Microsoft Security: Use What You Have More Effectively

During this past Security Field Day, Microsoft Security discussed success factors, understanding the requirements, and laying on controls to protect the infrastructure throughout the data lifecycle. Zoe Rose, a Field Day delegate, talks about her thoughts on this in her latest blog, check it out here!

Protecting Digital Assets Across Platforms With the Combined Capabilities of SIEM and XDR With Microsoft

Sulagna Saha, writing for Gestalt It, talks about the announcement of a novel approach to mitigate the growing security concerns in enterprises from Microsoft Security at this past Tech Field Day presentations. Check out her thoughts on the integrated SIEM+XDR solution.

TechHouse570- Security Field Day 7- Delegates Recap- Part 2

In the latest TechHouse570 post by Girard Kavelines, he talks about the presentations from Arista and Microsoft at this past Security Field Day. He also gave us an insight to some behind the camera fun from the delegates! Take a look here!

Microsoft’s Security Vision: Let Our Acronyms Scan All Your Things

Microsoft Security presented at this past Security Field Day where Chris Hayner attended as a delegate. In his latest post, Chris discusses Microsoft’s new proposal. Check it out here!

Secure Virtual Giraffe

In this latest podcast, Chris Hayner and Ned Bellavance talk about this past Security Field Day where Keeper Security and Microsoft presented. Check out their thoughts here on NFTs and much more!

Securing 2022 With Security Field Day 7!

Check out Tom Hollingsworth give us an update on what to look forward to at March’s Security Field Day!