NetApp NKS and Hybrid Cloud

If you’ve been following IT at all in the past few years, you’ll have seen Kubernetes gaining popularity as a standard for running containerized applications across multiple platforms either in public or private cloud. But Kubernetes is not the easiest solution to deploy and maintain, hence the emergence of different service offerings around it. In this post, Chris Evans digs into NetApp Kubernetes Service, which the company went into detail about at Cloud Field Day last year. This offering came out of NetApp’s acquisition of StackPointCloud in 2018. For Chris, the question of “why NetApp” for a Kubernetes service is answered by the company’s embrace of the public cloud in their strategy, with NKS an enabler of their overall Data Fabric concept.

Preview Storage Field Day 19 – Day 1

Arjan Timmerman put together a series of videos previewing what he expected to see at Storage Field Day. This video sets out some background on Tiger Technology, NetApp and Western Digital. These represent an interesting selection of experience with the event. Tiger Technology is new to the Field Day family, but has been a force in the media and entertainment space since 2004. NetApp has a long history both in enterprise storage and presenting at Storage Field Day. And Western Digital is an iconic provider of storage who is quickly becoming a familiar sight at the event. Arjan was excited to hear from each company at the event, and we can’t wait to hear more of his thoughts on the presentations going forward.

TECHunplugged VideoCast SFD19 Part 1

It’s always great to have TECHunplugged’s Arjan Timmerman as a delegate at an event, and we were thrilled to have him attend Storage Field Day. This was Arjan’s fourteenth time around the table to get caught up on the latest in enterprise storage, and his enthusiasm for the experience is infectious. In this video, he previews what he expected from each of the presenters. The event had a fantastic array of presenting companies, with the latest from Dell EMC, Infrascale, Komprise, MinIO, NetApp, Tiger Technology, WekaIO, and Western Digital. Be sure to check out the preview before diving into our comprehensive video coverage.

Hadoop Is Truly Dead – LOTR Version

Chin-Fah Heoh didn’t initially set out to write a post declaring the death of Hadoop. But what he heard at Storage Field Day made it seem like he had to. While at the event, he participated in the On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast at Pure Storage, ostensibly to talk about storage metrics. However Hadoop quickly became the focus of the discussion. From there, other presentations further showed solutions that made it impossible to consider any other premise. Because this is the world of technology, Chin-Fah doesn’t think it’s impossible for Hadoop to live again in some other fashion, but right now the case is beyond terminal.

Top 5 Takeaways From #SFD19 Day 1

One of the great things about Field Day events is that they are live streamed on the internet, expanding our pool of delegates from the dozen individuals in the room to a much wider audience. We always love to hear people’s impression from the live stream, and Jason Benedicic has a great write up with his takeaways from our recent Storage Field Day event. For Jason, the event showed the breadth of quality engineering talent from across the world, showed NetApp’s exciting solutions with Active IQ and StorageGRID, and demonstrated that spinning disks aren’t dead yet. Be sure to check out all his thoughts in this post, and if you’ve watched the Storage Field Day presentations, why not share your big takeaways as well!

Storage Field Day 19 RoundUp

Storage Field Day is our first event of 2020, and we’ve got a packed roster of companies to present. It’s exciting to have a mix of familiar faces like NetApp and Dell EMC presenting with companies new to the event like Tiger Technology and Minio. Enrico Signoretti will be around the delegate table, asking questions and creating dialogue to help make Storage Field the unique event that it is. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, there is the always provocative “secret company” presenting at the event. Be sure to mark your calendar and unravel the mystery with us on the live stream.

Storage Field Day 19 – Vendor Previews

Chris Evans is no stranger to storage. His voice and experience is always welcome around the delegate table, and in this post, he brings both in previewing the presenting companies. He’s looking forward to the second day and hearing about Dell EMC doing deep dives into Isilon, DevOps and PowerOne. There are also a number of new presenters that Chris doesn’t have much background with. These include the DRaaS company Infrascale, the open-source enterprise-class object storage platform from MinIO, and Tiger Technologies. Tiger is competing in the crowded software-defined storage market, so Chris is interested to see how they will differentiate themselves. Western Digital will also be an interesting presentation, as the company has shifted it’s enterprise storage vision. Overall, it sounds like there’s not much Chris isn’t looking forward to at the event.

Storage Field Day 19: Getting Back to My Roots

Gina Rosenthal has extensive history in the storage industry, and we’re thrilled to now have her in the delegate ranks. In this post, she highlights what she’s looking forward to at the event. This includes a debut presentations from Tiger Technology, Infrascale, and Minio, as well as Gina’s second presentation from NetApp. There are many other presenters on tap, so be sure to mark your calendar for the event. We’ll have videos posted soon after the event, so even if you don’t catch the live stream, you can still watch all the storage goodness.

