Nasuni – scaling unstructured data

Erik Ableson got to hear from Nasuni at Storage Field Day in June. He found the update well worth it, with the company showing maturing and real world use cases. Overall, their unstructured data solution is an interesting hydrid, offering a SaaS-like experience, but also includes remote edge servers. But this approach is worth it, as it allows for a true end-to-end solution, from access, to backup and DR.

Nasuni at SFD 16

Brandon Graves was introduced to Nasuni at Storage Field Day 16 and was impressed by their presentation. Nasuni provides a solution that simplifies the distributed NAS and makes the move to the cloud easier for its customers. Brandon appreciates the integration with the big cloud providers as well as the cacheing capabilities that ensure that data can be always accessible even if there are issues preventing access to the cloud, and looks forward to hearing more from Nasuni.

Nasuni – Global Object File Storage on Steroids

Keiran Shelden covers one of his favorite presentations at Storage Field Day 16 from Nasuni, who provide a cloud and on-premises Global Object File Storage system running on their patented UniFS file system. Keiran highly recommends checking out Nasuni for organizations with multiple offices looking into a way to centralize files.

Nasuni Hosts Storage Field Day 16 at Our Boston HQ

Nasuni recalls their experience presenting at Storage Field Day 16, covering everything from the details of the presentation itself, to the delegates love of Nasuni’s velociraptor.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services Platform

Renè van den Bedem praises Nasuni for starting with public cloud after their Storage Field Day 16 presentation. This cloud-first architecture gives them the unique ability to provide enterprise file services that scale globally, and Renè recommends Nasuni as an alternative to the mesh of legacy NAS often needed to provide that service.

Nasuni presents at #SFD16

Nasuni presented at Storage Field Day last week. Matt Leib thinks the company hasn’t strayed too far from their roots as a “Big File Server,” and that’s a good thing. Offering a largely scalable, file-based services for the enterprise, with scalability based on namespace is more relevant than ever. Matt looks at their Universal File System, and how it enables many of the features he saw during the presentation.

Nasuni Empowers Enterprise IT With Mobile Access

Nasuni Empowers Enterprise IT With Mobile Access

Nasuni Presents at Tech Field Day 8

Nasuni presented at Tech Field Day 8 on Thursday, September 15, 2011. Watch the presentation below, and follow our TFD8 Links page for reactions and responses from the delegates!

Tech Field Day 8: Video and Presentation Schedule

Tech Field Day 8 will be held Thursday and Friday, September 15 and 16, with a great group of independent delegates coming together in and around San Jose, CA. The event brings our delegates together with great tech companies like Nutanix, DataDirect Networks, SolidFire, Nasuni, and Arkeia!

Tech Field Day 8 – Silicon Valley

We returned to our roots in Silicon Valley for Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day 8. Held September 15 and 16, we included eight companies in the cloud computing and data storage industries.