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[Sponsored] No Tunnels – No Overlays – All the Secure Routing – 128 Technology

What if you get all the features of SD-WAN, without all the tunnels and overlays. This keeps overhead low while still offering traffic encapsulated and secure. In this video from Jordan Martin, he looks at how 128 Technology makes that possible.

Off the Cuff – NFD20 Wrap Up

From a rainy recording in Silicon Valley, Jordan Martin gathered together some fellow delegates from Networking Field Day to discuss what they heard at the event. They run down each presenter and discuss what stood out and struck their interest. Guests include Mario Gingras, Nick Shoemaker, Richard McIntosh, Brian Gleason, and Drew Conry-Murray.

Field Area Networking

Cisco’s Networking Field Day presentation on Field Area Networking definitely left an impression with delegate Nick Buraglio. He’s put together a Network Collective Short Take video on the subject, as well as writing up a blog post. He excited because what he saw would provide an alternative to LTE for low power remote IoT devices.

Short Take – Cisco Field Area Networking

At Networking Field Day earlier this year, Cisco presented on field area networking. Nick Buraglio was a delegate at the event, and shares his thoughts on what he saw in this Network Collective Short Take.

Off the Cuff – NFD17 Wrap Up

In the most recent “Off the Cuff” episode of Network Collective, the crew discussed what they saw at Networking Field Day last week. What happens when six delegates sit on a podcast together? Magic!

Off The Cuff – Conferences And Social Media For Engineers

The Network Collective Podcast panel at Cisco Live US discusses the career changing value of conferences and social media for network engineers.