We’re Not Here to Talk About Storage!

At NetApp’s Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019 presentation, Andy Banta wanted to…not talk about storage. Al Rasheed was a delegate at the presentation, and he heard Andy discuss Enhanced Data Center Workloads. This started with a look at the history of the data center, then got into modern considerations of allocating compute, memory, and storage resources.

NetApp, Workloads, and Pizza

While attending VMworld US 2019, Dan Frith was able to attend some Tech Field Day Extra presentations going on at the event. One of them was from NetApp, a company Dan is well familiar with but one that never fails to have something new to show. During the presentation, NetApp’s Andy Banta presented on the future of the data center, which will involve persistent memory, microvisors, and more specialized cores. It gave Dan a lot to think about, be sure to check out his post for details.

The HCI Definition Obsession

In this post, Chris Evans considers the latest ability of NetApp’s Cloud Volumes services to run on-premises with NetApp HCI. This struck him as storage coming full circle, with a cloud-native approach to storage coming back within the data center. For Chris, this sparked the thought that maybe people have misunderstood NetApp’s HCI strategy from the start. Instead of strictly adhering to a traditional definition of HCI, NetApp built a hybrid cloud solution that provides a consistent experience for customers. In the end, Chris thinks that’s more valuable.

Cloudy With a Chance of APIs – Reflections From Tech Field Day 19

Tech Field Day is all about bringing together the different disciplines of the data center into a single event, bringing a diversity of views from both the presenting companies and invited delegates. Adam Fisher definitely go that experience at Tech Field Day last month. The event featured presentations from diverse topics as Robotic Process Automation to cloud visibility solutions. The unifying aspect of every company was the presence of some kind of public cloud integration into their solutions, and the availability of well documented APIs. It’s no surprise that these are dominant trends in IT, but surprising to see them on display from such a wide array of presenters.

NetApp Wants You to See the Whole Picture

Dan Frith is no stranger to Storage Field Day, but last month was the first time he attended a Tech Field Day event. Luckily there was a familiar face presenting at the event with NetApp. They presented on their Cloud Insights solution, which presenting into what turned into an overall theme of the event of management and monitoring. Dan was really intrigued by the ability of Cloud Insights to give a full picture of application services, with operating systems and underlying hardware.

Cloud-Native Data Protection

In this post, Chris Evans looks at cloud-native data protection. He breaks down why it makes sense for an organization, what some of the potential challenges are, and takes time to define what a cloud native solution should actually look like. He also looks the companies offering solutions in the space, including what Druva showed at Cloud Field Day last year, and solutions presented at Storage Field Day by NetApp.

Tech Field Day (#TFD19): A Heads-Up

Before heading to Tech Field Day this week, Ather Beg wrote up a little homework in this blog post. He gives an outline of what to expect from each presenter. For those watching along on the live stream or catching up on the video later, it’s a good one stop shop for background information. He’s got links to relevant material, as well as his own thoughts on the presenters.

Tech Field Day 19 – I’m on My Way!

Liselotte Foverskov is returning to Tech Field Day with our event next week. This time around, she’s looking to join in the conversation around the table a little bit more, we can’t wait! In this post, she gives a little preview of what she’s expecting from each of the presenters. We can’t wait to hear her thoughts after the event.

NetApp, Cloudier Than Ever

While attending Storage Field Day in February, Enrico Signoretti learned more about NetApp’s NDAS data protection software. It takes advantage of NetApp’s snapshot and mirroring technology to convert file data to objects stored in the cloud. He sees great potential for this approach, disrupting their own status quo.

NetApp Active IQ Adds Machine Learning to Autosupport

Talking about Machine Learning at a Field Day event and there probably will be some calls of buzzword BINGO. But when a use of the technology actually stands out and impresses the delegates, it’s worth paying attention. That’s what Justin Warren is talking about in this piece about NetApp’s presentation. He breaks down what NetApp is doing with Active IQ. This essentially takes the 400 terabytes of telemetry data collected by the company, and applies sophisticated analysis to better help storage administrators. It might not offer the grandiose claims of other ML and AI technology, but for Justin, being a little humble means NetApp’s approach probably works a lot better.

