Third Party Visibility Into Your Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Mike Bolitho has been evaluating Wyebot since their presentation at Mobility Field Day 10. He found that their sensor technology is a powerful toolset for network diagnostics and optimization. The sensor’s form factor, diverse radio options, and insightful testing features such as the video conferencing emulation test offer deep visibility into network function, crucial for resolving issues efficiently. The added value of Wyebot’s independent third-party perspective on network performance, especially through functions like the rolling PCAP and the new client application, underscores the importance of objective network monitoring in complex wireless environments.

Cisco Presents at Mobility Field Day 10

Mike Bolitho discusses the Cisco presentation at Mobility Field Day 10, where they highlighted their new cloud-enabled hybrid option for wireless solutions, offering the best of both on-premises and cloud management to large organizations like hospitals. This approach allows for centralized monitoring and troubleshooting while retaining on-prem control, providing a single pane of glass for support teams through the Meraki Dashboard. This integration creates significant value for enterprises with existing DNA licenses, as it enables seamless visibility and management of both Cisco Catalyst and Meraki deployments without additional licensing costs.

Mike Bolitho

Mike is a wireless engineer working in the healthcare industry.