On-Premises Networks Need to Work Like Cloud Networks

On-premises networks are still very common for specialize applications and need to adopt cloud network operational models. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by experts Ron Westfall, Chris Grundemann, and Jeremy Schulman as they discuss how to better implement these preferred methods. They also debate how each model has different requirements and may face headwinds in an enterprise.

Summertime Fun With Networking Field Day 35

Tom Hollingsworth looks forward to Networking Field Day 35, next week’s must-watch event. Tune in Wednesday as Hedgehog debuts their exciting cloud networking solution, promising scalability and robust security features. Following them, Intel’s IPU team will showcase the transformative power of accelerators with compelling use cases. Thursday features cPacket unveiling their analytics solution, aiming for real-time feedback from our live audience. Arrcus then updates us on their latest developments in data center networking. Closing the event, Selector AI returns to showcase their latest AI features. Join us for two days of cutting-edge insights and innovation at Networking Field Day!

It’s Time for Private 5G in the Enterprise

Wi-Fi has changed the way we work in the office but it’s not the only wireless technology. Challenging environments require new solutions like private 5G. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Mark Houtz and Shaun Neal as they discuss the rise of private LTE/5G technologies outside of the carrier space.

Discovering New Things at Networking Field Day Exclusive

Tom Hollingsworth gives an overview of what to expect at Networking Field Day Exclusive at HPE Discover and Aruba Atmosphere this week. The Tech Field Day delegates are attending the HPE Aruba Networking presentations and will be attending exclusive Tech Field Day presentations and demos, which stream live on Tuesday afternoon. Watch for coverage, content, and fun all week long!

Interviewing Brandon Heller of Forward Networks About Digital Twin

Tom Hollingsworth delivers key insights from his interview with Brandon Heller of Forward Networks regarding the concept and applications of Digital Twin technology. Highlighting its utility in network management, Hollingsworth discusses how Digital Twins can simulate and analyze complex networking environments, providing a valuable tool for optimization and problem-solving. The conversation delves into the ways Forward Networks is leveraging Digital Twin to revolutionize the planning and operational capabilities for IT professionals. Watch the Gestalt IT interview recorded on-site at Cisco Live!

The Legacy of Cisco Live

Tom Hollingsworth reflects on the enduring legacy of Cisco Live, painting a vivid picture of its evolution from a modest professional gathering to a pivotal industry event. His article captures the essence of the conference’s growth, highlighting how it has become a touchstone for networking professionals to learn, collaborate, and be inspired by Cisco’s innovations. Hollingworth’s retrospective underscores the pivotal role Cisco Live plays in shaping the networking community and driving the industry forward.

AI is the New Blockchain

AI is at the top of the hype cycle and it feels unstoppable. Once upon a time blockchain was in the same place. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Evan Mintzer and Jody Lemoine.

Nerdy Summer Camp With Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2024!

Tom Hollingsworth offers a preview of Tech Field Extra at Cisco Live US, likening it to a “nerdy summer camp” for IT professionals and enthusiasts. He emphasizes the value in bringing together a diverse group of delegates and industry leaders to exchange ideas, insights, and the latest technological trends. Join Tech Field Day live from Las Vegas for deep dives from various Cisco product organizations as well as Opengear and lots more!

Cyber Insurance Premiums Rise Amid a Flurry of High-Profile Cyberattacks

As the frequency of high-profile cyberattacks intensifies, businesses are facing a surge in cyber insurance premiums, a trend underscored in Sulagna Saha’s article. This increase reflects the growing recognition of the financial risks associated with data breaches and the essential role of insurance in a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. The market shift signals an urgent need for companies to bolster their security measures and evaluate their insurance coverage to navigate the challenging cyber threat landscape. Read more in this Gestalt IT article, inspired by a delegate discussion at Security Field Day.

Dissecting Cloud Networking

Sulagna Saha’s recent piece on dives into the complexities and challenges of networking within the cloud ecosystem. The article sheds light on how organizations can navigate the intricacies of cloud connectivity, security, and architecture to optimize their network operations. Readers are guided through the nuances of cloud networking, based on a roundtable discussion hosted by Tom Hollingsworth at Networking Field Day last month.

