Meet Field Day Delegate – Jim Czuprynski

As we get back to in-person events, it’s always exciting to welcome a first-time delegate to the crazy world of Field Day! For Cloud Field Day in February, we are excited to announce first-time delegate Jim Czuprynski! Jim is a self-described technology advocate with many years of experience in IT – let’s learn a little more about Jim!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Demetrios Brinkmann

We always love inviting first time delegates to our Field Day events! One of the latest was Demetrios Brinkmann who attended AI Field Day in May. We took a few minutes to learn about Demetrios and posted about it on the Gestalt IT website. Head there to learn more about Demetrios, and be sure to check out all the great content from AI Field Day!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Peter Mackenzie

We’ve got an excellent lineup of delegates for the upcoming Mobility Field Day thanks in large part to a slate of new delegates including Peter Mackenzie! Peter took a few minutes to tell us a bit about himself on Head over to the Meet the Delegate post to learn more about him!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Chris Cummings

Making his debut at this month’s Networking Field Day is the fabulous Chris Cummings! Chris took the time to answer some question as well as tell us about how he got into technology and about his passion for automation. Check out the piece on where we get an insight into the world of Chris Cummings, and see him in action at Networking Field Day!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Bryton Herdes

Our delegate community is always growing and adding new folks that help us stay current with the ever changing world of technology. One of the newest delegates that we’re excited to welcome in is Bryton Herdes! We got to know Bryton a little more recently including some scandalous details about how he bypassed the IT Admin’s security policies at his elementary school. Head on over to and get to know Bryton as he debuts at Networking Field Day!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Kerstin Stief

We hope everyone will give a big Tech Field Day welcome to our newest delegate, Kerstin Stief! Kerstin is attending her first event as a delegate at Networking Field Day. She took some time to share with us her unusual journey into technology as well as some of her favorite things. Head over to to learn more about Kerstin and, most importantly, to see a picture of her cat Casimir!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jamie Phillips

Cloud Field Day is coming back soon and we’re welcoming a new delegate, Jamie Phillips, who will be joining us for the first time! Jamie is a Site Reliability Engineer, family man, and avid Mountain Biker. But that’s not all, check out this post on to learn more about him!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jason Collier

We have another new delegate! Joining us for the first time this week is Jason Collier, a serial entrepreneur and analyst in tech. He will be brining his expertise to the Tech Field Day Exclusive with Intel Memory and Storage. Jason took a few minutes to tell us about himself in our latest version of Meet the Field Day Delegate. Welcome to the Tech Field Day Community, Jason!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Steven Cortez

Tech Field Day is underway and so is the first event for new delegate Steven Cortez! Steven took a few minutes to tell us about himself as a self-described “tech dork”, and lover of great food and dancing. Take a minute to get to know Steven and then watch him in action at Tech Field Day this week!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Phillip Sellers

Welcoming in new delegates is one of our favorite things to do at Tech Field Day. At our event this week, we have two new delegates joining our community. The first is Phillip Sellers! From his enjoyment of plane watching to his hand-me-down Commodore 64, Phillip shares a little bit about himself and his experiences in the world of technology in our latest version of Meet the Delegate. To see Phillip in action as a delegate, tune in to Tech Field Day 22 this week!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Frederic Van Haren

Frederic Van Haren, CTO of his own tech company, HighFens Inc has joined as a Tech Field Day delegate. He shares his ideas on the future of tech, and a little more about him

Meet Field Day Delegate – Chris Hildebrandt

Getting a chance to meet new delegates and see them knock it out of the park at events is one of our favorite things at Tech Field Day. We were grateful to have Chris Hildebrandt join us as a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld earlier this month. Writing for GestaltIT, Matt Garvin introduces Chris in this edition of the Meet the Field Day Delegate series. Get to know Chris Hildebrandt a little better by reading his introductory profile on!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jerod Santo

We recently wrapped on Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020, which was also the wrap of the first delegate experience for Jerod Santo! Jerod is currently the Managing Editor of Changelog Media and has been writing there since 2013. It was great to have Jerod on board for this unique, live event. If you want to learn a little more about Jerod including his love for trees, check out our post about him! In addition, you can check out Jerod’s work on Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 on our website.

Matt Garvin

Matt Garvin is an Event Manager and brings nine years of event support and logistics experience to Tech Field Day for Gestalt IT