Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day

Nathaniel Avery will be a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. While Intel has put out some releases regarding the event, a bit of a mystery still remains. Nathaniel is looking forward to getting some more details at the event. You can watch along on the live stream to get the full details with Nathaniel!

NetApp Active IQ – A Logical Next Step in Maintenance

Nathaniel Avery wrote up his thoughts on NetApp’s Active IQ, something he saw quite a bit about at Tech Field Day earlier this month. This service offers configuration suggestions based on a massive dataset of anonymized data the company collects on deployments, which are then processed by machine learning algorithms to look for larger trends. Active IQ also lets customers compare configuration efficiencies with similar customers, which is key to making sure you’re getting the most for your money. Throwing around terms like ML made Nathaniel a little skeptical, but he came away impressed by the capabilities.

SolarWinds Takes on Security

Security might not be top of mind when thinking of SolarWinds, but after seeing their presentation at Tech Field Day, Nathaniel Avery is starting to consider them in a new light. They demoed their SolarWinds Access Rights Manage for Microsoft Active Directory, trying to solve the classic problems of account and permission management. Combined with their large existing customer base, and their consistent UI across products, Nathaniel thinks they can make an aggressive move into the security market going forward.

SolarWinds – Moving Monitoring in the Right Direction

Nathaniel Avery got to hear from Solarwinds last week at Tech Field Day from the company’s home base of Austin. He got to see how the company’s IT portfolio has expanded, now encompassing over 50 products, including network management, systems management, database management, IT security, helpdesk, and DevOps. What he really enjoyed hearing was how Solarwinds put work into their product design to make moving within this massive product portfolio less daunting, like trying to match interfaces when possible. It’s that behind the scenes kind of conversation you can only get at a Tech Field Day event.

Tech Field Day Delegate – Part Deux

Nathaniel Avery returned for his second Field Day event as a delegate at Tech Field Day in Austin last week. After attending Cloud Field Day last year, it was an interesting change to hear presentations from more broadly across the data center. As a returning delegate, he definitely brushed up on the presenters before the event, and was better prepared for the off-camera networking that’s an important part of the Tech Field Day experience.

Addressing Public Cloud Storage Hurdles w/ SoftNAS

Nate Avery gives an overview of what he saw from SoftNAS at Cloud Field Day this month. He found the layout and concept of their cloud storage solution should make any admin familiar with on-prem NAS devices comfortable. He particularly highlights the advantages of SoftNAS’s data tiering and migration versus what is natively provided by the public cloud.

Troubleshooting – Can’t Login to SoftNAS Appliance (Azure) – “Incorrect Username/Password”

Nathaniel Avery troubleshoots a problem he had logging in when trying out the SoftNAS, a company he saw present at Cloud Field Day this month, virtual appliance in his Azure account. He gives a quick overview of the problem before going step by step on how to fix it, but he recommends anyone else follow the manual in the future.

Up in the Air

On his way to Cloud Field Day this week, Nathaniel Avery talks about the value of being a part of the community and the camaraderie of the Tech Field Day delegates. He encourages others to put themselves out there, in whatever medium, share their knowledge and experience, and be a part of the community.

Nate Avery

Systems Engineer with 20 years of experience designing, planning, and implementing complex systems integrating custom-built and COTS applications.