Sysdig – Monitoring via eBPF

Sysdig recently presented at Cloud Field Day, and we were fortunate to have Ned Bellavance around the table as a delegate. Sysdig was founded by the co-author of Wireshark based on the idea that packet capture on the wire is dead. Sysdig instead aims to capture all traffic information from containers for analysis. They do this with a lightweight container on each host that can access a extended Berkeley Packet Filter running on the kernel. Ned found this a compelling architecture for the monitoring challenges that cloud-native applications introduce.

Cloud Field Day – VMware

Ned Bellavance is joining us as a delegate again at Cloud Field Day this week. He’s published a series of posts looking at each of the presenters, and in this one he casts his gaze toward VMware. Their presentation will focus on VMware on AWS, something Ned has been skeptical about since it launched. He still thinks its a viable, and in some cases appropriate, solution for some organizations. We’ll see if their presentation can change his mind.

Cloud Field Day – Sysdig

Ned Bellavance will be joining us at Cloud Field Day next week, but before he arrives, he’s doing his homework on the presenters. In this post, he’s taking a look at Sysdig. Ned was impressed by how succinctly the company states it’s mission: Monitor and secure containers across the entire software lifecycle. Of course the devil is in the details, and Ned is looking forward to a deep dive into how they are doing it at the event. Be sure to watch their presentation on our live stream to see for yourself.

Cloud Field Day – Kemp

Hard to believe, but Cloud Field Day is coming up next week. Among the delegates, we’re thrilled to have Ned Bellavance returning to the event. One of the companies he’ll get to hear from is Kemp Technologies. Ned first came across this company a while ago on a client site, and has kept up with the company as they’ve transition into cloud-focused solutions. He looking forward to finding out how the company plans to support cloud native applications, Kubernetes and container integrations, and how the company is capturing metrics in the cloud. Sounds like it should make for an excellent dialogue during the presentation.

Cloud Field Day – Datrium

Ned Bellavance is nothing if not diligent, doing research on the presenting companies before heading out to Silicon Valley. In this post, he’s giving Datrium a closer look. He looks at the companies major products including On-Prem DVX, Cloud DVX, and CloudShift. The latter really piqued his interest with it’s DR as a Service approach. He’s got questions about cloud exclusivity, recovery outside of VMC, and container workloads that he’s looking foward to asking at the event.

Cloud Field Day – Cohesity

Ned Bellavance is doing his research ahead of Cloud Field Day next month. In this post, he’s giving Cohesity a closer look. While many cloud folks might think of Cohesity as a backup or data management company, Ned makes the case why they are becoming a major data aggregator. This starts with something like backup, or perhaps managing secondary storage. But for Ned, now that the company has that data, why not index and do more with it, which is exactly the capability Cohesity is building out. He’s excited to see what the company will present at Cloud Field Day.

Cloud Field Day – NGINX

Ned Bellavance will grace Cloud Field Day with a return appearance this year. Ahead of the event, Ned is previewing what to expect from some of the companies, focusing on NGINX in this post. Aside from technical questions about their product portfolio, Ned is definitely interested to hear how the company will work as it is acquired by F5 Networks. Tune into the live stream to catch it all for yourself!

Cloud Storage – AWS, Azure, and Beyond

Ned Bellavance and Stephen Foskett break down the cloud storage options from AWS and Microsoft Azure. They then illustrate why the cacophony of choice from just those two providers make it almost impossible to do a true comparison of either performance or value. They see something like NetApp’s Cloud Volumes, which they saw at Cloud Field Day earlier this year, as a way to approach some consistency in the marketplace.

Multi-Cloud, DevOps, and Storage

From the presentation from NetApp at Cloud Field Day earlier this year, Ned Bellavance and Stephen Foskett wrote an in-depth article looking at the challenges of applying DevOps concepts to storage, especially in a multi-cloud environment. NetApp addressed this challenge with Cloud Volumes, which they see as providing the flexibility demanded by DevOps without sacrificing the functionality of robust data services.

Episode 54: Get up, eat omelet, throw chair

On this episode of the Buffer Overflow podcast, Ned Bellavance talks about what he saw from Droplet Computing with their company debut at Cloud Field Day. They utilize browser-based containerization using Web Assembly to run applications independent of OS or architecture.

My Life as a Tech Impostor

Being invited to Cloud Field Day caused Ned Bellavance to think about Imposter Syndrome. He’s found that in technology, not knowing every thing doesn’t make you an imposter, because everyone is in the same boat. Instead of worrying about being an imposter, he leaves the piece with some great advice: Know what you know. Learn what you can. Be generous those willing to learn. Learn from those willing to share.

Veritas 360 – CloudPoint

Following a presentation by Veritas at Cloud Field Day, Ned Bellavance wanted to try out CloudPoint, their cloud-native backup solution. In this post, he documents how to get through setup and install of CloudPoint. After a few hiccups, he walks through backing up and recovering VMs on Azure. Ned sees a lot of interesting ideas in CloudPoint, and hopes that Veritas will continue to invest in it to get it production ready.

Innovate or Die? Three Ways to Cloud Enablement

At Cloud Field Day last month, Ned Bellavance got to thinking about how companies approach cloud enablement. After seeing a variety of approaches, he highlights three ways for companies to succeed at this difficult task.

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