Platform Engineering Is the Revenge of IT Operations

The rise of platform engineering demonstrates how difficult it has been to balance DevOps between developers and operations. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast features a discussion of platform engineering with Mitch Ashley and Mike Vizard of Techstrong Group and Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth of Gestalt IT.

Wi-Fi 7 Isn’t Enough For Future Wireless Needs

New technology standards can’t anticipate how users will consume content and applications and revisions to the standards will be adopted to meet their needs. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Ron Westfall, Drew Lentz, and Rocky Gregory as they discuss where Wi-Fi 7 falls short.

Mobility Field Day 11 Is Your Lucky Day!

Mobility Field Day 11 promises to be an exciting event for professionals interested in the latest advancements in wireless technology. As Tom Hollingsworth’s article hints, this gathering is an excellent opportunity for industry experts to explore new products, discuss emerging trends, and share insights. Learn more about the latest wireless products from Arista, Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Ubiquiti, and eino next Wednesday and Thursday, and watch for more coverage on LinkedIn!

Security Audits Cause More Harm Than Good

Security audits are painful and often required for compliance but they aren’t adversarial unless you have a bad auditor or bad policy compliance. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth sits down with Teren Bryson, Skye Fugate, and Ben Story to discuss the nuances of audits.

AI is Smarter Than Your Average Network Engineer

Recent advances in AI for IT have shown the huge potential for changing the way that we do work. However, AI can’t replace everyone in the workforce. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Rita Younger, Josh Warcop, and Rob Coote as they look at how the hype surrounding AI must inevitably be reconciled with the reality of real people doing work.

Cyber Resiliency is Just Data Protection

Cyber Resiliency is a term that encompasses much more than simply protecting data. This episode features Tom Hollingsworth joined by Krista Macomber and Max Mortillaro discussing the additional features in a cyber resiliency solution and the need to understand how data needs to be safeguarded from destruction or exploitation.

Taking Security Seriously at Security Field Day 11

Mark your calendars for Wednesday and Thursday, April 10 and 11, and join Tech Field Day for Security Field Day, featuring industry leaders Aryaka, Index Engines, Zerto, and Palo Alto Networks. The event kicks off with Aryaka’s presentation on their SASE-as-a-Service, followed by Zerto discussing ransomware prevention, and Palo Alto Networks on Data Security Posture Management. On Thursday we have Index Engines unveiling their newest CyberSense capabilities. Tune in for the live event on LinkedIn and check out the Tech Field Day YouTube channel for on-demand replays.

Using AI to Enhance Forward Networks NQE

In this article, Tom Hollingsworth highlights Forward Networks’ new AI Assist feature for their Network Query Engine (NQE), emphasizing a user-friendly approach to complex network queries. This feature allows professionals to input plain language requests which are then translated into precise NQE syntax by AI, ensuring transparency and fostering a deeper understanding of the underlying system. Forward Networks’ approach to integrating AI not only streamlines the process of extracting network insights but also acts as a learning tool, bridging the gap between user intent and technical query execution. Read more in this Networking Field Day article sponsored by Forward Networks.

Reintroducing the Tech Field Day Podcast

The Tech Field Day Podcast returns! The name may change but the content and format are still the same. Read on to learn more about the history of the podcast and focus going forward with our new episodes.

New Networking Ideas at Networking Field Day 34

Networking Field Day 34 is February 28! It promises to showcase Forward Networks’ AI-driven network operations tools, Aviz Networks’ SONiC-based enterprise solutions, and NaaS insights from Nile. With a blend of newcomer energy and returning expertise, the event offers live presentations, interactive delegate discussions on pressing industry topics, and opportunities for the audience to engage with innovative network technologies. Tune into the live stream on the event page or the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page, engage with the conversation using the event hashtag, and catch up on sessions afterward on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel.