Getting Social and Engaging with CommvaultGo 2018 from your couch

Luigi Danakos was one of our delegates at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018. At the event, the delegates got to hear exclusive pre-embargo announcements, and get deep dives into the interesting service offerings announced at the show. Luigi shares some of the lead up to the event in this post. Make sure to check out our full video of their presentations to get up to speed.

Commvault “Thinks Different” About Data

Luigi Danakos was a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018. He got to see all the keynotes and announcements from the event, looking at how Commvault is moving the company into the broader world of data management. This includes a new focus on partner relationships and a vastly streamlined licensing model.

Tech Stand Up Episode 9 – SFD17 – Initial thoughts NGD Systems Podcast

Luigi Danakos discusses his thoughts on the computational storage shown by NGD Systems at Storage Field Day on the most recent episode of the Tech Stand Up Podcast. Joining him are Joe Houghes and Howard Marks. They discuss how the devices network, scale, and what use cases can best use the tech.

Tech Stand UP Episode 8 – SFD17 – Initial Thoughts on Komprise Podcast

On the latest Tech Stand UP episode, Luigi Danakos, Aaron Strong, and Joe Houghes discuss what they saw from Komprise at Storage Field Day last week. They discuss how Komprise’s Observer can be a tool to help users and businesses stay in compliance in a post-GDPR world.

Is Software Defined Networking Like Yoga?

How does software defined networking resemble yoga? Both give you flexibility. Luigi Danakos makes the case that VMware NSX offers the flexibility needed to meet the needs of distributed modern networks.

Stop User Behavior from killing your data

Forcepoint was a first time presenter at Tech Field Day last month in Austin. In this post, Luigi Danakos takes a look at their User Behavior Analytics. Forcepoint’s approach to security is not to focus on outside threats that firewalls and policy can help stop, but rather to identify potential insider threats based on looking at behavior. This often falls outside simple rules of good vs bad behavior, requiring algorithms and statistical models to categorize the messy middle of most user actions.

Storage is boring

After hearing from DellEMC on their XtremeIO and VMAX solutions at Tech Field Day, Keith discusses why storage is boring. Of course, for the enterprise, boring is not a bad thing.

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