Tech Field Day Is Extra at Cisco Live EMEA!

Team Tech Field Day is headed to Amsterdam for Cisco Live EMEA 2023, and Tom Hollingsworth has all the details. Tune in live Tuesday and Wednesday as Cisco presents to the Tech Field Day delegates, or watch for the videos on our YouTube channel. We can’t wait to hear what Cisco has in store for this, the first major enterprise IT event of 2023!

Friday Networking Field Day Thoughts

Tom Hollingsworth wrapped up the first Networking Field Day of 2023 this past January and leaves his thoughts for us to ponder with. Tom goes into detail on the Network-as-a-Service roundtable discussion that the delegates recorded at the event, what the companies are up to overall, and shared some news about Twitter. Take a look here at more of what Tom has to say.

Networking Into the Future With Networking Field Day 30

We kicked off 2023 with Networking Field Day where we had presentations from Anuta Networks, Juniper Networks, Aryaka, Cisco, Arista, Fortinet, and Selector AI! All videos from Networking Field Day have been published on the Tech Field Day website, head on over to check them out!

The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast: Tom Hollingsworth

Our very own Tom Hollingsworth joined Field Day delegates Chris Grundemann and Zoe Rose on their new Imposter Syndrome Podcast. They discussed Tom’s role as an Event Lead for Tech Field Day and what his day-to-day operations looks like for tech events. Check out what he has to say!

Safe, Sound, and Secure With Security Field Day 8!

Tom Hollingsworth gives the rundown on the upcoming Security Field Day event. The Security Field Day event will see presentations from Fortinet, Micron, HashiCorp, Swimlane and Cribl. Follow along on the Tech Field Day website as well as the Security Field Day event page.

Why Do We Accept Bad Wireless Clients?

Check out Tom Hollingsworth’s take on the latest Mobility Field Day roundtable discussion. You can read his thoughts on his website, Networking Nerd, and be sure to catch all the latest posts and videos from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Monday Mobility Quick Thoughts

In his latest post, event lead Tom Hollingsworth gives us his pre-event thoughts on October’s Mobility Field Day along with WLPC Europe. Take a look here or at The Networking Nerd website for more from Tom.

Moving Faster With Mobility Field Day 8

We’re gearing up for yet another Mobility Field Day! In his latest post on Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth, event lead, talks about what to expect from Wyebot, Arista, and Ventev. Tune in live this October for more from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Redundancy Is Not Resiliency

Things break, tires go flat, out-of-band devices go offline. When these things happen, resiliency outranks redundancy. Tom Hollingsworth writes about Opengear, their latest presentation at Networking Field Day, and how they’re offering a solution to network connectivity issues via an Opengear device. Check out Tom’s thoughts on his blog, Networking Nerd, and make sure to check out all of the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Even More to Explore With Networking Field Day 29!

Check out Tom Hollingsworth details of the most recent Networking Field Day presentation line-up! You can find all the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website.

The Puzzle of Peering With Kentik

Check out Tom Hollingsworth thoughts on Kentik’s Mobility Field Day presentation on peerless data collection. Kentik is aiming to identify and solve the problems that customers often face with peering arrangements. Check out more of Tom’s thoughts on his blog, Networking Nerd, and on the Tech Field Day website.

Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2 Is Here!

Networking Field Day: Service Provider has come and gone! Tom Hollingsworth, Field Day event lead writing for Gestalt IT, gives us a brief insight for what to expect to see from Chris Cummings, Kentik, and the live streamed delegate roundtable discussion. Check out his thoughts here or on the Gestalt IT website!

Friday Mobility Field Day Thoughts

There were many different topics discussed by companies at this past Mobility Field Day. In Tom Hollingsworth’s latest post on his personal blog, he talks about his experience and gives us a brief insight on what to expect when watching the uploaded videos. Tom talks about how the ongoing battle of 5G and Wi-Fi is something he is planning to talk about more. Check out his thoughts here!

On the Go With Mobility Field Day 7!

Back with Tom Hollingsworth at this July’s Mobility Field Day. We had a packed schedule with Juniper Networks, Ruckus, Betacom, Fortinet, Cisco. 7SIGNAL, Celona, and NetAlly! Take a look here at what to expect in each presentation or visit for more from Tom.

Creating a Consistent User Experience Across the Network

Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth details why consistency is a crucial component within security policies. Users desire the best possible connectivity experience without sacrificing security performance. In today’s hybrid work settings, how do we secure out-of-office devices that are beyond the corporate firewall? How can corporate networks remain secure on open Wi-Fi or cellular hotspots while still providing a high-quality user experience? Hollingsworth dives into Aruba EdgeConnect – the software-defined connectivity solution that will keep networks secure and work environments flexible. Check out the rest of his thoughts on the Network World website.

The Silver Lining of Cisco Live

Tom Hollingsworth attended the first on-site Cisco Live US, since the pandemic, this past June! In his personal blog he writes about what he enjoyed and what he thinks should have gone better. Take a look here at Tom’s thoughts!

Friday Thoughts Pre-Cisco Live

Event lead, Tom Hollingsworth, is back at Cisco Live for the first time since 2019! Check out here what Tom is interested to learn about at the Tech Field Day Exclusive with Cisco this June.

Tech Field Day Extra Is Live With Cisco!

Tech Field Day Extra with Cisco Live is back this month in Las Vegas! Join us for presentations from Opengear, Cisco, IP Fabric, and Itential!

Consistency Across the Board With Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN

According to Tom Hollingsworth, event lead for the most recent Tech Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere, Aruba has been doing an amazing job unifying their various SD-WAN solutions together to create an experience that is seamless for users. Check out Tom’s thoughts here on Aruba’s EdgeConnect SD-WAN!

Quality to Be Named Later

Writing on his personal blog, Networking Nerd, Tom Hollingsworth talks about how Arista, once again, has knocked it out of the park at this past Networking Field Day. More specifically, Ken Duda presented on code quality and really grabbed the audience’s attention. Check out Tom’s thoughts here!