NetApp Goes to the Cloud

NetApp highlighted many of their cloud offerings at Tech Field Day late last year. Gina Rosenthal was a delegate at the event, and thinks that they have the right team and attitude to make multi-cloud a reality for their customers. The key focus for NetApp was making it easy to get customers to the cloud, which fits with their approach of shepherding traditional operations teams into the new cloud native era.

NetApp Fabric Orchestrator, One More Step in the Right Direction

Enrico Signoretti has watched NetApp realize their Data Fabric strategy over the last few years, as the company shifted from traditional storage to hybrid cloud data management. He heard the company present on their Fabric Orchestrator at Tech Field Day, and this seems to be the next evolution of that vision, enabling seamless application and data mobility across on-premises and public cloud infrastructure.

NetApp and the Cloud Conundrum

Ned Bellavance got to hear from NetApp at Cloud Field Day. Being traditionally thought of as a storage company, it might have struck some as a little odd to see them at the event. But Ned does a great job of breaking down the challenges the cloud has presented to a company like NetApp, and how the company’s strategy indicates they have a plan to stay relevant for a long time.

NetApp HCI: Hyper Converged or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Arjan Timmerman is back on the blogging beat and covering the last Field Day event he attended. In this post, he’s covering the presentations from Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018. It’s an interesting post that has some added perspective given the time that’s passed. We can’t wait to see more great writing from Arjan!

NetApp CFD6 – Hot Take

In this hot take from Keith Townsend, he looks at what NetApp showed off at Cloud Field Day. Keith is no stranger to hearing from the company, but this session had a deep technical focus. They looked at where does NetApp’s Kubernetes service run its compute. They reviewed how they separate their control plane from the cloud underlay and deploy instances large enough to support the Kubernetes infrastructure next to storage and other workloads.

NetApp Cloud Insights: Visibility of Everything for Everyone

To provide a complete picture of infrastructure usage and offer optimization recommendations regardless of location be it private, public, or hybrid cloud, NetApp has recently released Cloud Insights. During his presentation at Tech Field Day 19, James Holden, director of NetApp’s cloud analytics team, provided both an overview of and deep dive into the features and functionality of Cloud Insights.

Cloud Field Day (#CFD6): A Heads-Up – Ather Beg’s Useful Thoughts

If you’re about to dive into the presentations and live stream for Cloud Field Day cold, you might want to stop and check out this post from Ather Beg. He gives a quick, concise, but comprehensive look at each of the presenting companies. He’s looking at what they do, what should be interesting about their presentation, and what they’ve shown off at Field Day in the past.

Cloud Field Day 6 Prep – NetApp and Dell Technologies

Ned Bellavance is getting ready to attend Cloud Field Day later this month, and doing his homework on the presenting companies. In this post, he’s digging into what to expect from NetApp and Dell Technologies. Both are long established stalwarts in enterprise IT, and both are making interesting choices in how they build out their cloud native offerings. NetApp had an impressive presentation at Cloud Field Day last year, and he’s looking forward to how they will build off a year of impressive announcements. Dell has such a volume of solutions that could be discussed that Ned is looking forward to what direction they will choose for their time. Be sure to watch along on the Cloud Field Day live stream to find out!

We’re Not Here to Talk About Storage!

At NetApp’s Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019 presentation, Andy Banta wanted to…not talk about storage. Al Rasheed was a delegate at the presentation, and he heard Andy discuss Enhanced Data Center Workloads. This started with a look at the history of the data center, then got into modern considerations of allocating compute, memory, and storage resources.

NetApp, Workloads, and Pizza

While attending VMworld US 2019, Dan Frith was able to attend some Tech Field Day Extra presentations going on at the event. One of them was from NetApp, a company Dan is well familiar with but one that never fails to have something new to show. During the presentation, NetApp’s Andy Banta presented on the future of the data center, which will involve persistent memory, microvisors, and more specialized cores. It gave Dan a lot to think about, be sure to check out his post for details.

The HCI Definition Obsession

In this post, Chris Evans considers the latest ability of NetApp’s Cloud Volumes services to run on-premises with NetApp HCI. This struck him as storage coming full circle, with a cloud-native approach to storage coming back within the data center. For Chris, this sparked the thought that maybe people have misunderstood NetApp’s HCI strategy from the start. Instead of strictly adhering to a traditional definition of HCI, NetApp built a hybrid cloud solution that provides a consistent experience for customers. In the end, Chris thinks that’s more valuable.

Cloudy With a Chance of APIs – Reflections From Tech Field Day 19

Tech Field Day is all about bringing together the different disciplines of the data center into a single event, bringing a diversity of views from both the presenting companies and invited delegates. Adam Fisher definitely go that experience at Tech Field Day last month. The event featured presentations from diverse topics as Robotic Process Automation to cloud visibility solutions. The unifying aspect of every company was the presence of some kind of public cloud integration into their solutions, and the availability of well documented APIs. It’s no surprise that these are dominant trends in IT, but surprising to see them on display from such a wide array of presenters.