Nasuni Continues to Serve Budget-Conscious Customers With Efficient Data Storage on Affordable Plans

Sulagna Saha writes about Nasuni’s Data File Platform, a service that makes storing large volumes of unstructured data simple, secure and affordable. Read her review on Gestalt IT, and watch deep-dive and demo presentations on the solution on Tech Field Day.

Unlimited Capacity in File Storage – Nasuni

At the most recent Tech Field Day, Nasuni presented on the architecture of the Nasuni Cloud File Storage platform. In this article, Sulagna Saha talks about how this is packed with a long list of capabilities and will resolve the scalability concerns of traditional storage. Check out her thoughts here!

Small & Fierce Tech Upstarts Dominate

Jim attended this past Tech Field Day as a delegate! In his latest blog he talks about the presentations from Nasuni, Apica, Keysight, and his favorite presenter; Fortinet. Check out his overall thoughts here!

Nasuni’s Object File System Puzzles Me

In this blog, Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, gives us some insight on Nasuni’s presentation from this past Tech Field Day. Check out his thoughts here!

Tech Upfront: Data Gravity and Cloud Storage

Check out Enrico Signoretti’s latest podcast where he talks about cloud computing and the presentations from Hammerspace and Nasuni from this past Storage Field Day!

How Nasuni Made Their Name in a Cloud-Washed Space

When everyone claims their product is in the cloud, it’s hard to parse through which solutions actually leverage the cloud in a way that benefits your business most. In their appearance at Storage Field Day, Nasuni detailed how their all-in-one, cloud-native approach to file storage fills their customers’ needs without emptying their pocketbooks. Read on to learn more about their approach, and be sure to check out their Storage Field Day presentation for more info.

Nasuni Puts Your Data Where You Need It

At Storage Field Day earlier this year, Dan Frith had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see Nasuni’s presentation. In this blog post, Dan takes a look at Nasuni’s offering, noting its 5 key components: UniFS, Virtual Edge Appliances, Management Console, Orchestration Center, and Analytics Connector. Check out his blog to see everything he had to say about Nasuni!

Storage Options for the Distributed Enterprise

Writing for GigaOm, delegate Enrico Signoretti discusses different approaches to defying data gravity. Enrico references solutions from Nasuni and Hammerspace, both of which presented last month at Storage Field Day. You can find all the presentations from Storage Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Presenters React to the Storage Field Day 21 Experience

Storage Field Day was our first event of 2021, and we think it went swimmingly! After the presentations, we spoke to each of the presenting teams to get their thoughts on their Storage Field Day appearances and we compiled some of their answers into a video.
A big thank you to Hammerspace, Intel, NetApp, Pliops, MinIO, Tintri, and Nasuni for making the event such a success! Check out their thoughts on Storage Field Day on the YouTube video or take a look at the many great presentations on our website.

Object Storage Is Heating Up

Enrico Signoretti joined us as a delegate at Storage Field Day last month! He follows the event with his thoughts on object storage and its rise in popularity. Some reasons for this growing popularity include information such as the hybrid cloud, digital transformation, and the affordability of flash. Enrico points to MinIO’s presentation from Storage Field Day about Kubernetes and how it’s leading the way. He also points to another presentation from this event, where Nasuni presents its solution. To see what else Enrico had to say, check out this blog on!

Delegates Win the Day at Storage Field Day 21

Earlier this year, Storage Field Day welcomed a panel of our independent influencers and presenting companies. This Field Day event featured thought-provoking storage solutions from Hammerspace, Intel, NetApp, Pliops, MinIO, Tintri, and Nasuni. To see what some of the presenters at this Storage Field Day had to say about Field Day events, check out this post on!

Storageless Data, Cloud Native Und Kubernetes: Storage Field Day 21

Following Storage Field Day in January, Wolfgang Stief recaps the presentations from different companies. In this blog post, Wolfgang noticed some recurring themes, including cloud-native and storageless data. Wolfgang separates his thoughts by each day of the event and includes some tweets that he also shared each day. Visit the Tech Field Day website to see the presentations from this Storage Field Day event. For more of Wolfgang’s thoughts, visit!

Storage Field Day 21 – The TECHunplugged Take on Nasuni

In this video from TECHunplugged, Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro give their thoughts on Nasuni’s presentation from Storage Field Day in January. Max mentions that Nasuni was one of the companies that stood out to him and was amazed by Nasuni’s idea because “it’s so simple and so straightforward, it’s almost genius.” Nasuni looks at the traditional challenges of NAS and creates a solution for those challenges. To learn more about Nasuni’s solution, check out its presentation on the Tech Field Day website!

Nasuni – Cloud-Scale NAS Without Cloud Worries

Max Mortillaro had the opportunity to join us as a delegate at Storage Field Day in January where he saw Nasuni’s presentation. Max provides an analysis of Nasuni’s presentation and recognizes that managing file services at scale can be a challenge. In his analysis, Max writes, “By building on top of public clouds, Nasuni provides global data coverage with local acceleration, infinite scale and true cloud economics.” To find out what else Max had to say about Nasuni’s presentation from Storage Field Day, visit TECHunplugged!

Storage Field Day 21 – Nasuni

At Storage Field Day in January, Barry Coombs joined us as a delegate and had the opportunity to see Nasuni’s presentation. In this edition of Tech Doodles, Barry recaps Nasuni’s presentation with notes on Nasuni Cloud File Storage, its different use cases, and more. Check out Barry’s doodle for more of his thoughts!

Nasuni – scaling unstructured data

Erik Ableson got to hear from Nasuni at Storage Field Day in June. He found the update well worth it, with the company showing maturing and real world use cases. Overall, their unstructured data solution is an interesting hydrid, offering a SaaS-like experience, but also includes remote edge servers. But this approach is worth it, as it allows for a true end-to-end solution, from access, to backup and DR.

Nasuni at SFD 16

Brandon Graves was introduced to Nasuni at Storage Field Day 16 and was impressed by their presentation. Nasuni provides a solution that simplifies the distributed NAS and makes the move to the cloud easier for its customers. Brandon appreciates the integration with the big cloud providers as well as the cacheing capabilities that ensure that data can be always accessible even if there are issues preventing access to the cloud, and looks forward to hearing more from Nasuni.

Nasuni – Global Object File Storage on Steroids

Keiran Shelden covers one of his favorite presentations at Storage Field Day 16 from Nasuni, who provide a cloud and on-premises Global Object File Storage system running on their patented UniFS file system. Keiran highly recommends checking out Nasuni for organizations with multiple offices looking into a way to centralize files.

Nasuni Hosts Storage Field Day 16 at Our Boston HQ

Nasuni recalls their experience presenting at Storage Field Day 16, covering everything from the details of the presentation itself, to the delegates love of Nasuni’s velociraptor.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services Platform

Renè van den Bedem praises Nasuni for starting with public cloud after their Storage Field Day 16 presentation. This cloud-first architecture gives them the unique ability to provide enterprise file services that scale globally, and Renè recommends Nasuni as an alternative to the mesh of legacy NAS often needed to provide that service.