AIOps: Using AI for Smarter More Efficient Operations

In this post, Peter Welcher delves into the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence in Operations (AIOps) and its transformative impact on Security Operations Centers. He explores how AIOps can streamline massive data streams by filtering out noise, predicting system failures, and offering automated, intelligent security solutions that adapt to the technological complexities of modern networks. The article also highlights several AIOps solutions, underscoring the importance of choosing tools with tangible benefits amidst a market proliferated with AI-enhanced products.

Edge Computing

In Peter Welcher’s recent NetCraftsmen article, the focus is on the increased attention and importance of Edge (Computing, Networking, Security, etc.). Breaching the significance of latency, cost factors, and reliability in Edge, the article underscores how automation is a key enabler while addressing challenges such as data management, security, and scale. It emphasizes that Edge is not just a trend but a natural progression in computing and networking, inherently equipped to handle current and future needs in the tech landscape.

Winning WAN Ways

Peter Welcher shares his thoughts on Graphiant Network Edge and what it brings to WAN networking. Read the article on the NetCraftsmen website.