Intent Based Networking in the ISP Industry

Check out Charles Uneze’s thoughts on Intent-based networking from the latest Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2 presentation from Chris Cummings. You can check out his thoughts on his website, Networking Characteristics, and be sure to check out all the latest presentations from Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2 on the Tech Field Day Website!

Simplifying Observability for Edge Computing Workloads Using Catchpoint

Check out Charles Uneze’s thoughts on Catchpoint and their presentation at Networking Field Day! You can listen to his podcast, Networking Characteristics, on Spotify or on the Tech Field Day website!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Charles Uneze

New delegate alert! Charles Uneze has joined our Field Day delegate community and will be attending September’s Networking Field Day. We love to see new faces and meet new friends! Welcome Charles!

Chaos Engineering in the Cloud With Keysights’ Cyperf Solution

Charles Uneze, a Field Day delegate, attended this past Tech Field Day where Keysight presented on their Cyperf solution. Charles loved this solution so much and wishes that enterprises will adopt it soon. Check out his thoughts here!

Exploring Intel’s New Storage Solution From Tech Field Day 25

Charles Uneze joined us as a delegate for this past Tech Field Day! In this post, he talks about the latest innovative technology from Intel. Take a look here!

My Recap From Cisco’s TechField Day Session (Mar 16th-17th, 2022)

Charles Uneze tuned into this past Tech Field Exclusive with Cisco. In this post he talks about all the new technology that Cisco presented on over the two-day event. Check out his thoughts here!

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