Converged Architecture Built for AI

Matt Lieb attended January’s Storage Field Day as a delegate, his experiences from which serving as the basis for this piece. He details how AI and ML are entering the field of storage and how converged architecture serves the needs of today’s IT practitioners. Read on for all of his experiences.

Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? Recap From Cloud Field Day 10

Adam Fisher recounts his experiences as a Cloud Field Day delegate in this wrap-up post from his blog, Virtual Bonzo. In it, he details his takeaways from the presentations of this spring’s Cloud Field Day. Read on to see what all Fisher has to say, and be sure to watch all of the Cloud Field Day presentations for more info.

GigaOm Live – 4.16.21

In this first ever episode of the livestreamed GigaOm Live show, host Johnny Baltisberger is joined by analysts Jason Collier and Enrico Signoretti, who discuss their experiences at the recent Tech Field Day event in late April. Specifically, the crew dives into news surrounding NetApp as well as the Tech Field Day presentations by Micron and Xilinx. Tune in to hear all of their discussion, and check out April’s Tech Field Day for the technical context.

Continuous Cloud Optimization Through Spot by NetApp

Many of today’s organizations have adopted cloud-based resources and infrastructure as key parts of their operations. The next step is to optimize them, which is what NetApp aims to do through Spot Ocean, part of Spot by NetApp. At March’s Cloud Field Day, NetApp detailed how IT practitioners can evaluate their containers and microservices in Kubernetes to maximize output while minimizing costs. For more information, check out NetApp’s presentation at Cloud Field Day on our website!

NetApp Delivers AI Data Management Solutions to Enterprise IT

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been used in many endeavors for social benefits, including the quick development of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, there can be operational challenges that come with managing and storing petabytes of data. As seen at Storage Field Day in January, NetApp has some platforms and tools in its portfolio that are built around adding value to AI/ML workloads and solving some of the challenges organizations face when adopting AI/ML. To learn more about NetApp’s solution, be sure to watch its presentations from Storage Field Day on our website!

NetApp Files Extend Enterprise File Services to the Cloud

Last fall at Cloud Field Day, NetApp showcased its Azure NetApp Files and how it can enable core enterprise applications in the cloud. This technology is a native Azure solution developed by NetApp designed to provide enterprise-grade performance and on-premises storage features to the cloud. To learn more, be sure to check out the videos of NetApp at Cloud Field Day on our website!

Presenters React to the Cloud Field Day Experience

Cloud Field Day happened earlier this month and the presenters are happy with the experience of everything involved! To see what makes Tech Field Day events special to companies, what they learned, and their thoughts on the overall experience of Cloud Field Day, check out this video and post on!

NetApp Keystone – How Do You Want It?

Earlier this year, Dan Frith had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see NetApp’s presentation at Storage Field Day. Dan focuses on NetApp Keystone in this blog post, which he describes, “In short, it gives you a flexible way to consume the broader portfolio of NetApp solutions as a service on-premises (and off-premises).” This offering focuses on providing different needs as-a-Service. For more of Dan’s thoughts on NetApp Keystone, be sure to check out his blog!

Looking Forward to Cloud Field Day 10

We’re excited for the upcoming Cloud Field Day and so is Ken Nalbone, who is joining us as a delegate for the event. In this blog, Ken looks forward to the event and provides his thoughts on the different presenting companies. Be sure to tune in from March 10-12, 2021, to catch the presentations and use #CFD10 on Twitter to join in on the discussion!

Data Science Storage With NetApp’s Python Toolkit

At Storage Field Day in January, Ray Lucchesi had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see NetApp’s presentation on its NetApp Data Science Toolkit. On his blog, Ray focuses on the Python SDK to manage NetApp storage for data scientists and AI researchers. He was impressed by this concept, as he comments: “I’m not a data science expert but a Python SDK for storage management just makes so much sense to me I just had to take a look.” For more of Ray’s analysis, check out his blog!

