Netapp Insight 2018 – TFDx- HCI Revealed! Hyper Converged or Hybrid Cloud?

Roger Lund was at NetApp Insight as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra presentation. At the event, he got a deep dive into NetApp’s HCI solutions. NetApp has gone to great lengths to define specifically what their intent is behind developing HCI, designed around solving actual customer challenges. Roger reviews the features and how it fits into the company’s overall Data Fabric vision.

NetApp Insight 2018 – Hello Stranger, We Meet Again

Max Mortillaro is coming to Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018. He’s hoping to reconnect with a company he’s hasn’t directly worked with. On the eve of 2019, he thinks the company’s transformation is more than just PR, and seems to represent substantive change. He’s excited to get more details during the Tech Field Day Extra presentations.

NetApp Provides Insights for Women in Tech

Ahead of NetApp Insight 2018, Rich Stroffolino previews what should be one of the more interesting session at the event, the Women In Technology Panel. Now in its sixth annual iteration, this session brings together women from NetApp and other prominent IT companies to discuss the topic.

NetApp Speaks Volumes

Rich Stroffolino looks forward to NetApp Insight, looking at how the company has continued their transition from a storage company to a data company. Part of this strategy comes from Cloud Volumes, and the newly announced NetApp Kubernetes Service.