Nature Fresh Farms – Optimizing Indoor Farming Practices With AI and Intel

At AI Field Day, Nature Fresh Farms, a leader in greenhouse farming in North America, revealed how the strategic use of Intel AI solutions revolutionized their farming practices towards precision agriculture. Keith Bradley highlighted the transition from traditional to high-tech farming, with on-premises Intel-based infrastructure enabling real-time data analytics for improved yield, resource efficiency, and operational control. Emphasizing sustainability and the growing importance of AI in agriculture, Bradley shared how Nature Fresh Farms harnesses predictive AI models on the farm, leveraging technology to optimize every aspect from irrigation to packaging and contributing to a marked increase in yield per square meter annually. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Sulagna Saha.

From Server Farm to Table: How Nature Fresh Uses AI and CPUs to Improve Crop Yields

At AI Field Day 4, Keith Bradley from Nature Fresh Farms highlighted the practical application of AI in agriculture, revealing how the company utilizes AI models and data from IoT devices to boost crop yields significantly. As Jim Davis writes, Nature Fresh Farms’ unique approach relies heavily on edge computing with Intel Xeon CPUs for AI inferencing, debunking common misconceptions that AI always requires cloud connectivity or GPU resources. Bradley’s presentation emphasized the critical importance of IT system reliability in the agricultural sector, where even brief periods of downtime can result in substantial losses.