Presenters React to the Storage Field Day 21 Experience

Storage Field Day was our first event of 2021, and we think it went swimmingly! After the presentations, we spoke to each of the presenting teams to get their thoughts on their Storage Field Day appearances and we compiled some of their answers into a video.
A big thank you to Hammerspace, Intel, NetApp, Pliops, MinIO, Tintri, and Nasuni for making the event such a success! Check out their thoughts on Storage Field Day on the YouTube video or take a look at the many great presentations on our website.

Delegates Win the Day at Storage Field Day 21

Earlier this year, Storage Field Day welcomed a panel of our independent influencers and presenting companies. This Field Day event featured thought-provoking storage solutions from Hammerspace, Intel, NetApp, Pliops, MinIO, Tintri, and Nasuni. To see what some of the presenters at this Storage Field Day had to say about Field Day events, check out this post on!

Storageless Data, Cloud Native Und Kubernetes: Storage Field Day 21

Following Storage Field Day in January, Wolfgang Stief recaps the presentations from different companies. In this blog post, Wolfgang noticed some recurring themes, including cloud-native and storageless data. Wolfgang separates his thoughts by each day of the event and includes some tweets that he also shared each day. Visit the Tech Field Day website to see the presentations from this Storage Field Day event. For more of Wolfgang’s thoughts, visit!

NetApp Data Science Toolkit

NetApp presented at Storage Field Day in January and demonstrated its NetApp Data Science Toolkit. In this CTOA Briefing, Keith Townsend had the opportunity to speak with NetApp to discuss its Data Science Toolkit, which is designed to reduce friction between data science teams and IT infrastructure teams. To watch the full discussion in its raw unedited form, check out The CTO Advisor on YouTube!

Storage Field Day 21 – NetApp

NetApp presented at Storage Field Day in January where Barry Coombs joined us as a delegate. In his latest edition of Tech Doodles, Barry highlights NetApp’s presentations through handwritten notes and images from the event. Check out Tech Doodles to see his notes on NetApp Storage GRID, NetApp Data Science Toolkit, NetApp Keystone, and more!

Pensando’s Role in the NetApp Portfolio

There are lots of effective partnerships in the tech world, but one of our favorites to watch grow is Pensando and NetApp. Presenting at Storage Field Day earlier this year, they delved into how Pensando’s chip in NetApp’s all-flash array combine to powerful results. Writing for, Georgina Ford says she likes the flexibility that the Pensando card offers based largely on the fact that it’s essentially a whole computer compressed into a single chip! Check out Georgina’s thoughts and the NetApp and Pensando partner presentation on the Gestalt IT website!

Cloud Storage in a Snap With NetApp

The products recently launched by NetApp and Google Cloud are simple to use and easy to get started with. Writing for, Georgina Ford says that Cloud Volume Service (CVS) and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are perfect for companies looking to be in Cloud and potentially save on storage costs. For more, check out the article on which includes one of NetApp’s presentations from Cloud Field Day earlier this year!

Who Is NetApp?

Enrico Signoretti, a delegate at Cloud Field Day earlier this year, had the chance to see NetApp present on some of their cloud solutions. Enrico notes that NetApp has undergone a change in focus so that they’re no longer a traditional storage vendor as they shift towards the cloud. On the heels of this change, he writes that NetApp “is one of the most hybrid-savvy vendors in the market landscape.” If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Enrico’s analysis in GigaOm!

Pensando Changing the Game One Card at a Time

Earlier this year at Storage Field Day, Pensando teamed up with NetApp to put on an excellent presentation that caught the attention of many. One of the people watching was Steven Cortez who wrote on his website, MSC Productions, that Pensando and their Capri cards are impressive and offer great potential for HyperScalers. Check out Steve’s post as well as the Pensando presentations on his website!

Azure NetApp Files and NetApp Virtual Desktop Service

NetApp presented its Microsoft Azure NetApp Files services and its Virtual Desktop Services offering during Cloud Field Day 9. Barry Coombs, Author behind Tech Doodles, Chief Technologist at Computerworld Group, and Tech Field Day Delegate said he was pleasantly surprised by the fresh storage content NetApp is developing.