#91 – Storage Field Day 18 in Review

In this episode of the Storage Unpacked podcast, Chris Evans and Martin Glassborow discuss what happened at Storage Field Day last month. The companies pretty cleanly divided between scale-out primary storage and data protection solutions. They touch on all the presenters, and where listeners can learn more about the event. Be sure to give it a listen as a preview before watching all of the event presentation video on our site.

Bridges to the Clouds and More – NetApp NDAS

NetApp presented on their NetApp Data Availability Services at Storage Field Day. Chin-Fah Heoh thinks this generalist IT solution is interesting, enabling ONTAP primary systems to be backed up to an AWS bucket in as little as five clicks. He’s looking forward to seeing support for more public cloud storage providers, but thinks this is the right step for NetApp to start providing more value to customers for secondary storage.

Democratizing Data Management

Enrico Signoretti wrote up an excellent piece on how Cohesity and NetApp are approaching the data management market. He shared it on his blog, as well as the Gigaom link here.

NetApp and the Space in Between

For Dan Frith, NetApp’s presentation at Storage Field Day was a little extra special, as they got to hear from co-founder Dave Hitz on his last day. He outlined the current state of NetApp’s cloud strategy, something that Dan thinks is underrated in IT. They’ve had some missteps along the way, but Dave outlined why some workloads don’t move to the cloud, why most will, and how NetApp is creating cloud storage solutions aimed to bridge the gap.

Democratizing Data Management

At Storage Field Day last month, Enrico Signoretti got to hear a few different takes on what data management will look like in the future. He think Cohesity has had the right idea on the subject for a while, with the addition of an application marketplace making things even easier for customers. But NetApp really impressed by showing how SnapMirror replication to make copies of data in the cloud, making data easily accessible to lots of people in an organization. While NetApp’s product isn’t quite as mature as their vision, Enrico think both companies are doing a superb job with their data management strategies.

Exploiting Secondary Data With NDAS From NetApp

Chris Evans got to hear about NetApp Data Availability Services at Storage Field Day last month. While the service is being pitched as a tool of IT generalists, Chris sees longer term value for it as a secondary option for data search and analytics. If this is a broader data management play, the company will need to expand beyond structured data, but Chris was impressed by what he saw.

NetApp Insight 2018 Product Announcements

In this post, Ray Lucchesi runs down the major announcements from NetApp Insight 2018. NetApp Kubernetes Service allows for running managed Kubernetes on the public cloud or on NetApp HCI hardware. MAX Data comes out of NetApp’s Plexistor acquisition and offers a two-tier, local file system that can make use of DRAM, NVDIMMs, or 3D Xpoint memory as an ultra-fast Persistent Memory Tier and ONTAP storage as the Storage Tier. Ray thinks NetApp has been on a high lately, and these announcements show the company has no signs of slowing down.

Are CIO’s Missing the Metadata Bus?

Storage Field Day saw the return of Keith Townsend to the delegate ranks. In this post, he takes a look at what NetApp presented at the event. They showed their Network Data as a Service, which indexes all of the metadata stored in the system, allowing for basic analytics and an easily searchable data lake. Given NetApp’s breadth across Tier 1 and backup storage platforms, Keith sees some intriguing possibilities.

Monitoring Customer Data With Machine Learning

Justin Warren wrote up this piece looking at how IT companies are using machine learning to better monitor customer data. He specifically cites HPE’s InfoSight and NetApp’s Active IQ interesting examples, the latter of which he saw at Tech Field Day last month. He notes that collecting and processing information across customers allows Active IQ to notice systemic issues earlier.

Podcast #3 – Chris & Matt Review the SFD18 Presenters

In this podcast episode, Chris Evan and Matt Leib did an off the cuff rundown of the Storage Field Day presenters. The event was jam packed with interesting IT companies, and the two do a great job of running through what stood out from Cohesity, Datera, IBM, NetApp, StorPool, VAST Data WekaIO and Western Digital.