seeks to gain a lead on the competition. Ken Nalbone digs into more details about the release in this piece, and is looking forward to a deep dive by the company at Cloud Field Day.

Morpheus Data: A Next-Gen Cloud Management Platform

Martez Reed hadn’t heard of Morpheus Data prior to their presentation at Cloud Field Day in April. He found that their Cloud Management Platform shines with native orchestration and automation support. What differentiates it from the pack of competitors is a particular DevOps focus, allowing for easier creation of coordinated CI/CD pipelines.

Innovate or Die? Three Ways to Cloud Enablement

At Cloud Field Day last month, Ned Bellavance got to thinking about how companies approach cloud enablement. After seeing a variety of approaches, he highlights three ways for companies to succeed at this difficult task.

Cloud Field Day 3 | Morpheus Data

Jeff Wilson came to Cloud Field Day last month, his first Field Day event since 2015. In this piece, he shares his thoughts on Morpheus Data. Overall he came away impressed, especially with their focus on operations. They offer what Jeff calls “well-articulated & rational glue” to take the pain out or managing a stack of heterogenous infrastructure whether it’s on-premises, in one cloud, or several clouds.

Morpheus Data brings the glue to multi-cloud management

Tim Crawford got to hear from Morpheus Data at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He thinks they offer an interesting abstraction layer for cloud services that enables unified management and visibility without losing features. This is a great start, but Tim is interested if going forward the company will target a wide range of supported services, or instead focus on a subset with rich features.

Disneyland, Industry Changes, and Cloud Field Day

Brad Parks from Morpheus Data shares videos and reactions from the company’s first Cloud Field Day presentation.

Cloud Field Day 3; Day 1 – That One Thing…

With Cloud Field Day over delegate Chris Porter takes a look back at day one of the event. This saw presentations from Morpheus Data, Delphix, and Oracle. Morpheus shows how they create an abstration layer for cloud services while still retaining unique features to particular services. Delphix showed how they can speed up the cycle of getting database backups to test/dev systems. Finally, Oracle gave a deep dive into their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview: Morpheus Data

Chris Evans will be joining our delegates at Cloud Field Day next week. Morpheus Data will be presenting, and Chris is looking forward to digging into their platform. They offer an end-to-end management and deployment of applications in a DevOps model, including component discovery, templates and policy. He’s interested in learning how the company will overcome some of the inherent issues that come up when adding in another abstraction layer to applications.

CFD3 Prep Post: Morpheus Data

Justin Warren has a very important question for Morpheus Data, what is a “unified multi-cloud orchestration tool”? He’ll get a chance to ask during their Cloud Field Day presentation next month. In his preview post, he looks at how the company purports to be an orchestrator of other familiar automation tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. Morpheus Data says this will save organizations time and money, a claim Justin has heard many times before. He’s looking forward to a deep dive for some details.