Nebulon Takes on SAN Arrays and HCI – Differently

When Nebulon presented on its cloud-defined storage options at Storage Field Day this year, it was clear it had some great potential. Georgina Ford, writing for, writes about that presentation and thinks that Nebulon is successfully simplifying deployment and maintenance while simultaneously adopting a new deployment strategy for cloud. Check out her thoughts on Nebulon’s latest developments on!

Storage Field Day and the Direction of Travel

The presenters at Storage Field Day in August had a concrete understanding of what practitioners actually want and need. Or so says Paul Stringfellow, one of our twelve delegates who attended the virtual event. He writes summaries of the great work being done and information presented by Nebulon, Qumulo, Cisco, and Intel, and notes how each sponsor is listening to the needs of IT professionals everywhere. Check out the presentations from each of these companies on the Tech Field Day website!

Will the DPU Kill the Storage Array?

“Will the DPU kill the Storage Array?” This is what Storage Field Day delegate Keith Townsend is wondering today. Keith had the chance to see Nebulon present at their first Storage Field Day, and as a result says we shouldn’t be abandoning the storage array just yet. Keith thinks that Nebulon has a really unique offering and can help give us another look at distributed storage services. Check out Keith’s blog to hear some of his thoughts on Nebulon and the future of the storage array.

Nebulon Shadow Storage

In his blog, The Data Centre Brit, Storage Field Day delegate Jason Benedicic says his initial impression of Nebulon was way off. After listening to their presentations at Storage Field Day and having some follow up conversations with them, Jason writes that Nebulon has changed his initial impression and that they have a great chance of making a splash in the market. Because of their unique placement in the storage industry, Jason thinks of Nebulon as a “Shadow Storage Vendor.” Read more about Jason’s take on Nebulon on his blog and check out videos from their first ever Storage Field Day presentations on our website!

Nebulon – It’s Server Storage Jim, but Not as We Know It

Dan Frith had the chance to see Nebulon present at Storage Field Day, and was intrigued enough that he had a follow-up briefing with their team to go over their cloud-defined storage (CDS) offering. CDS effectively delivers storage that is defined and managed through the cloud while consuming no server CPU or memory resources. Dan writes that this has a lot of appeal, especially if you anticipate needing to scale up or down quickly. Check out Nebulon’s presentation on their cloud-defined storage offering on our website!

An Intriguing Approach to Modern Data Center Infrastructure

Enrico Signoretti attended Storage Field Day in August and had the chance to see Nebulon present on their Cloud-Defined Storage solution. Enrico writes about composable storage and shares that the concepts Nebulon is adapting are powerful and have the chance to make a significant impact. Enrico is intrigued at their potential and looking forward to seeing where Nebulon and their innovative technologies go in the future. Be sure to check out Enrico’s post and Nebulon’s presentations at Storage Field Day on our website!

Making Our Inaugural Appearance at Storage Field Day 20!

We were very excited for Nebulon to present for the first time at Storage Field Day earlier this month! They brought an exciting perspective to the event and highlighted themselves through several live product demos. Be sure to check out their videos on our website and we hope to have them back soon!